Minecraft: The Best Difficulty Mods For A More Challenging Game

Have you perfected your Minecraft skills? Then it’s probably time to up the ante on the game. After hours and hours of playing, maybe your chest full of goods is getting to you… These difficulty modifications will either knock your ego down a peg or expand it large enough to qualify as a new boss, depending on how well you perform.

11. Naturally Charged Creepers

Naturally Charged Creepers / Minecraft Mod

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Versions supported: 1.14-1.16

Charged creepers are Minecraft’s four-leaf clovers: They’re very uncommon (and also green). The rarity seems logical, given how severe the aftermath of a charged creeper explosion is. Try Naturally Charged Creepers if you like the thrill of having your house blown apart! Also, avoid going inside the boiler room. By enabling charged creepers to spawn organically, the mod makes them more frequent. Try a group of charged creepers if you think a band of skeletons is frightening.


10. Deadly World

Deadly World Mod for Minecraft

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Versions supported: 1.5, 1.7, and 1.12

Minecraft’s organically created environment presents several dangers.

You could bring your dog to a desert temple and have it walk on the pressure plate, resulting in both of you being blown to bits.

You could dig right down and… well, you know what happens after that.

But, let’s be honest, most players have heard enough about drilling straight down to know it’s a terrible idea.

However, by downloading this aptly-named mod, you can still make your environment seem dangerous.

Deadly World includes frightening world-generation elements including mines, silverfish veins, lava pockets, and “things that fire arrows everywhere,” according to the developer.

I’m not sure what that final one is about… However, it seems to be frightening.

9. Zombie Awareness

Zombie Awareness Mod for Minecraft

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Versions supported: 1.10-1.12

Zombies slobber over your tasty brain from up to 35 blocks away, while hostile mobs may see the player from up to 16 blocks away.

For zombies and certain other mobs, Zombie Awareness extends this range even more.

With a swarm of sleep-deprived fans after you, you’ll feel like a superstar being followed by paparazzi.

The mod gives your undead admirers spurts of energy, enabling them to move faster on their own, perhaps as a result of their lack of sleep.

Zombies are given their own brains as well.

They’ll explore if they see lights, hear explosions, or see pistons. These zombies are attracted to activity and interesting noises, much like in The Walking Dead!

You, the player, will have the opportunity to bleed.

That is, unless you are injured.

And if your health isn’t great, you may as well bleed out.

8. Reskillable

Reskillable / Minecraft Mod Preview

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Versions supported: 1.10-1.12

Let’s suppose you spawn in a hamlet and discover a chest full of diamonds right away.

Perhaps you’re considering making a diamond pickaxe.

Instead, think about making a wooden pickaxe with Reskillable installed, since that’s all you’ll be able to use.

At least until you get to the point where you can utilize the diamond one.

Reskillable adds levels to the game’s different abilities.

So, before you may utilize some things, you must first achieve a specific level in a skill tree. To use that diamond pickaxe, for example, you must be at least level 16 in mining.

And the modification doesn’t end there.

Some objects and blocks may only be used or mined once a particular level has been reached.

In addition, if you murder a sheep, it will retaliate by refusing to shed wool.

They don’t mind if you shear them, however. They’ll be without their beautiful wool coat, but they’ll be grateful for the opportunity to retain their lives.

I guess you’ll be up all night trying to get your hands on some shears!

7. The Spice of Life

Spice of Life Food Mod for Minecraft

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Versions supported: 1.10-1.12

How many different kinds of food do you actually carry after you’ve settled in?

The answer, if you’re like me, is one.

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a big fan of bread.

If I followed my Minecraft character’s diet, I’d be sick of bread in no time.

The one constant in life is that novelty excites us – and The Spice of Life is a mod that recognizes this concept even in its name.

Eating the same meal over and over again recovers less hunger points with Spice of Life.

Change it up a little and try something new!

6. More Difficulty Levels

More Difficulty Levels Mod for Minecraft

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Versions supported: 1.12

Playing on “hard” seems like a stroll in the park if you’re reading this list.

Even with more Difficulty Levels, Minecraft will still seem like a stroll in the park.

