Rift Apart Dr Nefarious Boss Guide – Attacks, Weakness

Rift Apart Dr Nefarious Boss Guide – Attacks, Weakness

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Dr Nefarious, Boss of the evil robot army that attacked the city of Trophus, is a huge threat. He is a super powerful robot and is known to have heavy firepower. You will have to destroy it quickly before it can fire at the city of Trophus.

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Run! Run from Rift Dr Nefarious, the game’s most powerful and mysterious villain! As Dr Nefarious (or Dr N, as many players call him), you will be the ultimate enemy of Overwatch’s most iconic villain as you fight against his plans to destroy the world. …What?

This is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s Dr. Nefarious boss guide shows you how to take on the game’s main antagonist, who appears at various points in the story to fight you. The first meeting with Dr. Nefarius takes place in the prologue, and he appears twice more in the middle and at the end of the story.

In the final battle with Dr. Nefarius, you must also fight Emperor Nefarius. However, this guide will describe the first two battles with the boss Dr. Nefarius. In either case, you won’t be able to defeat the final boss, as it won’t be available until the end of the game.

However, the combat will be typical of any boss fight where Dr. Nefarius will attack you with different types of attacks. Dr. Nefarius can only escape if you survive a full boss fight.

Ratchet and Clank : Rift Apart Dr Nefarious Boss Guide

Below we have detailed the prologue and the arena where Dr. Nefarius appears to fight with you.

Dr. Nefarius – Prologue

This boss fight takes place in the prologue when you’re chasing Dr. Nefarius, who ambushes you during the parade. If you manage to chase it, it will launch its laser attacks with a horizontal swing. This attack can be skipped if it passes under you.

Fighting this boss should not overwhelm you and is made easy, so any weapon use is a good choice. But the boss has a health reserve that can be greatly reduced if you have a decent weapon, like. B. the Enforcer rifle. This weapon has a certain range, but becomes even more deadly when fired at close range.

Every time you land a few good blows, Nefarius calls on his henchmen to fight alongside him. At this point, you must focus on the minions and destroy them completely before returning to the boss.

If you get hit by multiple bosses, there are numerous health boxes in the combat area where you can retreat to heal.

Later in this fight, Dr. Nefarius will begin attacking with missiles, indicated by the red markings on the ground where they land. You can easily move aside to avoid the missiles completely. Another attack is the laser beam, which you can always dodge by staying on either side of the beam’s direction.

Dr. Nefarius – Arena

This is Dr. Nefarius’ second appearance later in the story, and also the first real challenge this boss has in store for you. The fight itself is divided into four phases, the first of which ends when the boss reaches 80% health. In the first phase, you can use distance and medium range weapons, and occasionally hit him with melee attacks when he gets close to you.

The boss uses mêlee attacks and will shoot you from a distance if you’re not close enough to be in mêlee range. You have to be careful with the melee attacks, as they are quite fast and it’s hard to find the right timing to dodge them.

In the second phase, after derailing, Nefarius throws a few more hits, but he hits you mostly with melee attacks when you’re in range. Another new attack is the green missiles that hit the entire circular combat zone. Melee attacks and missiles can be dodged with the Phantom Dash ability, which allows you to run away.

The third phase of the fight begins when you have used up half of the boss’s health. Dr. Nefarius will bring Gruntor to fight with you, but after successfully destroying Gruntor, he will take control. The only new attack in this one is the missile that lands on half the battlefield. They are marked with a marker on the floor, so you know where they go.

The final stage begins with Dr. Nefarius having only a quarter of his health left. The boss first calls on his minions to fight you, then takes over when he turns on you and you destroy all the smaller enemies.

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This is the end of our review of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Dr Nefarious Boss Guide. Post your comments below.

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