[2021] – Super Damage Numbers & Their Exotics. The Ultimate Guide (Resumed)

[2021] – Super Damage Numbers & Their Exotics. The Ultimate Guide (Resumed)

In this series I am going to post about all the super rare and super powerful weapons in the game, with the reasoning behind their combination of attack and rarity. I am going to start with the weapons that currently appear in the game, and try to work my way through the game’s arsenal, as well as the ones that we see in the concept art.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this guide, so I decided to give it the fresh start it deserves. I’m not going to go into the rules of the game, because for that you can just check out the thread on the official forums. Instead, I’m going to focus on the exciting part: the numbers.  Just in case you didn’t know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have a plethora of unique numbers—they’re not going to be in a set, and can be anything from one-off attacks to whole new stages..

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In this article, I’ll show you how the Supers cause havoc in this game. It’s also shocking to me that such a topic is either ignored or misrepresented in a game like Destiny.

destiny2 6 - [2021] - Super Damage Numbers & Their Exotics. The Ultimate Guide (Resumed)

Edit: The text’s format was messed up, so I’m simply correcting it now (use of italic and columns)

So, here are some of the most often asked questions:

  1. Why is Nova Bomb such a waste of time?! R: You’ll notice that that isn’t the case. Non-Exotic Super damage is the highest in the game, especially when burst. Please see the list below.
  2. a thunderclap (Cuirass) is very powerful! R: It isn’t; the damage is the same as Reaching Chaos (Geomags), but there are several drawbacks that will be addressed.
  3. What if there’s no Kali and no Sheets? Downvote! R: Kali will be addressed, and there will be no need for sheets since this is a very _overall_ and summarized discussion. Numbers are influenced by Light Levels, Content (Free-Roam, Instance), and Activity (Raid, Strikes).
  4. Everything revolves around DPS! There isn’t any damage! DOWNVOTING! R: This is an excellent one since raw-damage is extremely useful in lengthy GM monster battles, especially outside of 1-phasing raid encounters. The best result is usually used in DPS estimates, which isn’t the greatest method to evaluate efficacy. Nothing needs to be removed, unless you have Crown-Splitter, since a little DPS loss is nothing compared to consistency.
  • Carl, Lake of Shadows Boss, Morgeth, Atraks-1, and Override Bosses were the bosses utilized in this test to obtain an overall agreement.
  • Ability damage is raised for VoG Bosses, and Kali will be discussed later, along with Golden Gun, which is a Wild Card.


If you don’t want to see how things were done, yadda yadda, and just want an answer, Here’s the TL;DR version. Because the numbers would change based on the Activity/Content (Free-Roam, Strikes, or Raid), I chose the overarching objective;

  1. Thundercrash (Cuirass), Chaos Reach (Geomags), and GG each do 300k damage (Celestial)
  2. If you can acquire the 8x Orbs + Knock’Em-Down, GG (Star-Eaters) can do 500k. Even yet, it’s doubtful that this will happen in every boss battle.
  3. The cost of Nova Bomb is 200k. Slovva (Top-Tree), the game’s highest raw super damage, will deal approximately 5k more than Bottom-Tree, a very tiny difference. Depending on the content/acivity used, raw Nova Bomb may outdamage GG (Celestial).
  4. Down Chorus does 250k damage, but if a second Warlock uses it, they’ll quickly surpass 350k, and add a third and the damage will soar (didnt do the math for a third bc well I got lazy).
  5. GG (Celestial) will deliver a pitiful 175k damage against bosses with Low Crit Buff. This occurs because various opponent kinds have varying multipliers, such as 1.2, 1.5, or even 2x (Kali, for example), depending on the content, and there’s also the Ability Damage Taken, which, if it’s not so high, well… If that’s the case, you’d be better off dropping Celestial. Bungie may investigate this since it makes Celestial deliver less damage than Nova Bomb.


People tend to forget that damage doesn’t pop and will utilize this to vent their frustrations about Thundercrash (Cuirass) or the fact that their Nova Bomb doesn’t deal 999.9k damage. So, here are the advantages and disadvantages.

