How to kill the Abomination in Back 4 Blood

How to kill the Abomination in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a survival-horror game that tasks players with killing the Abomination, an ancient creature from another dimension. The developers of the game have recently released a new update that includes a pro-gamer mode to make it easier for gamers to kill the Abomination.

Back 4 Blood is a new game that has been released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It is an action-packed game with an interesting story. Read more in detail here: back for blood release date.

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You’ve finally completed Back 4 Blood’s last level. A huge monster known as the Abomination has emerged from beneath after coming home after testing a new weapon against the Ridden. The game’s last level is entirely devoted to slaying this monster. Here’s how to go about it.

First, make sure you’re well supplied before leaving the secure area. There will be a plethora of weapons on the ground, all of which are epic rarities and very powerful. Make sure you get one for each of your weapons, main and secondary. Then, at the store, have each member purchase one team improvement, and make sure you’re outfitted with what you want to use. Pain Pills are our go-to support, Pipe Bombs are our go-to attack, and Defibrillators are our go-to defense at this level.

The first stage

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When you go out into the street, four tentacles will emerge from the ground, and zombies will continue to spawn. Throughout the battle, be sure to eliminate the zombies assaulting you first, as well as any mutations you come across. The tentacles are simple to decipher. They will expand out towards one player when they are ready to attack, indicating who they are assaulting. To avoid a slam assault, that player should shift to the side. It will open up again when the tentacle retreats. Have everyone shoot into the tentacle once you see it open. Try to conserve as many of your equipment as possible for this early battle, but only use them if they would save your life.

Every tentacle that is slain will slink down to the ground, spewing acid around it at random. While battling the others, keep an eye on your surroundings. They will slink into the earth after all four have been defeated. Grab ammunition and whatever supplies you need from the adjacent crates before jumping into the tunnels after them.

The second stage

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The second phase starts as soon as one Cleaner enters the tunnels. Now we see the Abomination’s visage carved into a wall. Zombies will continue to spawn, so take them out as soon as they come near. The tentacles are the most important thing to notice here. They are, like previously, quite simple to read. All four tentacles will spit acid and then surge forward, slamming against the back wall. The sequence in which the tentacles spit acid determines the order in which they will explode forward. If you don’t get out of the path, this assault will hit you hard and knock you unconscious.

The Abomination will scream once all of its tentacles have penetrated the wall. There are two sores within its mouth that everyone should be shooting at right now. These sores are the two main targets. Defeat Ridden while avoiding tentacle assaults until both sores are gone. If anybody falls, make sure they rise up and utilize your offensive weapons to clear out huge swarms of Ridden.

Phase three

The third phase begins after you eliminate the second sore in the Abomination’s mouth, and a five-minute timer starts ticking down. If you don’t complete it before the countdown runs out, it will reach Fort Hope and destroy everything, causing you to lose. Grab ammunition from the nearby crates before moving on to the next area.

During this phase, the Abomination will move slowly. Make careful you don’t go too near to its bottom, or you’ll be crushed to death. Additionally, it will sometimes spew out acid, although this is not a major issue. The Ridden charging towards you should take precedence. Don’t be concerned about the time, particularly if you’re on Recruit hard. Make sure you’re still alive so you can assist the squad.

The Abomination’s body has four sores that represent its four halves of health. You’ll notice that they glow a bit before they explode when you fire them. The four places are on the right, left, top, and bottom of the structure.

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Focus on the right side pain as you enter this new tunnel, as it starts to flee. After then, proceed down the right side of the walkway to get a good shot at the top sore. The Abomination will eventually run into a wall, and you’ll have to travel down a tunnel on the left side to catch up. To make the tunnel access simpler to go through, we suggest utilizing a Pipe Bomb.

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Tendril bridges may be seen on the opposite side of the tunnel. If you fall off, you’ll suffer a lot of damage. You should be able to notice its left pain if you run along the left side. Fire till it explodes.

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Finally, descend down towards the tendril bridges to obtain a good view of the bottom sore. Finish the game to see the closing cutscene, and you’ve finished the Back 4 Blood campaign.

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