Foretelling exists in the Pokémon universe. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Xatu, the Eagle eye Pokémon.

Xatu is a bird-like mystic Pokémon of flying and psychic type. Eagles are known to have eight times stronger eyesight than us humans. Xatu takes this to the next level as he can see into the future! As if that is not enough, Xatu can also look into the past. However, this scares him, which is really understandable. I would be scared if I could tell the future and see the past, too.

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What a spectacular Pokémon! He would certainly be wonderful and awesome to have by your side.


Xatu was introduced into the Pokémon universe in Generation II. Though he can see into the future, he sadly does not influence it.

Xatu’s body is covered by green feathers. On its face, it has large extensive black eyes and a broad yellow hooked beak. A red tuft-like spike sticks out from the back of its head.

Across its body, there are black, yellow, and red features highlights. Lengthy massive wings that cloak its body are easily visible. Eye-like patterns can be seen near its wings. On its legs, two talons at the front and a single one at the back are pronounced.

The Xatu species weighs at least 15 kgs with a height of 4 feet 11 inches. Just by his looks, a Pokémon of his stature is interesting. Xatu’s frame is totem-like and may remind you of campfire totem pole structures from Native American culture.

So, here is an interesting fact about Xatu’s ability to see the future and the past. Xatu uses one eye to see the future and the other to see into the past. Some theories speculate that he uses his right eye to see into the future and his left the past. What a fascinating theory!


Xatu’s species are known to reside in Forests. You can find him perched on a tree motionless. It is also believed that Xatu’s stay in a motionless state out of fear of the visions they see.


Most Pokémon would flee in fear of Xatu’s abilities. They would flee terrified that Xatu would have known all of their attacks and established counter-attacks against them. Who can blame them? We would all be scared of an enemy that can tell your future or see our past

Some of his other notable abilities include Early bird and Synchronize.

When it comes to battling his opponent’s, a Xatu is incredibly resistant to attacks from Ground, Fighting, Psychic and Grass Pokémon. Any damage from them has minimal impact.


All Pokémon have weaknesses! Xatu is weak against Ghost, Dark, Rock, Electric, and Ice Pokémon types. The damage from them has a lethal impact. Their attacks are double against a Pokémon such as Xatu.


Xatu’s evolution begins from Natu, who is a chick resembling creature with the same features as Xatu, but in miniature form. Natu evolves at level 25, and introduces Xatu to the Pokémon universe.



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