The Most Underrated Gen 6 Kalos Pokémon, Ranked

Sometimes when we look at a Gen 6 Pokémon we just see the shiny and we forget about all the great qualities the Pokémon have. After all, shiny Pokémon are great, but they don’t always get enough love. Today I’m going to show you some Pokémon with great abilities that shine in battle, but don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

Zygarde is a mid-tier Pokémon that has been pretty much ignored in the Kalos metagame since its debut. Its stats, typing, and abilities aren’t all that great, but it is surprisingly capable, and can be a decent wallbreaker or revenge killer. There are a few other Kalos Pokémon that can be used to fill the same role, but Zygarde is just easier to use, with extra utility.

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Ever since the release of Pokémon X and Y, fans and critics have been super excited for another Kalos-set game. While more X & Y fans were excited for the return of the franchise, some felt more of the same with a new region. But what about those of you who are fans of the original Kalos games? Some of the most underrated Pokémon in X & Y that people tend to forget about are:

With Pokemon X and Y, Game Freak introduced fans to some of the most popular and powerful Pokemon in the entire series. Talonflame, Xereneas and Aegislash are all from here. And Greninja is one of the best starters of all time. But that’s about it. All other Pokémon seem to have been relegated to the background and forgotten, often considered too slow or even too ugly. And there are some excellent ones! So in this ranking, we’re looking at some Pokémon from the Kalos region that have long since faded from memory – but these are the Pokémon that I think deserve to be remembered.

10. Aurora

word-image-14983 I recently saw a YouTube video denouncing the Aurorus. They argued that it was poorly designed, utterly useless, and had a terrible double type of ice and stone. And while I agree with the last point, I think the rest is all wrong. Aurorus has an incredible base HP of 123, and a decent special attack and special defense of 99 and 92 respectively. Plus, he has incredible powers: Snow alert, which causes hail, and Cold, which turns all normal attacks into ice attacks. Aurorus can take advantage of both with Blizzard and Hyper Voice, and also has excellent defensive moves like Earth Force and Ancient Force. In addition, this type of business offers excellent support opportunities: Aurora Veil, Thunder Wave and Stealth Rock. Yes, Aurorus has one of the worst doubles. But either way, there’s a lot to like about this elegant sauropod.

9. Clavitzer

word-image-14984 When I was little, I had a crayfish enclosure that I kept in my room, alongside some hermit crabs. Needless to say, I love shellfish. And Pokemon X and Y introduced one of my favorite games. Clawitzer has an excellent base special attack value of 120, but this is increased by the Mega Launcher. This power increases the power of the impulse strokes by 1.5 times. This means that techniques like Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, and Dragon Pulse become even more powerful, giving Clawitzer excellent protection. But the best option is the Water Pulse. This move not only strengthens the Mega Launcher, but also the STAB, resulting in a base strength of 120 Water Pulse, which is even stronger than the Hydro Pump! At first glance, the cat tree does not seem dangerous. But I surprised many opponents with this surprisingly strong little lobster.

8. Pangoro

word-image-14985 One of the most interesting dual-types in the game is the Dark and Fighting. It reminds me of a tough fighter like Scrafty or an angry karate master with a powerful move like a single punch to Urshifu. And right in the middle is Pangoro. Pangoro is strong, flamboyant and virtuous. He often continues to hit no matter what is in front of him. And his ability to fight is excellent for that. This means that his combat and normal movements can touch spirits, and that he is not affected by intimidation. And if that doesn’t help you either, Pangoro has access to two other remarkable abilities. The first is Shapebreaker, which ignores the abilities of other Pokémon, followed by Iron Fist, which increases the power of its moves. This all equates to a base attack value of 124. And these skills combine well with moves like Drain Punch, Knock off and Bullet Punch. Also, I have to say that Pangoro has one of the coolest evolution methods in the entire game! You must level Pancham by having a Darkness-type Pokémon in your party, which means it must have been affected by something evil. This is a very clever way to give a cool Pokemon an interesting story in the game.

