Chivalry 2 impressions: A head-bashing good time

Well, as promised, Chivalry 2 for the PC has arrived, and I’ve been busy playing it. There’s some  good and bad to be said, but nothing that will make Chivalry 2 bad/unique enough to put the ‘disappointing’ tag on it. It’s a fairly disappointing game, but at least it’s a unique one. Let’s go through what the game has to offer, shall we?

Chivalry 2 is the sequel to the popular Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a game with success running through the veins of the studio that made it as the very first person shooter with an emphasis on melee combat. It is known for being a tough game to play as you have to learn how to fight against enemies, as well as for being a game that is about memorizing every little detail in order to have an advantage over your opponents. However, Chivalry 2 also has a story that is based on a medieval romance that is set to tell you how the conflict between the player and his or her enemies began.

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Medieval fighting games are rare and widespread. It is a rapidly growing genre that is constantly and constantly evolving. Chivalry originally put the genre on the map, but Mordhau managed to capitalize on it. With Chivalry 2, the studio Torn Banner takes the crown by making a medieval fighting game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but is still a lot of fun. Chivalry 2 is essentially divided into two game modes: Objective and Team Deathmatch. The latter takes place entirely in various small arenas, perfect for getting familiar with the battles in Chivalry 2. The game works like many other medieval fighting games: you control your character’s legs with the arrow keys or the left joystick and hips with the mouse or the right joystick. All weapons are heavy, and you feel their weight with each powerful blow.

They can also air attack, stab, parry, counterattack, cut or kick, which seems very difficult at first. However, it doesn’t take long to become familiar with Chivalry 2’s rock-paper-scissors-like combat system. It’s incredibly easy to master, and once you figure out how to attack someone, it’s much more fun to experiment with the different classes and weapons in the game. Each class has its own types of weapons, its own weapons and items, and the weapons themselves have their own stats that indicate which enemies they best decapitate.


Some of these stats are useless, and I ignored them for most of my playing time. No matter who I stood against, the battle axe always cut through groups with ease, and large, heavy clubs always left bloody marks in my armor. In Chivalry 2 all your knowledge and skills are put to the test. These large-scale, 64-player games offer attacking teams many challenges, from destroying a castle gate to freeing prisoners to burning down a village. Of course, the partisans must nip this in the bud. These are the games you’ll enjoy most in Chivalry 2. Since I’ve been in the game, I’ve seen players crushed under chandeliers and a man killed by a chicken. If you’re feeling wild, you can decapitate one person and use their head to kill another.

All of this is a long way of saying that Chivalry 2, while it seems gory and serious, doesn’t have to be at all. The game can become whatever you make of it, whether it’s a robust medieval combat simulator or something lighter and more fun. In return, players can even customize their characters with extreme and silly characters. They seem like God incarnate, and listening to them dominate a defeated enemy is worth more than a smile. Unfortunately, some of the maps where the events take place are not designed to give every team a good fighting chance. On some maps, the defenders look incredibly close to the goals they are defending. Others have the opposite problem and give their strikers more than enough space to score their goals. Each map has at least one stage with challenges like these that can make for an exciting game.

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Despite these problems, Chivalry 2 remains an exceptional game in the medieval fighting genre. Starting a match at Roodhelm headquarters and watching the two teams battle it out with battle cries and spinning limbs and weapons is fun and exciting every time. With a fun, open-ended design that doesn’t make the game difficult or unpleasant to master, Chivalry 2 sets a high standard for its genre.

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