All factions in Tom Clancy’s XDefiant

All factions in Tom Clancy’s XDefiant

The game is set in the near future, when humanity is on the brink of extinction. Players are part of a global network of resistance fighters, who must fight to protect themselves and their loved ones from an alien invasion.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft. It was released on March 1, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Ubisoft’s newest effort to integrate its IP into the free-to-play industry is Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. The game combines elements from past Tom Clancy games and pits them against one other in a 6v6 battle. The inclusion of Factions, which is perhaps best known as another term for classes, is one of the most obvious crossover possibilities here. These factions are made up of unique characters that are based on characters from previous games. The Factions in Tom Clancy’s XDefiant are listed below.


All-factions-in-Tom-Clancys-XDefiantUbisoft provided this image.

Cleaners are characters from the Division series that strive to destroy everything in order to eliminate the Dollar Plague. They are the attack or damage class, and they apply this mentality to getting rid of their opponents. In XDefiant, they’ve brought their flamethrowers and a turret to the battleground.

When we learn more about the Cleaner’s gameplay skills and other characteristics outside their flamethrowers, we’ll update this article.


1626753975_113_All-factions-in-Tom-Clancys-XDefiantUbisoft provided this image.

Echelon is a Splinter Cell series support class that Sam Fisher is acquainted with. They are a counter-terrorism special operations squad that deals in intelligence and employs high-tech surveillance equipment to eliminate national security concerns.

We’ve seen Echelon use those specs to make it easier to notice opponents by turning them red in a green setting. They also seem to be able to conceal themselves for a brief period of time in order to slip past adversaries. As of this writing, we don’t know how they’ll help other gamers.


1626753976_9_All-factions-in-Tom-Clancys-XDefiantUbisoft provided this image.

In XDefiant, the Outcasts are the second Faction from the Division series, and they will be healers. They were dubbed Outcasts because they were put into a poorly run quarantine on Roosevelt Island when the Dollar Plague broke out. They want vengeance on society as a result of the terrible circumstances that have claimed the lives of countless.

As of right now, all we’ve seen from the Outcasts is them releasing a gas that may heal teammates who inside the radius and triggering an area of effect ability that covers allies in green lights. When we learn more about these talents, we will update this page.


1626753976_474_All-factions-in-Tom-Clancys-XDefiantUbisoft provided this image.

The Wolves are the game’s tank class. They made their début in the newest Ghost Recon game, Breakpoint, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Cole D. Walker, played by Jon Bernthal. They are a group of former Ghosts and other special forces who use high-tech military drones to assist them in battle.

Outside of a shield dome that travels with the Wolf player and a smaller fixed shield, we haven’t seen much of them at this time. Teammates may fire through the shield, which is blue for your team and red for the enemy, similar to Overwatch.

Ubisoft has stated that additional characters would be introduced to the game, but it’s unclear if they mean new Factions or just more of the ones who are currently there. We’ll update this article if any more are added.

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