7. Barbara’s Cage

word-image-14986 People say that Barbaracle is one of the ugliest Pokémon ever, and I don’t blame them. If you’ve read any of my lists, you know I love Shell Smash. It increases both attack values and speed, at the cost of reduced defense values. There are many types of water that benefit from this movement. It made a lot of average Pokémon look great. Such is the case with Barbarackle, who has an excellent offense, an even better defense, and mediocre speed. Shell Smash takes care of it. This makes Barbaracle one of the most formidable physical sweeps in the game, especially with his Tough Claws ability. When using Sturdy Claws, each contact move increases by 1.3 times. Suddenly Liquidation and Grassknot become really threatening attacks, even though Grassknot is Special. This creature has excellent coverage and perfect stat distribution to really take advantage of Shell Smash. Barbaracle may be ugly as a stone man, but it also hits like a stone man.

6. Dragalj

word-image-14987 When the fairy types first appeared in Pokémon XY, the Dragon Pokémon were very worried. If only there was a normal kind of dragon that could do super effective damage to fairies! Dragon fans, say hello to Dragalge. Dragalge has a unique dragon/venom double type and a high special defense value, making her a fairy’s worst nightmare. But what makes it really interesting is the adjustability, which changes the STAB gain from 1.5x to 2x. This means that almost all fairies died on contact. Additionally, Dragalge has access to poisonous spikes. It can poison opponents if they change. This means that all your opponents can be destroyed if you switch with a Flip Turn move. Dragalge is a truly unique Pokémon that can play many roles. And I promise you will be amazed at its effectiveness when you use it. This is definitely an underrated choice.

5. Klefki

word-image-14988 One of my favorite skills in all of Pokémon is Prankster. It prioritizes any non-harmful movement, which means you almost always come first. It’s great to support Pokémon like Sableye and Whimsicott. But I think people forget Clefky. This strange floating keychain likes to steal different keys. This sneaky attitude makes him perfect for pranksters. He also has a great steel/pure type that gives him 2 immunities, and great moves to help his teammates. Klefki can throw spikes to inflict damage on enemy switches, as well as thunderbolts and poisons to stat those same enemies. But these are fundamental things. You can also use Magnetic Ascension to make yourself immune to Earth-type attacks, and Healing Block to prevent your opponent from healing. In addition, Klefki can also summon a shield of light and reflection to protect the entire team! That’s why I think Clefky is one of the best supporting Pokémon in the entire game. If you have a lot of heavy barrels and need support, this little guy may be the key to solving your problems.

4. Heliolisk

word-image-14989 Weather is a fun mechanic since it came out in black and white. Most Pokémon can fill the sweep slot with speed-enhancing abilities. Very few Pokémon can occupy multiple niches. Heliolisk enters. The Heliolisk is unique in that it has 3 capacities that allow it to respond to different types of weather. The sand veil increases the ability to dodge sandstorms. Not great, but usable. Solar power, on the other hand, is great. It increases all sun special attacks by 1.5x, at the cost of 1 health loss per round. This allows Heliolisk to take advantage of its excellent 109 special attack and speed. But the best feature of the Heliolisk is its dry skin. Not only does it heal the Pokémon every turn when it rains, but it also makes it immune to all Water-type moves. This makes Heliolisk not only a terror in the rain, but also the archenemy of every Water Pokémon in the world. Combine all of this with powerful moves like Thunder, Hyper Voice, and Surf, and you have a solid Pokémon that is much more useful than people realize.

3. Flores

word-image-14990 As I mentioned earlier, a kind of fairy has been introduced to Kalos. This was done to balance the game by making the dragon types weaker and the poison types stronger. When people think of this species, they always talk about Clefairy or Xerneas. But for me, it will always be Florges. Florges is the first fairy in the series. And he used this set to great effect. This is a special beast with a special base attack of 112 and a special base defense of 154, which is one of the best stats in the entire game. While Florges doesn’t have great offensive moves, his supporting techniques make him an incredible clerk. He can study Desire to heal himself and others, Aromatherapy to heal legal diseases, and Synthesis to heal himself again. But if you want to take a step back from actual healing, you can always turn to Toxic. Florges is a great Pokémon that has been overlooked because it was not included in Sword and Shield. And I look forward to the day she returns.

