Here comes the heaviest Bug in Pokémon Kingdom, Buzzwole. If you thought there could never be a heavyweight champion in the Pokémon universe, then you have clearly not met Buzzwole.

Buzzwole is a Fighting and Bug-type Pokémon that was introduced in Pokémon as a Swollen, Ultra-beast, bodybuilding Pokémon in the VII Generation of Pokémon. Actually, come to think of it: the bug-type species hence the name Buzzwole.

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To call this Pokémon gigantic is an understatement. You have to picture him to get an idea of what he looks like. Picture this, a towering creature with defined muscles that on sight may cause any Pokémon to feel small. How cool is that!

This Pokémon’s facial appearance is identical to that of the infamous tropical mosquitoes. Red and black accents are evident throughout its structure. It has an abnormally shaped head that appears to be flattened.

It has pronounced red anthropoid eyes and a pair of red and black striped antennae. It also has needle-like structures that resemble a proboscis sticking out of its face. These actually do some cool stuff. Buzzwole uses them to suck energy from its enemies, which makes him stronger.

You can also see two pairs of orange-tinted wings attached to its back. Its muscles stick out like a sore thumb as if they are urging you to notice them.

This Pokémon is muscle-bound, one would even think that it is a bodybuilder in a costume. There are crab-like legs that are equally bulky and easily noticeable. His hands are seemingly human-like as he wields 5 digits on each arm.

Buzzwole stands at an enormous height of 7 feet 10 inches and weighs an even ridiculous weight of 336 kgs. Wooow!!

A barrel-chested Pokémon such as Buzzwole is exactly who you would like to have by your side! To the eye, he is intimidating to look at but awkwardly captivating as well.


To a creature like Buzzwole, the battleground may seem like a playground. Its colossal size may scare away any Pokémon causing them to tremble in fear or flee.

Buzzwole is primarily known to possess the Beast boost ability. It dominates over Fighting Ground, Grass, Bug, and Dark Pokémon types. The damage of these Pokémon has a neglible effect on him, if any.

Why would any Pokémon even try to pick a fight with him?


Buzzwole is an extraordinary powerful Pokémon. Nevertheless, he does have some weakness.

Attacks from Fire, Psychic, and Fairy Pokémon types deliver double the normal damage. Keep Buzzwole at a distance from these Pokémon types.

When attacked by Flying-type Pokémon, Buzzwole receives 4 times the damage he would normally do.

One should extremely avoid using him against Flying-type Pokémon unless they would like to see the last of him.


Buzzwole is not known to evolve to or from any Pokémon. According to many entries in Pokedex, Buzzwole could be an alien- from a different world. Well, this could explain the lack of any known evolution and the different body.



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