5 Games Like Allegory

The best games are the ones that make you think. They make you question your own morals, what you believe in, and the world around you. Here are five games like Allegory to play on Steam!

games like scattergories to play on zoom is a game that has you playing as an allegory. This game is similar to other games such as Scattergories, but it has a unique twist.

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If you’re searching for games like Allegory and want to see what else is out there, keep reading. You play the role of a legendary author in Allegory. Bid with lore chips to acquire theme cards for your stories (Nature, Energy, and Spirit). Finally, only the story with the lowest overall value receives a score. Include sets of themes throughout your trilogy to boost your score. You’ll get extra points if you include your moral in each story. The player who has the most points has written a great story and is an expert at allegory.

To compile this list, we dissected Allegory into its constituent parts. With a magical story concept, this is a really simple to play bidding and set collecting game. Playing off of your opponents is the source of all strategy. You’ll have to decide if you want to make a major move right now or save for the future. You’ll probably be OK as long as you remain one step ahead. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching for anything comparable. We took all of this into account while compiling this list of 5 board games that are similar to Allegory.


Pinball Showdown Cards Board Game

#05 | Pinball Showdown

Because of the way the sets are constructed, Pinball Showdown makes the list of board games similar to Allegory. The subject and how you cope with the things that come your way are both different, but the merging of constructing and attempting to achieve the correct sets of points is the same. Bidding is present, but it is distinct. A player may bid on a playfield device (Steer towards it), pay one or more control tokens to enhance their pinball’s speed, and buy a playfield card from the discard pile.

The players are pinballs, and the pinball machine is in full swing. Multi-ball begins putting you and the other players in a race to score the different pop bumpers, drop targets, and other playfield gadgets before you have time to think. Before it’s all over and you drain, you and the other pinballs have a limited amount of time to score the most points and complete the different combinations for bonuses. The games run around 30 – 45 minutes for 2 – 4 participants.

Biblios Board Game

#04 | Biblios

While there are many more things going on in Biblios, you are ultimately battling over the center objects to earn points from a collection of holy literature. Both are on the lighter side, and you must eventually balance the benefits of acting now against preparing for the future.

You are an abbot of a medieval monastery vying with other abbots to collect the most holy book library. To accomplish so, you’ll need both the employees and the resources to operate a successful scriptorium. You utilize a limited amount of donated gold to hire employees and gather materials. Each game lasts 30 minutes for 2–4 participants.

Frankenstein 2019 Board Game

#03 | Frankenstein (2019)

Because it is a bidding and set collecting game based in a literary setting, Frankenstein (2019) enters the list of board games like Allegory. Instead than attempting to collect bits from other books, you are purchasing body parts in order to create a monster based on a famous novel. The set collection is unmistakably distinct, yet both names are light and airy.

Play as crazy scientists racing to be the first to use alchemy to create life. Each round, you have the option of purchasing the given body part, selling it to an anatomist for a little profit, or auctioning it in order to obtain a better bargain or take advantage of your opponents. You may get fortunate and acquire a casket containing a corpse from a weakling, or your participation in the macabre trade might enrage the villagers. Each game lasts 30–45 minutes for 2–5 participants.

Arche Noah Card Game

#02 | Arche Noah

Arche Noah is included on the list of board games that are similar to Allegory because it is another basic card game that involves bidding for cards in the center to create intriguing sets in your own area. To keep things interesting, there are a few established collecting rules, but at the end of the day, you must outplay your opponent. Because it is intended for children, it lacks the more complex narrative elements found in Allegory.

The number of animal cards shown is proportional to the number of participants. Each player bids a number of purple chips clockwise from the beginning player, then takes one animal card and puts it face down on his stack, starting with the top bidder (moving clockwise from the starting player in case of ties). If a player discards one of his green chips, he is forced to take two animals instead, stiffing the round’s last player. The hidden animal goal card determines how many points you get. Games last approximately 25 minutes for 2–5 players.

Lost Cities Rivals Card Game

#01 | Lost Cities: Rivals

Lost Cities: Rivals is a card game with an intriguing bidding mechanism that is all about outplaying your fellow bids, thus it occupies the top position on the list of board games like Allegory. Once you’ve won, you’ll be able to combine cards into different sets in order to get the maximum points. You’re still on a narrative route, but instead of creating a fanciful story, you’re leading an archaeological dig.

Players will gather colored expedition cards and arrange them in ascending order in personal excursions, potentially using wager cards to enhance the worth of an expedition before it begins. The main distinction between this game and others is that in order to put cards in your expeditions, you must first win auctions. You may either disclose the top card from the current pile (adding it to the display) or auction the cards on the display each round. Games take approximately 40 minutes for 2–4 players.

Do you think this list of board games, such as Allegory!, is accurate? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or on our BGH Facebook page.

games like witcher 3 is a game that has received high praise from critics and players alike. It features an interesting story, great graphics, and challenging gameplay.

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