Sea of Thieves – A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale quest guide

Sea of Thieves – A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale quest guide

If you are a fan of the new Sea of Thieves you will no doubt have heard about those “treasure chests” which spawn in many of the map areas and can contain valuable loot. On top of that, there is the possibility of finding a legendary tome which is a mysterious chest which contains unique loot.

I’ve been playing Sea of Thieves on Xbox One for the past week. It’s a pirate-themed sandbox adventure game from the creators of Rare, and as you’d expect it’s a really fun game. The nature of the game is pretty simple: you run around on a map trying to find treasure, other pirates to fight, and other players to team up with. If you enjoy the first person shooter type gameplay, you’re going to have a great time.

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After a successful beta test, the developers of Sea of Thieves have released the launch date for the game. On March 20, players will be able to head to the high seas and explore a new world full of pirates. Sea of Thieves is a cooperative, multiplayer game that tasks players to work as a team to find treasures, discover hidden treasure maps, and fight against others players and NPCs.

The Sea of Thieves is under attack, and A Pirate’s Tale takes you on a journey through the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. Let’s start with the first non-story about Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – which is simply called A Pirate’s Life – you turn to Castaway in any outpost and choose to start Unforgiven. The book of this story is on the left side of the wall of the castaway camp.

The castaway describes the danger that awaits you and orders you to swim to the green light. You will have a quest book in your inventory that describes the green horizon. From whichever outpost you leave, a large green beam of light pointing to the sky will tell you where to go, and a green portal will appear below among the massive rock formations nearby. Sail on, but make sure you have no treasure on board.


Climb the tower around this pile of treasures to reach the short part of the platform. After that go up the stairs to the platform at the right side; you’ll find a weapon chest. Make sure you have a sword, because you will need it to cross the path. Next to the weapons box is a rope that can be cut to lower the platform. Use the pulley to swing the pole back and forth – jump on the pole and drop it on the other side. Then cut another rope to lower the platform. You reach the river – go down to the next chapter of this story.

Tales of the dead

Turn right and enter the area known as Sailor’s Grave. The door is downstairs, so go left up the stairs and light the fire pit to open it. There’s a lot to see in this ghost town, but your main goal is to free a talkative skull named Captain Cursed from a hanging cage. His cage is between two wrecks, so you will have to climb high to free him.

Go up the stairs at your left and walk around the circumference to get to the back of the ship. Cross the makeshift deck from the broken mast to the front of the ship, then cross the bow and fall into the hole. Swim through the water and the cave and reach the traction elevator. Pull yourself up and use the other pulley in front to create a platform for yourself. Then go up the stairs to the right to use another pulley that moves two platforms; place them so you can jump over them. Move forward with the bow and free the cursed captain with the sword on the rope holding his cage, causing him to fall straight down.

Next, find the key to the captain’s berth; behind the wreckage on the left is the tavern where his mutinous crew dispersed earlier. Go up the ramp and find the pulley on your left; it will lower the chandelier where the key is. Go back to the cage to open it, and you can take the cursed captain as your new companion.

The next target is the lighthouse – the bridge is down, but the cursed captain orders the spirits nearby to bring it up. Climb the dizzying steps of the lighthouse and place the cursed captain on the headless skeleton on the chair. Go up the stairs and light the charcoal pile with the lantern to activate the light. Use the two wheels to aim: The right wheel controls the vertical movement and the left wheel controls the horizontal movement. A torch at the front and two torches at the left are lit from a distance to attract the attention of the passerby.

Cursed stowaways

Take the cursed captain and the key to his quarters and get off the lighthouse safely. His boat, the Golden Hare, is the one with the red sails, so go ahead. Place his head on the skeleton next to the door to open it. Walk around the ship to the captain’s room and place the cursed captain on his former body. He will say goodbye and give you the key to the cabin so you can get on his boat.

Make sure you have completed your log collection and other tasks before you begin.

Steer the boat to the Ferry of the Damned – row to the back of the boat and dock there. Go to the right and go to the upper deck, just behind the ferryman. This is a good time to cause a little chaos – light the fountain of destiny in the middle with the flame of souls from your lantern. This will trigger a reaction and create a hole in the ship that will allow you to get to the middle deck.

Saving a pirate’s life

Go down under the bridge and light the lanterns in front of you to open the doors. In one of the rooms there are sarcophagi whose lids must be moved to reveal hidden lanterns that must be lit. They end up in prison and eventually meet Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Take the keys from the dog to free him and follow Sparrow to the upper deck.

While the ferryman is scolding you and Sparrow, the Flying Dutchman emerges from the sea. This will be your first and only real fight in Nevermind, and you’ll finally get to control the weapons of the Ferry of the Damned. The Flying Dutchman will occasionally dive and reappear on the other side, so be prepared to change clothes. Later, during the fight, the Flying Dutchman will swim forward and send oceanic vines that you must fight.

If you die in battle, you will simply be brought back to life – remember you are on the Ferry of the Damned. But there are supplies amidships below you in case you run out of food and cannonballs. Survive the battle and watch the plot unfold with Jack Sparrow. When the story ends, leave the Ferry of the Damned through the usual door and enjoy the journey back to the land of the living.It’s been a while but the latest pirate themed game to hit the Xbox One is finally here, Sea of Thieves. It’s an online multiplayer game in which you and four friends sail the high seas in a ship and attempt to outrun other players, as you capture and plunder other ships. The game is quite fun and provides a unique experience, and I’ve spent a good chunk of time playing it with my friends. It’s also quite fun to have a theme with which to hide all the loot you capture during your adventures.. Read more about sea of thieves a pirate’s life first tall tale and let us know what you think.

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