15 Anime Characters Who Really Got What They Deserved

15 Anime Characters Who Really Got What They Deserved –

Anime is a long-lasting popular medium, but how many of the series you’ve seen have you actually enjoyed? I’m not talking about the ones that were crap, or the ones you couldn’t even finish. If you’ve been following my blogs for a while now, you know of my love for anime. I’ve seen everything from “Attack on Titan” to “K-On!” to “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”. I’ve never once said that I liked all of the anime I’ve watched though, even if they’re really good. There are always some shows that rub me the wrong way, leave me frustrated, or just plain bore me. And even though I may not finish them, I can

A lot of people say that anime is not real, and that it’s not actually animation, but it’s actually animation. And they say that the animation is too good, and that it’s not really good. And that it’s not a Japanese thing, it’s just a thing that Japan likes. But it’s really not like that. It’s actually a thing that Japan does well. And it’s a thing that Japan invented. And it’s a thing that Japan has a lot of. And it’s really interesting. And it’s really fun. And it’s really cool.

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Karma is a boomerang that hits you in the head just as hard as you throw it.

And if some manage to dodge, others get hit.

And how nice it is when horrible people are finally killed. Let’s see which characters from the animation world would benefit from such a treatment.

Here we look at some anime characters whose actions are indefensible because they end up having fun in life.

And yes, spoilers ahead.

15. Overhaul

Anime: My Hero Academia

As a villain, Overhaul was one of the worst of the worst.

For example, yes, all bad guys do terrible things. But few things compare to a psychopath who not only psychologically traumatizes a child, but constantly puts him or her in a near-death state.

Of course it was nice that Deku punished him to his face and took Erie from him.

But the real blow came from the League of Villains.

They took both his hands and robbed him of his strange powers.

It’s just a nice irony how Overhol tortured Erie to rid the world of all those other oddities.

Seeing his horrified face when he finally realized his helplessness was the perfect justice for such a criminal.

14. Akira Takaoka

Anime: Murder class

If you’ve ever had a coach or mentor who abused his power and tried to push you far beyond your limits for his own satisfaction, you’ll love the end of this man’s story.

He was just a scumbag who constantly abused his subordinates on the pretext of making them stronger.

So when the students finally respond (pun intended) and put him in his place, it’s great.

But if he goes further and is just a Disney villain, his defeat is even more satisfying.

He was incorrigible from the start. But eventually he had become a real monster, which only made his punishment more satisfying.

13. Daigo Kagemitsu

Anime: Dororo

Daigo is rather grey in spirit compared to many people here.

But his punishment was no less satisfying.

Actually, he sacrificed his son to the demons, and that’s the worst part. But he did it for the good of his people, which makes it somewhat justifiable.

So I’m glad Hyakkimaru not only killed him, but took what was his.

Even when he had the chance, Hyakkimaru gave up his humanity and let his father go.

But he stripped Daigo of all the wealth he had acquired dishonestly and made him fight honestly for the good of his people.

Not only did this decision go against my expectations, but it seemed like a more dignified ending for a leader like Daigo.

12. Neferpitou

Anime: The Hunter and the Huntress (2011)

Neferpitu was downright furious.

She not only killed Gong’s mentor, but also made a doll out of his corpse.

She even lied to Gon and told him he could be cured to buy time to complete her task, only to go back on her word and attack him.

Seeing Gon rip off his mustache was both very tragic and very satisfying.

On the one hand, we later learn how risky Gon’s use of force was and what the consequences were.

On the other hand, we finally see him get his sweet revenge.

No humanity, no mercy. Just raw anger at the man who took his precious mentor from him.

11. Ragyou Kiryuuin

Anime: Kill la Kill

When it comes to the rebellion of children against neglectful and abusive parents, Kill la Kill will leave no one indifferent.

Ragyo was perhaps one of the worst mothers in the anime – not only did she throw a child in the gutter, but she also abused and manipulated her second child.

So the fact that his second child rebelled and dedicated his life to destruction was more than deserved.

And the fact that this abandoned child came out of the woods to deliver a fatal blow was also necessary.

She really had no positive qualities. And I loved that those she hurt or abandoned ended up causing her demise.

10. Shoya Ishida

Anime: Soft voice

It’s a little strange, because I love Shoja to death. However, this does not excuse the fact that he was a ruthless bully in his youth.

And what does he get in return?

He himself becomes the object of bullying.

I’m not saying we should always fight fire with fire. But in Shoja’s case, it was definitely a much-needed wake-up call.

I say this because not only has he matured and understood what it means to be victimized and marginalized, but he has grown as a person and become a respectful teenager.

In that respect, it was nice to see him try his own medicine.

9. Aqua

Anime: Konosuba

I just want to include this episode because it’s one of my favorite moments of all time.

Although she initially presented herself as a compassionate and understanding goddess, Aqua soon showed Kazuma – and us – her sarcastic and arrogant side.

so the fact that Kazuma did a 180 degree turn and dragged her to the mortal world was hilarious.