Just a stroll without limbs, you know.

The patch adds seven additional difficulty levels to the game, making it seem like hell on all levels.

Buffing mobs and lengthening nights make the game more challenging (or permanent on increased difficulties).

5. Dehydration

Dehydration Feature Modded into Minecraft

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Versions supported: 1.16-1.17

What’s strange is this:

Water bottles are present in Minecraft, although they are not required to be consumed.

In this game, food is more essential than water. Dehydration, on the other hand, kills a person considerably quicker!

If worrying about your health and hunger meter isn’t enough to make your heart race, you may be interested in a mod that also adds a thirst bar.

Hypochondria is almost often caused by dehydration.

Partly because you’re stuck in the desert with nothing but a pool of lava to drink, and partly because you’re thirsty.

4. EnvironmentZ

EnvironmentZ Desert Area / Minecraft Mod

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Versions supported: 1.16-1.17

Gone are the days when you could go for a naked walk in the cold snow.

Gone are the days of racing across the desert coated in Netherrite, a substance originating in the depths of hell.

EnvironmentZ adds a new boss that is much more terrifying than the Elder Guardian, Wither, and Ender Dragon put together.

The temperature of your environment is your boss.

If the weather is excessively hot, remove your armor to prevent overheating.

If it becomes too chilly, the update also adds methods to keep from freezing.

You could, for example, transport heated stones. You may also insulate your armor with polar bear fur.

Just don’t tell PETA about it!

3. Dynamic Darkness

Dynamic Darkness / Minecraft Mod

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Versions supported: 1.12

Because Dynamic Darkness eliminates the minimum light level, darkness has the potential to get much darker.

If you look into the darkness, you may see a pair of eight blazing red eyes staring back at you.

The mod also allows you to change the moon’s brightness levels, enabling you to transform the moon into a useful ally in the fight against darkness.

2. Bloodmoon

Bloodmoon Preview Screenshot / Minecraft Mod

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Versions supported: 1.10-1.12

This mod, unlike Dynamic Darkness, makes the moon an adversary rather than a friend.

The moon will have a slight probability of turning red every night.

The moon isn’t ashamed in the least. Because the red moon is a bloodmoon, there will be more creatures spawning faster and closer to you.

Caves should be treated as trenches during Bloodmoon since monsters underneath will not be harmed.

What could be more terrifying than fighting a swarm of mobs?

Fighting a swarm of enemies as an insomniac, as Bloodmoon transforms you into.

When there’s a frightening red moon nearby, you can’t sleep (and by nearby, I mean hundreds of thousands of miles away).

This function may be turned off if the insomniac lifestyle is too demanding for you.

To add to the creepiness element (as if the blood-red moon wasn’t scary enough), during Bloodmoon, black fog emerges, which contrasts with the crimson moon.

Red and black go well together, so at the very least, your impending demise will be attractive.

1. Grue

Grue Mod / Minecraft Preview

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Versions supported: 1.10-1.12

Maybe Dynamic Darkness was a little too simple for you.

Eight blazing crimson eyes stared back at you as you peered into the darkness. Or at least they did until you pulled them out and used them to make poison potions.

Grue may be worth a look in such scenario.

It introduces the monster Grue, which is based on the monster from the Zork Trilogy, a famous video game series from the 1980s.

This creature resembles an evil deity of the night. If the light level is 2 or below, it will spawn.

Let’s pretend Grue shows up in front of you.

Fight, flee, or freeze: which instinct would you trust?

If you want to battle, remember how I proclaimed Grue to be an evil god of darkness? You won’t be able to kill Grue.

That isn’t the case.

And because he only delivers infinite damage, you’ll have a hard time surviving him.

If you choose to freeze, you’re out of luck since remaining motionless would just result in additional Grues spawning.

Now you’re dealing with polytheism, except that all of the gods are out to get you. After all, laziness is one of the seven deadly sins.

The best option is to flee.

It’s cowardly, but cowards live to fight another day.

After all, if darkness is defined as the absence of light, then light is required to for a deity of darkness to erupt in flames!

Someone please cast Grue in the next vampire film.

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