The S-Tier Perk for GM’s next Season that no one is talking about (Sympathetic Arsenal)

The NFL’s new CBA is an admittedly messy situation. But amid all the back-and-forth, one item of business has been overlooked by the league’s traditional as well as newer media. They are still discussing the acquisition of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

It seems like the 2015 Season has taken a turn for the worst, and for good reason. Dropping from a playoff spot to a 4th place finish in a one-month period is unheard of, and why would GM Sympathize? Well, they are still heading into the offseason with some key changes in place. The Free Agency period has just started, and the following players have been signed.

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It’s been a little over a year since the Detroit Lions shocked the NFL world by hiring Matt Patricia as the team’s new head coach. Among fans, however, the most polarizing decision of all was how the team would address their gaping quarterback position. Patricia went out and signed an aging veteran, Matthew Stafford, to a mega-deal that will see his contract through the 2021 season. Andrew Luck, meanwhile, chose to retire, and the team cleared out the cap space that would have allowed them to replace him with a viable young QB.


Over the past year, I’ve played a lot of GMs, and “Auto Loading” is one of the most underappreciated skills you may have. Bungie’s decision to embrace this with fresh content is unsurprising. 50529 - The S-Tier Perk for GM's next Season that no one is talking about (Sympathetic Arsenal)

Season 15 will include holster mods for boots, which Bungie describes as follows:

“This is a new kind of leg armor mod that reloads stowed weapons of the same type over time.”

“Using several copies of the same kind of Holster mod will enhance the pace at which ammunition is reloaded.”

Based on this, it’d be comparable to “Reconstruction,” but it wouldn’t increase the weapon’s capacity – that’s Reconstruction’s job. Furthermore, I believe this will not function in combination with any perk that provides a manual reload bonus, since it does not provide all of the ammunition at once, but rather over time.

Sympathetic Arsenal, on the other hand, DOES function in this manner.

“After a last strike, reloading also reloads stored weapons.”

As a result, benefits that are dependent on the operation of a reload continue to work after SA. There are a LOT of benefits that will come with that next season, as it turns out:

Is it necessary for me to perfect my Merciless?

kUZApKb - The S-Tier Perk for GM's next Season that no one is talking about (Sympathetic Arsenal)

Because it continues to “Conserve Momentum” after SA activates, Merciless is on the verge of becoming the Anti-Champion weapon. (Plus, it has Unstoppable in Season 15). So this is what it means:


The champion is taken aback (Unstop)

p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p

Finish it off with a different weapon or finisher (Aeons for Heavy/Special Finisher?)

Merciless gets completely reloaded and maintains its short charge time for the next hefty champion, monster, tank, etc. after killing a tiny add with SA Bow.

But hang on, the Unstoppable champs aren’t the only ones having a good time; next season, the Bows will be overloaded. So, if you’re an Overload champion, just stun with your bow and Voop away. Anti-Barrier may be removed before proceeding, however you may need at least one person in your fireteam who can shatter shields just in case.

How about this: NJBmgOs - The S-Tier Perk for GM's next Season that no one is talking about (Sympathetic Arsenal)

Reservoir Burst? How about trying that new rkgRLwT - The S-Tier Perk for GM's next Season that no one is talking about (Sympathetic Arsenal) Null Composure with some of your Void Builds and you can save that Heavy Slot for an Exotic? Yep, simply shoot off your favorite fusion rifle with it, then get 1 small ad with your Bow and instantly get it back for the same group of adds.

Fusions aren’t the only ones who can profit, as you can see. yTVUvKz - The S-Tier Perk for GM's next Season that no one is talking about (Sympathetic Arsenal)

Ionic Return with Borealis You’ll be able to keep your 40% damage boost for the duration of your activity. Simply use Borealis to summon a matched shield and only reload it via SA. You may still run two anti-champion modifications in your setup between your Kinetic/Heavy slots since Linear Fusion Rifles are Unstoppable as well. Next season, don’t forget to try out some of the new exotic upgrades with elemental damage/super matching for more fun.

Prepare to make use of ug4gM5B - The S-Tier Perk for GM's next Season that no one is talking about (Sympathetic Arsenal)

The Burden of Izinagi? When you proc SA, it will maintain its Honed Edge shot at x4, along with three smaller Izi Shots. When you stack 1 person with Divinity, it’s simple to get those Anti-Barrier Champions. Imperial Needle is the bow you’ll need for this.

Hunters, in particular, have a lot of fun at the furthest range for GM content. Have you ever used MNrppqF - The S-Tier Perk for GM's next Season that no one is talking about (Sympathetic Arsenal)

Is there a rumor of impetus? Yes, your stasis shuriken (which just received a little boost) will provide the same advantage as SA on impact. So, for maximum devastation, simply Gambler’s Dodge during that boss DPS or in a difficult scenario, then strike with your melee and go back to Vooping or any of the other listed perks.

So, what exactly do you require?

There are presently only three bows in the game with Sympathetic Arsenal, and if you don’t have one, you should acquire one before S15 releases.

  • Slumbering Slab (World Drop Season 11, Kinetic)
  • Imperial Needle (Battlegrounds / World Drop, Void, Season 13 Focused Engrams)
  • Strong Winds (Europa, Farmable from Variks, Kinetic)

Masterwork of Catalyst

  • Borealis
  • Merciless
  • The Burden of Izinagi
  • With the benefits listed above, master any Legendary Fusions.

I created a video on how this works with Sniper Rifles a few months ago. Bows and Fusions, on the other hand, did not get Champions modifications until Season 15. All of this is without even considering the new Artifact modifications that will be released next season.

Guardians, I’ll see you out there.

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