Did you ever think humans could become Pokémon? We have all at some point dreamed of transforming into Pokémon or living in their Universe. Drifloon beat us to that. He is a dual type ghost and flying Generation IV Pokémon that was created from the lost spirits of humans and Pokémon.

Scary, right? Ghosts are always scary. A balloon looking like Pokémon that is created from gathering of large number of spirits is frightening to say the least. Furthermore, realizing that this Pokémon steals children may bring chills down your spine.

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Drifloon resembles a balloon. He has a round purple body that is full of dead souls. At the top of his, head Drifloon has a white cloud shaped mass. His face is rather plane with doted eyes and a yellow X mark on the mouth.

The arms are like thin and weakly threads. He also has a yellow love-heart shape at hands- the irony! The neck resembles the end of a tied-up balloon.

Drifloon weighs a mere 1.2 kilograms. His balloon-like natures warrants for this weight. When standing… well hovering, he is at height of 1 foot 4 inches.

Fun fact. Did you know Pokémon express feeling too? Drifloon expresses his feelings by expanding and shrinking depending on his emotions.

Drifloon is infamously known for stealing children. Due to Drifloon’s desire for companionship, he seeks out children who may mistake him for a balloon. Whenever he leads someone, his body expands through acquiring their souls by leading them astray.

Interestingly, Drifloon explodes when the threshold souls he can collect in his body is exceeded. At this instance, his body bursts and a screeching sound emits from its soul.


Their species are majorly found near humid and damp areas. Drifloon’s can be found in large number such spaces.


Just like any Pokémon or Superhero, Drifloon has an unforgettable signature move, The FlareBoost. The hidden ability is later wielded when it evolves. With this awesome power, it can fly and move the battle ground to higher altitude where it has an even greater advantage.

According to Pokedex, Drifloon has the ability of Aftermath and Unburden. However, it is hard to reconcile the fact that such a cute balloon Pokémon species possess such dark traits. But he is made from souls of the dead, what do you expect?

Fighting, Normal and Ground types Pokémon are no match against Drifloon since he receives no damage from them. Drifloon also has the upper hand in opposition to Bug, Poison and Grass types as they inflict minimal damage to the mighty Drifloon.


Nevertheless, his undisputed abilities are phenomenal, he falls short when matched against Ghost, Dark, Rock, Electric, Ice Pokémon types. They dish out double the damage in their attacks. Better to be safe than sorry make use of alternate Pokémon when face with these types of Pokémon, as damage to Drifloon could be fatal.


When Drifloon reaches level 28 it evolves to Drifblim, whereby, its hidden ability “The FlareBoost” is utilized to its maximum potential.

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