Final Fantasy XII Tips & Tricks: The Ultimate List

The Ultimate List –

Here is a list of all the games I have ever played on any platform, and also any other game I have ever played on any other platform.

The best games have something more than just great gameplay. They have a memorable plot, memorable characters, memorable music and just enough unique gameplay to make them stand out from the crowd. So we here at Cowded have decided to compile a list of the top 10 games each and every year, regardless of their place in the gaming stratosphere. And since Cowded is a blog that is entirely dedicated to gaming, we’re even going to give you the top 10 games for each year in the series, starting with 2013.

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The Ultimate List is a bi-weekly column that features a different subject every time. This time, it’s a list of the best games ever made. The list will be featured in this very column.

The Zodiac Age is a very big game, to say the least.

It’s easy to pick up (especially with all the information in this guide!), but it also has a high level of complexity that may warrant at least a second volume, if not more.

So if you’re about to step into FFXII for the first time or come back to check out the Remastered version, here are some spoiler-free tips to make your trip to Ivalice the best one yet!

10. Explore to Your Heart’s Content

Many of the cards in the game are open and should be explored.

As in the previous installments of the series, your wanderlust is rewarded with more loot in FF12, and that may be more important than ever.

You need a lot of money to be able to afford everything you want – especially in the beginning. So don’t be afraid to take a detour.

Maybe, just maybe, in that corner lies the last 2,000 gold pieces you need to buy a new weapon.

In addition, you can buy maps showing the layout of each area.

Exploring dead ends and inconspicuous places can sometimes yield more valuable loot than chests (even if they look the same), for example. B. Equipment, Material or Magic.

To obtain these cards, search for teal urns and moogles in the Cardmakers Guild.

9. Talk to Everyone

As in all the areas you have to explore, there are lots of NPCs to talk to!

Most of the dialogue relates to the events of the story, and while you’ll get the gist after a few minutes, each NPC offers at least some additional information.

There are also many side missions offered by the various inhabitants of Ivalis. So be on your guard.

8. Don’t Underestimate Steal

You’ve probably noticed that many characters start with the heist move.

This is no coincidence. Stealing is a priceless act.

In addition to searching for treasure chests, you will encounter a variety of enemies.

They throw things away, so theft is not necessary. But any opponent can be forced to take out 1 extra item, guaranteed if you tend to do them. Depending on your masochism, manual order entry is the best way to line your pockets.

But for those who want to use the gambit system extensively, a popular option is when the opponent : HP = 100% > Flight is at the top of the priority list.

I also like to have my main thief, usually Vaan, set to enemy: Nearest Visible > Attack a lower priority so he doesn’t waste too much time stealing from empty pockets.

Because remember: 1 loot per sample…. with a few exceptions. For example, if a monster has a scene, like the first hunt, Rogue Tomato, you can get extra items after the scene.

But when the rest of the group starts bombing the bad guy and dropping his HP below 100%, Vaan joins them and helps take him down before moving on to the next target to rob him.

There are variations on this setup that may be more suited to your style of play. So experiment a little and see what happens.

7. Items are Amazing!

I would say the items in this game are better than ever.

In any case, they are more important, as shown by the importance of theft, robbery and bazaar.

You can supplement much of your team’s recovery with potions and various recovery items that will give you good results.

Some professions even have licenses that increase healing potions, phoenix fruits and medicines – a great help to the healer in times of need.

If, like me, you’ve always been saving stuff for a situation that will never happen, this game will help you break that habit.

6. Take the Time to Understand Gambits

That’s almost my biggest recommendation for this game.

If you’re just starting to play FF12 and have doubts about the game’s appeal (especially if that appeal involves less traditional combat than in, say, FF13 or FF15), understanding the gambit system will at least give you an opinion on the gameplay.

Gambits are what are sometimes called tactics in other games and operations in real life.

Basically, they are rules that determine how your group behaves in a fight.

It has only just begun: Most group members just attack the target that your group leader attacks.

Everything else – spells, items, techniques, etc. – is done manually by default.

