All Characters And Dateable Weapons In Boyfriend Dungeon

All Characters And Dateable Weapons In Boyfriend Dungeon

There are so many characters and dateable weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon, that it is difficult to create a resource that can be used by all. So, this list is created to be a quick reference guide for all of the characters and weapons that can be used in the game.

Boyfriend Dungeon is a 2D dungeon crawler featuring romance elements, set in a world where humans and monsters co-exist. The game features an extensive cast of NPCs, with a variety of different personalities and stories. Most of the playable characters are also available as individual DLC, and the game features an additional third-party character that can be purchased in the in-game shop.

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Boyfriend Dungeon is a roguelike RPG that was released in March of this year. It was developed by the talented duo of Kaede and Mutsumi, and follows the story of a couple who are stuck in a dungeon. They can meet other characters and date them to raise their stats, but the main goal of the game is to get out of the dungeon by finding the exit. Now, the game is only a few months old, but it has already been updated several times, with each update adding new features. The latest update added a few characters that are not available in the original game. Still, these are far from being the only characters you will meet.

In terms of social interaction, Boyfriend Dungeon throws you into the deep end of the pool. As a newcomer to Verona Beach, you’re searching for company while also attempting to make a living battling monsters. There are seven romanceable characters, all of whom may change into your weapons, as well as a few more plot-relevant supporting characters.

Dateable Weapons

In the basic game of Boyfriend Dungeon, all of these characters may be used as weapons; you’ll meet them via the narrative, go on dates with them, and level up their Love Rank to unlock additional powers.

Where can I locate all of the weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon?

Isaac the Estoc


Isaac is old-school cool, suave, charming, and an outstanding fencer. As you would imagine, his fighting style is heavily influenced by fencing, so anticipate some thrusting strikes against creatures in the Dunj. You may even counter-attack opponents if you time and place your attacks correctly.

Sunder the Talwar


Sunder may know how to party, but he also seems to be a bit of a disaster. This club owner is proud of his physique and enjoys flirting, but that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. When you strike enemies with a finisher, his attacks have a bleeding effect, allowing you to chip away at their health.

Valeria the Dagger


Who could blame Valeria for having trust issues? Valeria is nice and easygoing, but she comes with a lot of baggage, including a scary ex who is constantly on her trail. Prepare to get stabbed at close quarters, and roll about while holding her to mislead your foes.

Rowan the Scythe


This goth enby is constantly accompanied by their bird – they’re a weird, gothic alternative person that you either like or dislike. They may offer you some unique gravity-based strikes like a scythe, which drag opponents into a certain location.

Seven the Lasersaber


Seven strives to maintain a low profile generally, which is reasonable for a k-pop artist who feels plagued by fame. Because Seven is a celebrity, this isn’t a typical dynamic, but it’s a lot of fun to handle. Lightning and electric strikes are among Seven’s skills.

Sawyer the Glaive


College student Sawyer is awkward, non-binary, and very adorable. He doesn’t have the greatest common sense, but it comes in handy in battle. Sawyer is a strong damage dealer who also uses throwing techniques to paralyze and stun opponents, giving them a fantastic long-range choice.

Pocket the Brass Knuckles


Although Pocket is a cat, animals are wonderful friends with whom to connect. With these brass knuckles, you may expect to deliver fast blows to opponents and clean up with your AOE assaults.

Other characters

Other characters appear in Boyfriend Dungeon; the narrative will have you dating certain non-weapon characters, while other weapon characters appear but are unromanceable in the basic game.

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Your kind cousin is assisting you in settling into Verona Beach, providing you with a place to stay and even setting you up on dates. Meanwhile, you’ll be learning about Jesse’s personal life as well as his love past.

Eric the Blacksmith

Eric is manipulative and stalker-like, and he’s not someone you’d want to meet in real life. Things go bad quickly after a promising first date with him, and he’ll be a thorn in your side for the remainder of the tale. You have the option of being aggressive or gentle in your dealings with him.


You’ll meet Olivia while working at the coffee shop, and you’ll even go on a date with her early on. Even if it doesn’t work out, she’ll still show up again and then, particularly when Seven is around.

Jonah the Axe

You’ll meet Jonah at a backwards party thrown by Jesse, and you may like him, but he’ll be gone soon. Hopefully, we’ll see him again in the DLC.

Leah the Hammer

The athletic Leah, like Jonah, is neither useable or romanticable in the basic game of Boyfriend Dungeon, but we’re certain that creator Kitfox Games has plans for her in the future.

Since the release of the game Boyfriend Dungeon at the end of last year over 1.5 million people have enjoyed the game. Now the game is finally complete and is available for everyone to play. Boyfriend Dungeon is a combat RPG that features a unique combat system, where the player’s allies are only able to attack the enemies that are in front of them. This way the player is able to play the game in the way that is the most fun for him.. Read more about boyfriend dungeon guide and let us know what you think.

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