How to complete the Ratiocination challenge in Hitman 3

If you’re a Hitman fan, you should know that the Ratiocination challenge is a game mechanic that challenges you to complete contracts in a certain way. There are three parts to the challenge, and in this guide we’ll show you how to complete them all in one go (or at least, one super long session).

Hitman 3 is a stealth-based video game developed by IO Interactiva, and published by Square Enix. The game is a follow-up to the previous games in the Hitman series (Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman: Contracts) and was released on November 22, 2012. The sequel’s main story arc focuses on the titular assassin, Agent 47, who is seeking revenge for the death of his mentor and is led by an anonymous caller to England. The game takes place in multiple locations in England, such as: Colorado (in the Alps), Moscow and the Grand Palace (both in Russia), and a Japanese hotel (in Japan).

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In order to complete the Ratiocination challenge in Hitman 3, you need to be able to take a screenshot of the statistics screen, and take a screenshot of the screenshot. But you can’t just take a screenshot of the statistics screen and take a screenshot of the screenshot. That’s against the rules. You need to be able to finish the challenge without failing first.

The Season of Lust update for Hitman 3 included a new Escalation, The Lust Assignation, as well as a few new tasks. Because of the randomized components in Escalations, these tasks are considerably more difficult than prior ones. We’ll show you how to accomplish the Ratiocination task and provide you some helpful hints in this tutorial.

What is the Ratiocination challenge, and how does it work?

After gathering three clues, players must complete The Lust Assignation as part of the Ratiocination task. This is the bare minimum of clues you’ll need to gather before Lust’s bouquet becomes accessible, and you may choose the NPC in the ballroom you think is the admirer. Normally, you may gather up to six clues to assist you identify the admirer, but this challenge makes it much more difficult.

To make things even more challenging, the position of the safes that hold the clues is randomized. Because no two runs in The Lust Assignation are same, you’ll have to adjust to the arrangement of the clues on the map each time you play the Escalation.

Step 1: Look for three hints.

Finding three clues should be simple, but the placement of the safes throughout your run will determine this. The areas closest to the ballroom are the easiest to find hints in. The majority of these may be accessed via the vents immediately outside the ballroom entrance, close to the DJ booth. Restart the task if you don’t like where the safes are placed in a run. This will reposition all of the safes. Rep this procedure until you have three safes in close proximity to the ballroom. All that’s left is for you to gather the keys and unlock them. You may also blow up safes to open them, although this obviously attracts the attention of everyone in the vicinity.

Step 2: Determine the admirer’s identity.


With three clues in hand, you should be able to figure out who Lust’s admirer is. The pictures on these hints are completely meaningless. For every run, they’re the same. The hints themselves vary from run to run, yet they all have a common motif. The first three will reveal whether or not the NPC is smoking, dancing, and what they’re drinking.

You’ll need to carefully examine everyone in the ballroom using this knowledge to determine who matches the clues you have. Observe each NPC’s routine to discover whether they light up first. After then, keep an eye on them to see whether they have a drink in their routine. If they do, and your hint fits, you’ve most likely discovered your admirer. Examine the clues for all of the information they provide. You must be certain. Something as basic as whether or not an NPC has a beard may determine whether or not they are the admirer.

Step 3: Offer Lusts bouquet to the secret admirer.


As soon as you discover your third clue, Lust’s bouquet is unlocked. You must take this and deliver it to the NPC at the ballroom who you believe is Lust’s admirer. When you’ve figured out who it is, approach them and hand them the bouquet. When you’ve done so, Lust and the admirer will dance with you, and the other NPCs will join in.

You may now either leave the Escalation or murder all of the pretenders in the chamber. You’ll finish The Great Pretenders challenge if you kill all of the pretenders.

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