Cascoon – The vengeful Pokémon


Revenge is a dish best-served Pokémon style. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the vengeful Pokémon, Cascoon!

This Pokémon solely lives with the purpose of getting its revenge! How horrific that must be for those whom it seeks vengeance from? You will be relaxing going about your life, then boom! You remember you did Cascoon wrong and he could be coming for you any time. There is no sleep for the wicked in Cascoon’s universe.

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Cascoon is a Bug Pokémon. It was introduced as a Cocoon Pokémon in Generation III. Cascoon weighs 25.4lbs and stands at 2’04. But do not lets its weight and size make you think he is a weakling.

It’s known that Cascoon remains still, even when attacks inflict gruesome pain. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it is the end of the fight. The fight could be over but the war will still lie ahead.

Why? Because Cascoon never forgets the pain and the inflictor. It hopefully awaits its transformation and thereafter seeks out those who inflicted any harm against him.

Its body is entirely covered in a purple silk like-thread that hardens over time. The hardened thread forms its cocoon. It has sharp spikes that appear to emanate from the surface of its body.

Red conspicuous eyes signal its rage. Its eyes are manipulated as if to convey anger.

Coming across such a Pokémon may cause chills down your spine. The appearance of Cascoon in itself is disconcerting to look.

Did you know this Pokémon has a photographic memory? It remembers the appearance of every friend of foe who inflicted pain on it. How mind-blowing is that!


You can easily find in forests. But you have to extra keen when looking for a Cascoon. They usually hide under large leaves, and within the cracks of trees. They are also known to attach to decayed leaves.


This Pokémon has the ability to shed skin. Attacks from Fighting, Ground, and Grass Pokémon types are ineffective. The damage they deliver is insignificant. They are no threat to him.

As this Pokémon is motionless when being attacked it endures the pain but never forgets the faces of the inflictors. Upon evolution, it searches for its foes seeking just due revenge. One might think that the need for revenge gives it strength to endure all the pain and go seeking for revenge.


Though this Pokémon can withstand an incredible amount of pain there are attacks when received weaken it.

The attack from Flying, Rock, and Fire Pokémon types are deadly, to say the least. Damage from them is lethal in that it is double the normal damage.


This Pokémon is vengeful, that is very apparent by now. When the anxiously awaited evolution occurs, it hunts down its foes. It evolves to Dustox, a butterfly-like Pokémon whose wings are a bright and vibrant green color.

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