The Sims 4: Best Half-Up, Half-Down Hair CC

Best Half-Up, Half-Down Hair CC –

Hair is something many of us consider important. Some people spend hours, even days, considering which hairstyle their hair would best go with, or what color would suit them. The truth is, we can do things to our hair that would make it look amazing, and to others it might look terrible! However, one thing we can all agree on is that hair is our crowning glory, and thus, we want to take good care of it. The best way to do this is by getting the right hairstyle. In this article, we will discuss the best half-up, half-down hairstyles for men.

As you’ve surely noticed, Half-Up, Half-Down (HUHD) hairstyles have become all the rage in the last year or so. In fact, the trend has been so popular that there are now three different kinds of hairspray for HUHD ( aerosol, hairspray-gel and hairspray-you’re-in-a-hurry ). But if you’re looking for the best of the bunch, you might want to try out this new product from CC. How does it work? Well, the hairspray in question is actually a gel, which you apply to your hair and then brush through to create a loose, layered pompadour.

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Relax, lean back, and let your hair down. Or not. It’s up to you. Better yet, why choose at all? Half on, half off hairstyles offer the best of both worlds: You can use any hair length, and the elegant hairstyle keeps your hair away from your face. Fashionable and practical? Sign me up. If your sim is in the same frame of mind, you’ll love this CC Haul.

15. Naadia’s hair


.Island Living regulars will recognize Naadiya’s haircut from QuirkyIntrovertCC as a remix of one of the many hairstyles available in the game. This hairstyle retains the beautiful criss-cross pattern, but is now transformed into a voluminous, wavy ponytail that blends in with the rest of the flowing locks. Both teens and seniors can wear this style, and it comes in two versions: with and without bangs. And although it’s an Island Living hairstyle, you only need a basic set to use it.

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14. Sweet Apple Hair


Nightcrawler’s soft apple-colored hair evokes two words in me: Ariana Grande. The singer’s signature high ponytail and curly bangs have become one of the most recognizable hairstyles of the past decade. And this hairstyle is only slightly different because it’s only half bangs. But it will be just as great on your Sims. Alpha CC fans will love the high-quality texture and the 36 shades to choose from. It’s also cap-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about barrettes with this hairstyle! If you want to combine this hairstyle with other Ariana-themed hairstyles, also check here.

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13. On the hair of the moon


Some of my favorite styles with a half pinned and half tucked head are for formal occasions. Think proms, weddings and fancy dinners. Sonyasim’s On the Moon haircut is the perfect hairstyle for these occasions. Her hair was done up in a neat ponytail, decorated with pearls in the front and loose bangs in the back. The wide range of options makes this model an impressive find: It can be worn by both children and the elderly, is of high quality and has over 90 designs. It’s also one of the few shoulder-length hairstyles on this list, so keep an eye out for it if practical hairstyles are your thing.

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12. Silver hair


The 90s are back in full force, thanks to this incredible haircut by EnriqueSims. This sporty hairstyle features side bangs and a high ponytail, and the full length is perfect for active Sims who are often on the go. This style is suitable for all ages, so it can be worn by teenagers and seniors alike. 18 colors, Maxis compatibility and compatibility with the base set: your CC folder will be a little richer with this set. We also have a good list of 90’s CCs if that’s the type of construction you’re looking for.

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11. Julie Hare


You liked Naadia’s haircut but not the headband? Julie Hair CC by Vikai is the alternative you have been looking for. This is the same hairstyle as Island Living, but in this case the silver ribbons are gone and replaced with a braided bow. For those who want a completely natural look, this hairstyle works a little better than a tie. Again, there are several options: Only one basic game, suitable for young and old, and 18 color variants are needed.

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10. Stacy Hair


Braid and bangs = winning combination. Gravitycc creator Stacey’s hair gets better and better the more you look at it: A long fringe with a middle parting, loose waves and an extra long tail braid in the back. It has a high-quality texture and you’ll find 26 color swatches for a wide variety of options. There’s nothing like that in the game right now. So if you like hairstyles that are radically different from the usual EA offerings, you need to expand your collection.

