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No More Heroes 3 System Requirements & Release Date
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No More Heroes 3: System Requirements & Release Date 

The critically-acclaimed action game No More Heroes is coming to PC on July 18th, and we’ve got all the details. The year 2018 is looking to be a busy one for fans of Square Enix’s long-running action-RPG series, No More Heroes. The next installment, No…

Tips for earning money in Hokko Life
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Tips for earning money in Hokko Life 

The official game of the hit KBS drama, “Hokkaido”, revolves around the “Hokko” lifestyle, an exciting way of living in the northernmost prefecture of Japan. Since mobile-gaming is a major avenue for monetizing content, we are pleased to present this guide for earning money while…

Review – Mighty Goose (PS5)

Review – Mighty Goose (PS5) 

We live in an age where electronics are becoming more and more accessible. Our smartphones, tablets, and laptops are all made to be operated with the one hand. The Mighty Goose is another example of this trend. This week, we’re reviewing the Mighty Goose PS5,…

The Best Stardew Valley Farmhouse & Building Mods –
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The Best Stardew Valley Farmhouse & Building Mods 

The Stardew Valley wiki suggests you add a new room or two to your farmhouse as you progress, but some people prefer to add even more,  achieveing a lot of the game’s charm through the addition of mods. Whether you’re looking to add a kitchen,…