Best characters in Disgaea 6

Best characters in Disgaea 6


Disgaea 6: A Promise Unforgotten is the newest entry in the Disgaea franchise, which has been around since 1999. Disgaea 6 tells the story of the sacrifice of the protagonist’s mother, which leads to the protagonist being sent to the Netherworld in order to save her life. He meets up with some familiar faces along the way, as well as new faces who will become his friends.

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Disgaea 6: A Promise Revisited is the new installment of the Disgaea series. In the game, the player controls Laharl, the son of the late Prince Laharl and Etna from the previous games. He also has a new team consisting of other characters. There are many interesting things about this game, but one of the most memorable is the character roster. Many of the new characters are extremely powerful and they can either be taken in character or be used in the game. The characters are well done and have a lot of personality. They are also very funny.

Disgaea is a fantastic series and being an avid fan of the series, it is hard to choose a favorite character. Thankfully, there is no right or wrong answer here, and the characters in Disgaea 6 are definitely unique in their own ways.

In Disgaea 6, there are a plethora of units and people to meet, each with their own distinct personalities and responsibilities. They’re sometimes well-balanced, with roles that vary during the game, while others are valued purely for their comic personalities, which is no small accomplishment given that comedy is one of the game’s main assets.

Each of the major characters brings something unique to Disgaea 6, but some of them do a greater job than others in their respective roles. The examples following are intended to rank each of these characters according to that criterion, particularly in terms of how hilarious they are.

8. Majolene

Disgaea 6

She begins as a grizzled veteran administrator of the Magimage School of Magic, but due to a misfired spell, she is quickly transformed into a youthful magical girl. The idea is amusing, and the execution may be amusing at times, but when the usual magical girl cliches take over, it can become old fast. The greatest part is the party’s response to her metamorphosis, which is that they really like it.

7. Melodia

Disgaea 6

She’s the second ally Zed acquires in the main campaign, and she’s essentially a Disney Princess turned gaming character. Her demeanor is nice and pure, and although that may grow old after a while, she remains a pretty amusing contrast to the darker and more selfish characters around her. Melodia’s twin sister, Naive, is a good match for Melodia and adds to the comedy.

6. King Misedor

Disgaea 6

As the richest person in the world, most of his humour stems from his attempts to buy his way out of any and all difficulties. What’s even better is that he’s slowly understanding that most people just tolerate him because of his enormous riches. Not to mention how effectively he works with Hero Yarmada, a minor character who is basically sponsored by Misedor.

5. Overlord Ivar

Disgaea 6

Your typical moron with a colossal ego that often sabotages him. Ivar is really skilled and strong, which is funny. However, as we see throughout the narrative, his lack of intelligence is frequently what keeps him from achieving real success. But among his many failures are a few triumphs, which, combined with his overreactions to Zed’s news and other events, make him interesting and entertaining.

4. Bieko

Disgaea 6

Normally, saccharine sweet little sister characters like Bieko would be boring and old hat, yet she manages to be really endearing. Not to mention her subsequent narrative twists, like as how she transforms into a God of Destruction herself and how this is interwoven with Cerberus’s own storyline. She’s also great at grinding Karma with the Juice Bar, so that has to count for something.

3. Cerberus

Disgaea 6

Cerberus, by far the greatest character in the game, begins as a standard sidekick with a sharp tongue and even sharper wit. He contrasts nicely with Zed, and both of them shine in these scenes. If that wasn’t enough, his demands for adoration turn out to be true, as he completely transforms into a villain in the second part of the game.

2. Zed

Disgaea 6

His personality alone stands out from the other Disgaea protagonists, and in a good way. Though he has his share of character development, Zed still retains his jerkish nature until the end. His dialogue is hysterically over-the-top and he plays well with every other character in the game. And his relationship with his adorable younger sister is surprisingly sweet to boot.

1. Piyori Nijino Disgaea 6

She begins the game as a hero in the Super Sentai tradition, but she is gradually corrupted by Zed throughout the course of the game. One of the rare instances of a character going through regressive character development in the media, and it’s done with great comic timing. And, regardless of her alignment, her energic temperament functions effectively.

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