It was one of those momentary karmic moments. I still remember her face radiating total disbelief when she realized she had upset the wrong isekai protagonist.

By the way, we need a few laughs before we go back to the human garbage dump.

8. Makoto Itou

Anime: School days

Speaking of human garbage, we see this guy.

To say he was reckless would not do him justice, for this man driven by his hormones seemed determined to destroy as many lives as possible.

The number of lies he has told and girls he has cheated on is disgusting.

But there are also scenes where the girl lies about being pregnant with his baby, and he just says: Oh, whoops, whoops, now you’re getting rid of him.

So, you know, seeing him get stabbed countless times by one of his many victims was just satisfying.

I’m not sure he deserved to be killed, but it was still very satisfying.

7. Shou Tucker

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Sho makes Makoto look like a good guy, let’s start there.

This man was so obsessed with his career that he literally sacrificed his daughter, his wife and his dog.

And not so careless or vindictive. Oh no, that would be too modest for this man.

He turned them into breathing abominations that could only hope for a sweet release from death. And I’m glad it turned out this way.

If Edward had only hit him, that would not have been punishment enough. And if Scar had just killed him, he would have run away too soon.

A good beating, followed by death, therefore seems a fitting punishment for such a monster.

6. Johan Liebert

Anime: Monster

Speaking of monsters…

This post is a little strange, especially if you haven’t seen the series, but follow me.

Johan was the perfect mastermind, controlling countless people and leaving corpses everywhere his existence was known.

His endgame was planned to be killed by Tenma, the doctor who had saved him earlier. He wanted Tenma to finally give up his ideals and somehow become his equal.

But then he was shot by a random drunk.

and on top of that, Tenma saves his life again!

It probably looks like a loophole. But honestly, that was the worst punishment Johan could have received.

He failed to destroy Tenma’s ideals, and his reign of terror ended. That’s probably the case.

5. Ruruka Andou

Anime: Danganronpa 3: Monokuma Gekijo

God knows there are many characters in Danganronpa who deserve to be punished.

But Ruruka deserves special attention because she had little to no sense and just went by her primal instincts.

She literally killed her boyfriend because for a moment she thought he was cheating on her.

She almost killed her best friend too, because why not?

So her being hypnotized and committing suicide shortly after was justified.

I swear, this show has me cheering for the most ridiculous things.

4. Kingdom of Falmuth

Anime: When I turned to mud

This isekai has honestly been very useful – for about 90% of its existence.

But then those Falmouth bastards come along and ruin my happy fantasy of escape.

Not only are the individual characters complete idiots, but the kingdom attacked and slaughtered the good people of Rimuru City just because they were afraid of their trade.

To say Rimuru was angry would be an understatement.

When Rimuru finally stood alone against the entire army and took revenge for the massacre, it seemed completely justified.

Plus, it was just a really epic moment.

3. Squealer

Anime: From the new world.

Here’s another strange case that I think is worth mentioning.

Squealer was definitely not a good guy. He pulled cheap tricks, started an entire war that cost countless souls, and even stole babies from his enemies to bolster his powers.

His desire to rebel was justified, however, for the people treated his race as scum and never acknowledged his intelligence.

For this reason, I think his first penalty was undeserved.

He was forced to endure endless torture for as long as his captors deemed necessary to process what was left of his body.

I don’t think he reaped the benefits of what he had sown until after his final execution.

He has taken countless lives. It was only natural that he himself was caught when the battle was lost.

2. Ishihara

Anime: Rainbow

When you think of corrupt cops, this guy has to be the best example.

He has no redeeming qualities and abuses his power in the worst way.

Not only does he mistreat the prisoners, but he also sends a few to a sick old man to dispose of their bodies.

He even kills a prisoner and one of his colleagues.

You’d think the man deserved to die. But you’re wrong.

Squealer deserved to die.

Ishihara deserved to suffer.

That’s what he did.

He became homeless and addicted to drugs, and sunk so low that he begged one of his victims to end his suffering – to which he received an answer: You’re not worth killing for.

It was very satisfying, and exactly what a villain like Ishihara deserved.

1. Reiner Braun

Anime: Attack on Titan.

At the time of writing, the series is still ongoing.

But the first part of last season was a perfect example of karma.

Since Rayner was guilty of destroying the Wall and exposing so many people to the wrath of the Titans, it was only fair that he receive the exact same punishment.

Not death, of course, but the realization that someone you called a friend has just unleashed hell on your homeland – just to protect your own skin.

Rainer knew this was something he truly deserved. That’s why I think he begged for death when he met Eren.

It was such a powerful scene, and probably my favorite example of karma.

For even if you think you are fighting for a just cause, if you harm others, you must expect the harm to come back to you.In every anime, there are characters that are cruel or got what they deserved. For some, the character passing away was the only way they could improve. Luckily, there are many anime characters that died in the most tragic ways. So, let’s take a look at them..

Read more about worst injuries in anime and let us know what you think.

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