Mobile Betting: the Ideal Bookmaker Apps


Mobile betting at non-GamStop bookmakers is the norm. You can bet wherever you want, whenever you want, via your smartphone or tablet. All you need is an internet connection and a good bookmaker app. On this page, we look at the criteria that a good mobile bookmaker meets. We compare bookmaker apps with betting in mobile browsers and list all the pros and cons of mobile betting.

How to Choose the Ideal Non-GamStop Bookmakers?

To choose the best mobile non-GamStop bookmaker, consider six important factors. Below, we discuss in detail what exactly you should pay attention to.

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Mobile betting requires a mobile-friendly platform. Odds and betting options should be visible at once, just like on the desktop website. If the non-GamStop bookmaker offers exclusive mobile betting options, that is an extra plus. If you download the non-GamStop bookmaker app, you don’t want it to take up all your memory. So also take the app’s storage space into account.

Download or Instant Play

Not every non-GamStop bookmaker has its own app. That is why it is important to decide for yourself whether you prefer to play via a non GamStop bookmaker app or the mobile website. Apps are faster and more user-friendly, but a good mobile website is just as pleasant to use. On the other hand, apps take up storage space and cannot be installed on every device.

Free Bets & Bonuses

A good bookmaker bonus is decisive for a pleasant betting experience. You bet free play money with which you can bet risk-free. In addition to free play money, some non GamStop bookmakers also offer boosted odds that allow you to play for higher odds that give you more profit. It is important that you read the bonus conditions before you start betting.

Live Betting

Mobile non GamStop bookmakers have nice betting options. Chief among them is the live betting option. Look at the number of betting options, live statistics and live streams. Another nice extra is a cashout option that allows you to sell your betting slip before the bet has been settled. A bet builder is indispensable for gamblers who like to put together their own betting slip.

Markets & Odds

Are you looking for the best mobile non GamStop bookmaker for a specific sport or do you like to bet on multiple sports? Ask yourself this question when choosing a betting platform. Typically, the more markets there are, the better. Also compare the betting odds per non GamStop bookmaker. The smallest difference in odds has a major influence on your final profit.

General Offer

Also check what other functionalities the non GamStop bookmaker app has to offer. Depositing and withdrawing with credit cards and PayPal is a must. Customer service that is available day and night via e-mail, telephone, and live chat is also a must. Also check how much importance the bookmaker attaches to security. A good Responsible Gaming policy is a good start.

You Can Place Mobile Betting on These Devices

You can download sports betting apps on different devices, but there are exceptions. Below, we discuss the most popular operating systems and their capabilities.


We are talking about smartphones and tablets of each operating system.


Are you an iOS user? Then you are lucky. The best non GamStop bookmaker apps are compatible for iPhones and iPads. Download the app from the App Store or go to the mobile website of the relevant bookmaker and download the app directly there.


Almost all non-GamStop bookmakers can be reached via an Android device such as a Samsung or Huawei smartphone. This can be done on the one hand via the mobile website, on the other hand via the bookmaker app that you download from the Google Play Store


Not many people have a Windows phone. For that reason, you cannot download many non GamStop bookmaker apps for this operating system. With these devices, you can easily use the betting platform via the mobile browser.

Advantages of Non GamStop Bookmakers’ Apps

A good mobile bookmaker provides many advantages. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to carry a laptop around to bet on location. Below, we discuss the advantages of mobile betting.

Better User Experience

Non GamStop bookmaker apps are usually faster than websites. This is because when you download the app, you already download all the data. When you visit a website, the data is downloaded in real-time, which sometimes makes the website slower. With an app you will not experience this and you are guaranteed a smoother user experience.

Bet Anytime, Anywhere

We mentioned it before. The biggest advantage of sports betting apps is that you always and everywhere have your favorite betting platform.


All you need is an internet connection and your login details. Sports betting has never been so accessible before.

Extra Chance of Bonuses

You can claim temporary bonuses because your non-GamStop bookmaker is available anytime and anywhere. For example, a bookmaker hands out a bonus on Monday evening, but you are away. No problem. You can easily claim that bonus via your smartphone. In addition, some non-GamStop bookmakers also give out exclusive mobile bonuses.

Mobile Betting Via the App or Browser

Does your favorite bookmaker have a mobile app or not? Many non-GamStop betting sites perform almost as well in the mobile browser as in a native app. Usually, the website is made compatible with the small screen. Below, we compare mobile websites with apps. Apps are designed specifically for mobile devices, providing a better user experience than mobile browsers. Apps often have an intuitive interface, quick navigation, and custom features. Mobile browsers can feel less streamlined and may be less user-friendly.

Mobile apps are usually faster than mobile browsers because they are optimized for the device they are installed on. This means page load times are generally shorter, and you can place bets faster. Mobile browsers depend on the internet connection and are usually slower.

Mobile browsers have the advantage of being accessible from a wide range of devices, regardless of operating system. Apps, on the other hand, are specifically developed for certain operating systems, such as iOS or Android. To use an app, make sure it is compatible with your device.

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