Steam Client Beta Update Introduces Storage Manager and New Downloads Interface

Steam Client Beta Update Introduces Storage Manager and New Downloads Interface

Valve has unveiled a new update for the Steam Client Beta, which is now available on all supported operating systems, as well as Mac. The update brings a number of notable features, including the ability of users to manage their own game libraries. To do this, users can now click the Library button on the top-left corner of the Client, and view their own libraries, and even add or remove games from their libraries.

Steam Client Beta Update Introduces Storage Manager and New Downloads Interface In the Steam Client Beta Update, we introduced the Storage Manager beta feature. This feature allows you to automatically organize your games on your computer. Steam now also has a new Downloads interface that will make it easier to install new games from the Steam Web Store.

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It’s time to talk about Steam Client Beta update which introduces the new storage manager and the new downloads interface. The update is already available for the users of Steam Client Beta and can be downloaded from your Steam Client Settings.. Read more about steam beta update and let us know what you think.

Steam-Client-Beta-Update-Introduces-Storage-Manager-and-New-DownloadsImage courtesy of Valve

Valve has released a new beta update that brings some beautiful improvements to its Steam Client. They include a new downloads page, which has undergone a more aesthetically pleasing redesign that includes game art banners, a new network/disk readout, and other visual enhancements. Users will also find a new icon next to game titles that will reveal what type of content is being downloaded (e.g., DLC, workshop content, shader pre-caching), as well as a drag and drop feature that allows multiple downloads to be easily reordered. Steam’s new client beta update also introduces a new Storage Manager that provides a quick glance at every title that’s installed on a drive, with the ability to sort them based on file size or time last played. This can be accessed by visiting Settings > Downloads and hitting the Steam Library Folders button.

Steam-Client-Beta-Update-Introduces-Storage-Manager-and-New-DownloadsImage credit: Steam

Page of New Downloads

The Steam client’s downloads page has been updated with a new version.

  • A more focused and simple design with stronger CTAs (Calls to Action)
  • The game keyart/logo for whatever game is currently downloading is shown in the header.
  • Visually challenged people will benefit from a more accessible color palette.
  • When a game/update is downloaded, the overall progress achieved for the download or update will now be shown. Previously, the progress indicator only showed the progress of downloading material, not the disk allocation process, making an update seem finished when it wasn’t.
  • Any partly finished downloads/updates in the queue will now have a fading progress bar and a percent completed next to it to indicate their current status.
  • A new I symbol will appear next to the game’s title, revealing a tooltip describing the kinds of material contained in that update. Game Content, Downloadable Content, Workshop Content, and Shader Pre-caching are the different types. If the update isn’t only for game content, this symbol will show.
  • The download queue may now be reordered completely using drag and drop.
  • The context menu for the currently downloading item now contains an option to start the game after the download is finished, as well as an option to disable download throttling (if it is enabled) for the length of the download.
  • The “View News” button has been replaced with a “Patch Notes” link, which will display an overlay with the game’s most current relevant patch notes. Only games that have submitted patch notes into the new event system will see this. The link to the patch notes will only appear on updates, not on new installations.
  • The Downloads header now has a Settings icon button that opens the settings popup window straight to the Downloads section.
  • To assist clear up your downloads page, there is a “Clear all” option in the Completed area.

1627668683_39_Steam-Client-Beta-Update-Introduces-Storage-Manager-and-New-DownloadsImage credit: Steam


  • To better manage the different game material stored on your disks, the Steam library directories dialog has been updated.
  • Unless the Tools filter is chosen in the left column, game counts in different places in the UI will no longer include Tools.
  • The shelf for Recent Friend Activity has been deactivated.
  • Some problems were fixed for users whose account names were longer than the allowed length.
  • Duplicate events in the app’s detail activity feed have been fixed.

Steam is the source of this information.

For quite some time now, the Steam client has supported a feature called Steam Cloud, which allows users to store and access game files across multiple computers. However, that feature has been limited in its functionality and appeal to date. That’s about to change soon, as Valve has today announced the launch of a beta of the Steam client update that introduces some new functionality and a revamped interface for managing downloads. In addition, the update introduces a new feature called “Storage Manager”, which allows users to determine how data is stored and accessed across their computers.. Read more about how to update steam client manually and let us know what you think.

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