  • THUNDERCRASH: Let’s be honest, Subclass is Ass. A 20 percent damage boost + reload when sliding on Ammo Bricks is one of the few saving graces, but that’s about it. The PvE grenades are OK (though I wish Flashbangs behaved more like GL’s Blinding Grenades), but apart from the Super, there’s no compelling reason to utilize this subclass. It may take up to 5 seconds for the Super to reach the target and then reposition, which is something that many people overlook (travel time + getting back to a safe position). “B-But the Overshield!” You know, The Architects* would want to speak with you about that. The Overshield is fantastic, but stomp mechanisms exist, and when you factor in the strange physics that certain enemies may hurl at you, it’s really just a way for the Titan to get out of there as quickly as possible.
  • GOLDEN GUN: As I previously mentioned, Golden Gun has the following issues: Different enemy headshot damage will determine whether you do 300k or 175k (Celestial), as well as the possibility of being missed (just aim for the head, bro). However, Star-Eater exists, and although you must avoid missing three times in a row, each successful headshot grants your teammates two Large Orbs of Power, for a total of six. This is really fantastic. 5x Orbs will allow you to outdamage Celestial with Star-Eaters. The Subclass is also very nice; unfortunately, Hunter Grenades aren’t particularly effective in PvE, but having a built-in method to earn your Super for simply hitting crits and a damage boost for headshot finishing strikes is a great addition.
  • NOVA BOMB: I really like talking about Nova Bomb. To begin with, it contains some of the best grenades in the game; Vortex, for example, can be spammed with the help of an exotic and deals a lot of damage. If your charged melee receives a last blow, you may reclaim your grenade, and, of course, the Super is the game’s highest and most consistent damage super sans exotics. (Because GG is a Wild Card, I included the consistent portion.) The bottom subclass is also fantastic, offering one of the greatest Neutral-Game playstyles, Devour is incredible, and Super damage is reasonable, but Top remains my favorite. Nova Bomb, contrary to common perception, is not worthless. The Subclass has a fantastic Kit on its own. So what if the huge 300k daddies do 90k less damage? You don’t need an exotic to accomplish it; they do.
  • CHAOS REACH: This is a great one since it’s brought up by someone “Burst of Thundercrash! BETTER*!* DPS! “.. Chaos Reach may be utilized from a long distance, takes 7.2 seconds to fully cast (with Geomags), and is the quickest Super in any content. Ionic Traces provide Super energy and you don’t even need to aid the kills to receive it, and running will give you full Super energy in seconds with Geomags when the super is near 80%. In comparison to a 7s Kamehameha that delivers the same damage, Thundercrash must travel and reposition. The subclass is also good, but Grenades might be better. Only when it comes to extremely bursty battles, such as Atraks-1, is there an issue, but that’s about it. GM Bosses and LS Bosses are two different types of bosses. It’s a significant amount of damage, at a safe position, and easy to get with a good subclass. What more could you possibly want?

That’s about it; if any of you observe blueberries doing damage with roaming supers, they’ll contribute a total of 40k dps, but that’s all.

Regards, GG (Star-Eater, Bottom-Tree) Thundercrash (Cuirass) Chaos Reach (Geomags) Chorus of the Dawn (Bottom-Tree Daybreak) Gun of the Golden Age (Bottom-Tree) Nova Bomb is a kind of nuclear weapon (No-Exotic)
500k 310k 300k 250k 300,000 (Or 175k) 210k


Original source: link

  • For beta, the HP/damage values are as follows:Hello, I’m presently putting certain HP statistics through their paces for the beta. Just started a private match, shot an opponent with a pistol, and checked the damage done in the scoring panel. Legend: Clanrat has a power output of 56 hp. 112 health Stormvermin 46 hp Fanatic 88 hp Marauder Clanrat – 70… Cata (looks like legend + 25% ):
  • [MHW] Some study about the amounts of orange/gray damagetl;dr if you’re gunner, you get Orange damage numbers if the target hitzone is equal to or greater than 45. If you’re a blademaster, you’ll get orange damage numbers if (Hitzone value)*(Sharpness modifier)>=45. If you don’t fulfill these, you get gray damage numbers instead. So, huh, I guess I can’t be the only one that’s…
  • Damage Numbers/Health Bars are two new mods.I’m writing this here since the moderators seem to really read this subreddit, as opposed to the forums, which appear to get very few (or no) replies. The new mod approvals are fantastic (although slowly), but I couldn’t help but notice the following wording hidden in the most recent post: A few minor changes…

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