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9. Elena Volos


Cute and casual, this Elena hair of Saurus is a bit different from the other high hairstyles shown so far. Instead of a bun, gather the hair into a loose bun at the base of the head and leave the rest of the hair loose. And it looks great. It is exactly compatible with Maxis-Match and has 18 colors. I can imagine my teen and young adult sims setting it up before they go to school or to a part-time job. I also love that it goes with hats, as it goes perfectly with a baseball cap or a winter hat!

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8. Kira Hair


Where do I begin to say how great this style is? For example, Kira’s hairstyle from Aharris00britney is a half bun. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Also:

  • Two French braids that turn into a bun.
  • Part your hair in the middle, with bangs in the front (but there’s also an option without bangs if that’s your style).
  • With a gradient in shadow style (with more than 20 color fields)
  • It’s super cute.

A word about the shadow: You’ll find it in the accessories section, don’t forget!

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7. Ivy hair


Another QuirkyIntrovertCC creation, as Ivy’s hairstyle bears some similarities to Kira’s. Or rather, they split into two braided buns. But the biggest difference is that this is her shoulder length and monochrome. So don’t worry about the ombré accessory! You can also use hats in this game, and it is also suitable for maxis match and basic game.

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6. Coiffure Tiffany


The aforementioned Money haircut gave us the 90s. But this Tiffany hairstyle takes us back to the fun 60s with this high hairstyle. This is the second entry for LeahLillith in our list. And for this hairstyle, we took the usual side bangs + high ponytail and gave it a retro style by flipping the ends. The color possibilities seem endless, with over 50 color swatches, many of which are two-tone and shaded. And your Sims can even wear hats in this style.

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5. Shera Coco Hair


Because in The Sims 4, there are never enough braids! This Shera Coco Hair from BaddieSims gives the popular style of half up, half down braids. The top part of the hairstyle is styled in a loose lock, while the bottom part usually hangs loosely. Although some of them are removed in the form of a loop. There are ten designs in total, and I recommend this one not only because variety is important in our game, but also because the attention to detail around the hairline is impeccable.

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4. Countess hair


Half rooted, half standing, perfectly fine. Countess Hair by Wondercarlotta combines the best features of two unique hairstyles into one beautiful hairstyle. Soft parting braids work well with thick, straight hair. It comes in EA’s standard colors, is compatible with the base game, and is thankfully compatible with Maxis and hats as well. I already have this game, and I can tell you it looks very good. Visit Wondercarlotta’s Tumblr and give it a try!

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3. Elisabeth Hair


Historic Simmers fans, I’ve found an absolute gem of a hairstyle for you (if you don’t already have one). This hairstyle of Elizabeth by Natalia-Auditore has loose layers that come together in a neat bun, while the rest hangs in super long rings. This is probably one of the most beautiful loops we have ever seen (and we have seen many variations of it!). It transforms your Regency era simulation into the Belle du Bal while remaining compatible with Maxis games and matching your other period CCs. Click above to go to Natalia-Auditore’s Patreon and get it for free.

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2. Lyra Hair


Anto’s Lyra haircut maintains the silhouette of a straight, sleek hairstyle and lifts just enough hair to create a charming little lock. What makes it shine (literally!) is the high-quality texture and wide range of colors: 60 in total. Not to mention a few neon/non-traditional shades that really stand out. If oversized ponytails and buns aren’t your thing, this hairstyle is perfect.

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1. Hair patience


All lovers of super long ponytails and buns need not hold back just yet. We’ll take care of you too. LiLillith’s hair of patience is enormous. There’s no other way to put it. Of course, there’s a nice little explosion on the side. But the star of this hair show is a metre-high ponytail that turns into waist-length wavy hair. There are monochrome and shaded options, both available in over 50 colors. Celebrities, models and other fashionista sims need that hair!

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