Intelligence and bravery are qualities all heroes must possess. In the Pokémon universe, Conkeldurr is the hero. Conkeldurr being a Generation 5 Pokémon is notably known to have taught humans how to make concrete. That was about 2,000 years ago! This is what we call a Pokémon’s epitome of Intellectuality. Can you imagine learning from a Pokémon?

The sight of Conkeldurr in itself may just cause other Pokémon spewing for a fight to flee. Conkeldurr is mainly famous for its two large concrete pillars that strike fear at the heart of its rivals.

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Conkeldurr is bipedal sepia-colored fighting Pokémon. His appearance resembles that of the Hulk.

The face of Conkeldurr has an eminent brow over his large nocturnal like eyes with black-rings around them. It has a large prominent red nose and around the jaw with gray-ish tuft chin, and a pear-shaped mass protruding from the back of his head. There are thick violet cords and tendons encircled on its shoulders, chest, and partially at its thighs. It has enormous hands which it uses to carry the large concrete pillars.

In addition, Conkeldurr uses concrete pillars as walking canes…. very sensei like.

Conkeldurr’s entire torso is filled with veins. Considering all that concrete carrying and making, it is quite understandable to have these many veins. He is a fighting type Pokémon weighing 87 kgs and stands at 4 feet 7 inches.

Did you know that most Conkeldurrs are male? According to Pokestop, 75% of Conkeldurrs are male and 25% female.

Conkeldurr can create concrete at will, a technique believed was passed on to humans. Moreover, concrete created by them is known to be far more durable and sustainable even when the composition is the same as that of normal concrete.


Conkeldurr’s are mainly found at construction sites where they tend to supervise over the construction of structures.


Bravery aside, his presence would even fuel courage in other Pokémon in your possession.

As a fighting Pokémon, Conkeldurr mastered the ability to use the centrifugal force of spinning concrete to knockout his foes. To add to the trophy case, Conkeldurrs have also mastered moves that enable them to freely swing pillars in battle.

When going all out, Conkeldurr pummels his foes with his enormous iron fists. The sheer force and bravery are his most prominent abilities. In battle, they are strong against Rock, Bug, and Dark Pokémon types receiving only half the damage.


Like any other extraordinary Pokémon, it has weaknesses. Believe it or not, Conkeldurr is weak against Flying, Psychic, and Fairy Pokémon types. It will receive double the damage from their

attacks. Better keep him away from these types of Pokémon unless you want to see the last of him.


The most notable trait is that he taught humans how to make concrete. Whenever you travel through the Pokémon world, think of Conkeldurr when you see those beautiful structures.


Conkeldurr evolves from Gurdurr after trading, while Gurdurr evolved from Timburr after attaining level 25.

For players that love trading Pokémon, Conkeldurr is the Pokémon for you.



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