How to unlock Twizzly Gummy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is a mobile game that has players collect and trade sweet treats. Players must avoid the evil cookie monster, who stalks them in order to steal their cookies. The game features a store where players can purchase items using the in-game currency or with real money.

The cookie run: kingdom featured cookie is a special type of cookie that can only be unlocked by completing the game.

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How to unlock Twizzly Gummy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Twizzly Gummy Cookie is a new Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom that is available for free. Given how easy it is to acquire this cookie, many gamers are curious as to how they might obtain one to test it out. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to unlock Twizzly Gummy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom using all of the available ways.

In Cookie Run Kingdom, how can you get Twizzly Gummy Cookie?

Twizzly Gummy Cookie may be unlocked in Cookie Run Kingdom in three ways:

  1. Banners, both featured and regular
  2. Event: Reward-O-Matic
  3. Shop for Medals

Gacha for featured and standard banners

The featured and regular banner gacha systems in Cookie Run Kingdom are the first two ways to unlock Twizzly Gummy Cookie. To check which cookies are accessible to pull on the banners, go to the probability tab.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie has a 0.085 percent chance of appearing in the Standard banner. The Soulstone of the Twizzly Gummy Cookie is also accessible with a 0.482 percent probability. Twizzly Gummy Cookie has a 0.044 percent chance of appearing in the featured Mala Sauce Cookie banner, whereas the Soulstone has a 0.248 percent chance of appearing.

Event: Reward-O-Matic

The Reward-O-Matic Event is the next method to get Twizzly Gummy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. This event is introduced with Twizzly Gummy Cookie by Cookie Run Kingdom. Electroids may be collected and used for a variety of prizes. It’s an excellent method to obtain many Twizzly Gummy Cookie clones.

You may use the Reward-O-Matic machine once per 20 Electroids you spend. More Electroids may be obtained by participating in the Electrifying Electroid Hunt event and fulfilling the objectives in that section. Spend your Electroids on whichever equipment you choose. Each machine has 15 distinct prizes to choose from, and the rewards you get are completely random.

The Key Card reward must be unlocked in order to access other Reward-O-Matic machines. A more “sophisticated version of the Reward-O-Matic” is available with the Key Card. There are 10 machines in all, with the Twizzly Gummy Cookie appearing in a few of them! You should concentrate on Machine Versions 3, 6, and 9, since these are the only ones that can reward you with the cookie as well as soulstones.

Shop for Medals

The Medal Shop is the last method to get the new Twizzly Gummy Cookie. The Medal Shop, which can be found in the Kingdom Arena, ensures that four of the first five slots will contain soulstones for cookies that aren’t at the maximum promotion level. While Twizzly Gummy Cookie may only be obtained via the Gacha or the Event, you can get soulstones through the Medal Shop. If the bulk of your other cookies are already peak promotion rank, you’ll have a higher chance of discovering Twizzly Gummy soulstones.

Please keep in mind that the majority of the ways for unlocking Twizzly Gummy Cookie are time-limited. The Reward-O-Matic Event and Medal Shop may no longer exist or operate differently if you view this page after a certain date.

Check out the Cookie Run Kingdom area of our website for additional relevant information and instructions!

The treasure banner cookie run kingdom is a secret in the game Cookie Run Kingdom. To unlock it, you need to complete the Cookie Heist.

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