Have you ever imagined what a cyborg or robot-like Pokémon would look like? Look no further, Skarmory is the Pokémon you have been picturing all along.

Skarmory is the kind of Pokémon to be afraid of. According to Bulbapedia, its feathers were used in the past by warriors. As swords! That’s not all. In the present, chef’s love these feather shaped knives foe their kitchen.

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Skarmory is an Armor Bird Pokémon introduced in Generation II. He is a Steel and Flying-type Pokémon species.

Its entire body is covered in blade like feathers. These blades are even sharp enough to be used as knives in your home.

Skarmory’s entire exoskeleton is made of a silver grayish metallic material. A helmet like feature is pronounced on its head where a pointed spear-shaped pole sticks out. Its face is narrow with the upper jaw’s length being considerably longer than that of the lower jaw.

Skarmory’s yellow, ferrous and slender looking eyes could terrify any Pokémon itching for a fight. However, the razor-sharp crane like wings are not the only frightening feature. Its equally blades like serrated teeth are threatening to the eye.

It has three black talons on each foot. Skarmory also has a long blue sword resembling tail.

Skarmory weighs 50.5 kgs and stands at 5 feet 7 inches.

Here is a fun fact about this Pokémon. Did you know Skarmory could replace its wings? Every year it grows back its wings, which become battered during battle.

It is safe to say he has got impeccable healing abilities! Have him in battle, let him take his healing potion and he is back to fighting like the warrior he is.


Skarmory’s species can be found around regions of rough terrain.


Just by looking at Skarmory you immediately notice he is an intimidating Pokémon to look at. The prominent abilities he is known for are Keen Eye and Sturdy. He is a powerful Pokémon to have in your possession, he dominates the battleground… beating most Pokémon types.

Poison, Ground, Bug, Grass, Normal, Flying, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, and Fairy-type Pokémon attacks cause minimal damage to him. Further proving that he is a formidable Pokémon to have by your side.

Also, the fact that he can grow back his wings even if they are destroyed during a battle means that he can heal and live to fight another war. That is the kind of Pokémon we all should have on our corner.


Skarmory is a unique Pokémon. If that isn’t evident already, here is your conviction. Only a few Pokémon types are stronger than him. The only weakness he has is attacks from Fire and Electric Pokémon types.

Attacks from these Pokémon types threaten Skarmory’s life as he receives double the normal damage from them. If you can keep your Skarmory Pokémon away from such Pokémon species, then you will have him for a long time.



Skarmory species is not known to evolve to or from any Pokémon. This goes further to cement the fact that he is one of a kind Pokémon.


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