But with gambits, you can automate all of this, while still retaining the ability to enter manually if needed.

Once you’ve unlocked them, you’ll find that you have an impressive number of options at your disposal – and few gambit locks on your characters to work with.

I would recommend starting with basic recovery gambits, quickly recovering status effects, and then moving on to more complex gambits like weaknesses and buffs.

5. Keep Your Own Journal

This advice is a bit odd, and probably depends on whether or not you intend to continue with the game.

Ironically, despite technological advances and the help of magic, the game has no log to track your progress.

The clan has a primer to help you keep track of the various monster hunts, and a hint on your map page about what to do next….. But that’s where the follow-up stops.

I recommend that at the end of each game session, you make a quick note of what you did and what you are going to do next. Just in case the clue isn’t specific enough, or if you’re trying to complete a side quest, since those often cover a long period of time in multiple areas you may not have immediate access to.

4. Make a Balanced Team

You will end up with 6 manageable group members, which you can customize to your liking.

However, there are some limitations in Final Fantasy 12, as you can only use three at a time.

The worst part is that the participants sitting on the bench have no experience.

They are therefore actively encouraged to exchange them so that they can grow together.

In terms of gameplay, this means you need a random combination of three people to survive together.

There are several points to consider here:

– It makes little difference to the min/max. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of stats, but they are very small.

– For example, Balthier and Fran shoot a little slower than the rest of the group.

– Baltier and Bash have indicators that prefer a physical build, while Penelo and Ash have indicators that prefer a magical build.

– So Vaan and Fran remain the most balanced and can satisfy all weaknesses if mini/maxi is your thing.

If you go far into the licensed map, access to the second licensed map will also be unlocked. And this decision makes a big difference.

The first and second cards have similar capabilities. So if you unlock Light Armor 1 for the Shikari, that unlocks the same Light Armor 1 license for the Archer (or whatever you choose for the second job).

On the one hand, you can use this to your advantage and actually work backwards by acquiring stronger licenses on the second board at the expense of high-level licenses on the first board.

On the other hand, you can also correct all the flaws of your first permit.

Perhaps you find that your particular strategy is not working?

Feel free to take healing licenses for your non-magical character.

Most importantly, experiment and remember that even if you make a mistake, you can revert your license fee back to Clan Centurio.

For each member of the group, we also have recommendations for second degree advice based on the first job you choose. If you need suggestions for career combinations, you can check them out below:

3. Manage Your Equipment Carefully

As I mentioned earlier, you can just reset the license price if you want.

However, this method has a disadvantage: If you haven’t prepared in advance, you probably haven’t chosen the optimal armor or weapon for your new task.

This refers to the desire to steal and the importance of loot – it will be your main source of income.

So if you prefer not to mine gold, I recommend you look at the license table to see what you want to get and plan ahead.

2. Do the Hunts

I think this trick is worth mentioning because the first few rewards of the hunt are really bad.

I know it sounds boring at first.

But do not despair!

The rewards for hunting are some of the best in the game.

It’s also worth noting that some yachts contain valuable loot in the form of flights, if you really want to test yourself.

1. Use all your tools

Gambits, special equipment, ladders, weaknesses, buffs, debuffs, and more can all be used to your advantage at any time.

Some monsters, especially bosses and hunters, will require new strategies to win.

So try to get access to as many different tools as possible by completing as many tasks as possible in the game.

And don’t forget that you can have up to 3 different sets of gambits that you can freely change for each character.

This is especially useful if you know you’re going to be fighting enemies with certain effects or weaknesses, but want to use the available gambit slots for recovery or basic damage commands.What is the Ultimate List? The Ultimate List is your mission guide to the games you’ve played, the games you’ve wanted to play and the games you’ll play in the future. When you have a list of all the games that you have ever played, what is the next step? To start building a database of everything you want to play. How do you find new games to play? Well, you look at the ones on the Ultimate List. Why? Because it contains a list of the most popular and interesting games on the internet, and it contains all the games that you are not currently playing.. Read more about list of foods and let us know what you think.

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