Genshin Impact: All Enemies, Bosses and How To Defeat Them

The game has many enemies, bosses and how to defeat them.

The how to defeat genshin impact enemies is a video game that was released on April 26, 2018. It is an action-adventure game with a retro feel and modern mechanics.

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In addition to character growth, we have news in the enemies section about any previous Left 4 Dead game, but it’s likely that many of the faces seem familiar. Back 4 Blood’s opponents aren’t meant to be a huge challenge, but rather factors that force the squad to play or behave in a particular manner in order to overcome a barrier. Each unique opponent forces the players to devise unique tactics in order to survive and progress to the next arena.

The disadvantage of these unique opponents is that they are often paired with the basic infected, making it difficult to finish them off comfortably. That example, a typical Boomer may be surrounded by infected, making it more difficult to deliver, allowing it to gain ground and approach us more easily. As a result, this may lead to health issues and can turn a scenario that should be straightforward into agony.

Following that, we’ll give you a list of adversaries to be aware of and how to fight them. None of them are difficult; we knew that going in. However, some pointers are usually helpful in order to be able to do them as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that opponents may change forms based on their level of “evolution,” so we won’t constantly encounter them in the same shape or with the same attack qualities. Although we must always do the same thing to beat them: stitch them up with bullets.

Enemies in common

Zombies / Infected

The contaminated standard that we will have to deal with on a daily basis. The world is on the verge of catastrophe, and our mission is to wipe off any infected we come across. Given that we are well equipped and that our mutual adversaries pose no threat, this should be an easy job. Of course, be cautious if they gather in large numbers, since they may become a problem if we don’t know how to manage the herd.


Special adversaries

The Smells (the classic Boomers)


One of the simplest to take down. Stinks are enormous, sluggish, and have melee attacks that need physical contact. Unless they go into a vomiting fit, in which case it’s best to maintain your distance. All you have to do to charge a “Boomer” (as it was dubbed in Left 4 Dead) is aim at the enemy’s chest until it explodes into a thousand pieces. It is best not to approach it since its explosion has the potential to drive us into the abyss or make us very stuck.

The Prickling


Do you recall the legendary Spitter from Left 4 Dead? Let’s assume the Stalker is that, with the Hunter, Smoker, and even the Jockey thrown in for good measure. Let’s pretend that Turtle Rock has combined to become an adversary that we should be wary of, particularly depending on how we discover it. It has the ability to pounce on us, spew acid at us, or even trap us as easy prey. Because it is a tiny opponent, it will need extreme accuracy to defeat it. It even adheres to the walls!

Bully or Big Guy?

From Left 4 Dead 2, the Charger. An adversary with a colossal arm charging at us and pelting us with championship bumpers. It’s simple to flee and fire a barrage of bullets into his massive arm, but it’s not always easy, particularly when he grabs a pistol and chases us down like there’s no tomorrow. Because they have a lot of health, it’s better to fight him as a group.

Tell-tale Signs

It’s a really simple opponent since it doesn’t do anything except warn other foes. We dispatch him swiftly, maybe with a well-placed headshot, and then we forget about him. Of course, you can be sure that some will get away from you, and you’ll be in for a nice fight with the enemy. They’ll pour it down on you like there’s no tomorrow.

The “Sleepers” are a group of people who sleep.

It’s the greatest name we could think of for this foe, since it’s clinging to the walls in its nest silently, and we’ll toss it if we pass in front of it. It isn’t a very powerful foe, but it may shock friends and give them a fright. In horror video games, a nice jump scare never hurts.


The ship’s name is the destroyer.

From Back 4 Blood comes the Tank. In general, it behaves precisely like Left 4 Dead’s most ferocious foe, and our task is simple: find its weak spots and exploit those regions of widespread infection so that it bursts into a thousand pieces. Be cautious, since his blows may wreak devastation and are the most deadly we’ve found.


One of the first opponents we encountered in Back 4 Blood was this guy. The Ogre is very sluggish, but he is immensely powerful. Because he may hurl various items at us, it is best to seek shelter in order to beat him. Save a lot of ammunition to take him out since killing him won’t be easy. It may be straightforward depending on how we approach the encounter and if we can use the situation to our advantage, but we’ll need a lot of bullets.

The elderly lady

Our favorite, since this strange creature poses a serious threat. Do you recall the Gears of War 4 monsters? It consumes the players and depletes their health to a large extent, so it’s essentially the same. She is quick, and the only way to stop her is to focus all of the fire on her, hoping to put an end to her life before she takes ours.

The terraria bosses in order is a helpful guide that lists all the bosses, their weaknesses, and how to defeat them.

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