2. Diggersby

word-image-14991 I understand that Diggersby is hated by many Pokemon fans. He looks like the stereotypical construction worker with a fat belly, a dirty coat and a scream in his game that sounds like a burp. It’s disgusting. But I like it. Diggersby is a hard working man with a big heart. And that big heart leads to big power. A tremendous strength is the skill that makes Diggersby great. It doubles the attack by turning a previously weak Pokémon into something powerful. The best known Huge Power user is Azumarill, but Diggersby does better. He has a higher offense and base speed. In addition, Diggersby has the best STAB techniques: Return, Earthquake, and Rapid Attack. At first glance, you can tell that Diggersby is a worker Pokémon. It’s not as pretty as the others and it looks a little messy, but Diggersby will always work for you.

1. Slurpuff

word-image-14992 Slurpuff is literally a cotton candy man. He always has a smug smile on his face and just looks crazy! This creature is average: Attack 80 and speed 72. It can also be one of the most dangerous Pokémon you’ll encounter in battles. So the Slurpuff is perfect to use the Belly Drum. This is a reinforcement move that increases your attack to the maximum at the cost of half your HP. And then you give Slurpuff a bay to restore his HP. Eating the berry activates the Discharge skill, doubling its speed. Suddenly, you have a Pokémon with an attack of 320 and a speed of 144. It’s terrible. Although Belly Drum is Slurpuff’s bread and butter, he has also been used as a fake Pokémon lately.

That’s because he has access to Sticky Web and Yawn, which also go well with Relieve. You can see how they all work together here: Give Slurpuff Focus Sash and use Yawn on the first turn. Slurpuff gets hit, but doesn’t lose consciousness thanks to Focus Sash. Not only is Unburdening now almost a guarantee for a Sticky Web installation, but your opponent will now have to make a decision: Try to take out Slurpuff and go to sleep, or switch and risk a very fast Pokémon that also has Endeavor, a move that does more damage the lower your HP. The Slurpuff can have an innocent smile. But there’s a darkness behind it.

He has no emotions. It can only destroy. Therefore, it must be the most underrated Pokémon in Kalos of all.Last week, I ranked the top 10 Gen 6 Kanto Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise. Since then, many readers have asked me about the underdogs that didn’t make the cut. So here they are.. Read more about best kalos pokemon competitive and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest Pokemon in Kalos?

When I think of the most powerful Pokémon in Kalos, I think of the Legendary Birds. No, not those Legendary Birds. The ones lower on the totem pole. For the past couple months, I’ve been playing Pokemon X & Y. And I’ve been thinking a lot about team building, especially considering that there are 510 pokemons in these games.  I have a specific goal with this blog: to offer some insight and maybe some rankings, because as we all know, rankings are always important.

What is the best Gen 6 Pokemon?

Once again I am here to break down the most underrated Gen 6 Pokemon. Everyone knows what they think the best Gen 6 Pokemon is, but who is really the best? I will rank the Gen 6 Pokemon by the following categories: Gen 6 Pokedex order: How I would personally rank them in the Pokedex Gen 6 SMT order: How I would personally rank them in the Super Mystery Dungeon. (Playing as the lead character protagonist.) Gen 6 battling abilities: How they would fit in my current team. Gen 6 viability: What is the best position for them in the new metagame. Gen 6 usefulness: What roles can they fill? Gen 6 omissions: What are the biggest omissions to the Gen 6 has taken many by surprise: not only did it introduce a large number of “new” Pokémon (all of which have been in the series since the first generation), it’s also the first time in the series that the Kalos region has been featured in the games. With the new Kalos region comes many new features and new Pokémon to explore: the Fairy type, the ability to walk on water, the new Fairy-type moves… the list goes on.

What is the most underrated Pokemon?

It has been almost a year since the release of the Pokemon X&Y, and I was surprised to see that many people refuse to give to some of the most underrated Pokemon in the Kalos region. Now that we have reached the end of 2017, it’s time to look back at the year, and what better way to do that than by looking at the most underrated Pokemon from the Kalos region. Now, this list is not going to be based purely off of how well they did in the Kalos region. It will also take into consideration how well they did in the metagame as a whole, and how well they fit in among the other Pokemon.

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