RAID: Shadow Legends – How To Get Champions (Every Way)

When the recently-released expansion Shadow Legends dropped, a Reddit user discovered that some of the new Raid team champions weren’t available for purchase in the shop. His solution was simple: farm enough champions to craft all of them. It’s a cool idea, and one that many players will probably want to try.

Before you start playing, you’ll need to make sure that your friends are on the server and your account information is up to date. Once the game is up and running, each player will be able to easily join a game server by typing “/join gameServerName” into the chat window. Once joined, you’ll be able to select the server type from the server list and join. If you want to play with your friends, you can invite each of them to the server by typing “/invite players” into the chat window.

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Meeting of champions on RAID: Shadow legends are very important because you need to build a strong team that can get you through tough battles. Each champion has one of 5 rarity levels: ordinary, unusual, rare, epic and legendary, with ordinary being the worst and legendary the best. All champions also belong to the same faction, have one of the 4 affinities and have the role of attack, defense, HP or defense. The game features hundreds of unique champions to collect, each with skills tailored to different scenarios. The main way to become champions on RAID: Shadow Legends can be obtained via summons, merges, fragments, events, campaign drops, and market drops – more information on each of these methods, as well as all other ways to obtain Champions in RAID : Shadow Legends below.


You’ll get the most champions during your journey in RAID: Legends of Shadows will be published after the project. The convocation takes place in the portal located in the City of Play. If you use the summon feature, you get a random champion in exchange for a shard and some silver coins. The summon rate, or the chance of getting champions of a particular rarity, is determined by the type of shard you use. From time to time, events occur in the game that temporarily increase the recruitment rate. Below is a list of all the shards in the game, their cost in money and the rarity of the champions you can summon with these shards.

  • The mysterious shard: The cost is 500 euros. Summon a common, unusual or rare champion.
  • Antique shard: The cost is 20,000 silver. Summon a rare, epic or legendary champion.
  • Shard of Void: The cost is 20,000 silver. Summon a rare, epic, or legendary Void Champion.
  • The sacred shard: Costs 100,000 silver. Summon an epic or legendary champion.

Arcane Shards are the least valuable in the game, as they offer the lowest summon rates. Therefore, secret shards are also the easiest kind to obtain. Also the holy shard, the most valuable in the game because it offers the best summoning rates, is much harder to obtain. See our guide to getting shards in RAID for all the ways to get each type of shard: Legends of the shadows. The table below shows the summoning rate of each shard type and thus the rarity they can summon. Since most of your champions, including epics and legendaries, will be summoned, we recommend you actively work on getting Elder Shards, Void, and Holy. With Sacred Shards in particular, you often have to complete certain tasks for several days in a row before you get one of them.


Merging is a function of RAID: Shadow Legends, which allows you to merge certain champions with another, stronger champion. You can access the merge function by going to the city portal and then selecting the Merge tab on the right. In the Alloy tab you can see the different champions you can merge. Some champions are available until you merge them, while others are timed, meaning you must merge them before the event ends. If the champion is a merge, you can see to the right of the champion icon how much time is left when you selected the champion to merge. If no timer is shown next to the champion icon, like Relickeeper and Rhazin Scarhide, then there is no time limit on the merge.

How to perform a champion merge into a RAID array : Shadow Legends, you must collect all the champions needed for this merge and bring them up to the required level, rank and grade. The exact requirements for merging a champion can be viewed in the portal by clicking on it. Below the target champion to be merged, you will see each champion required for the merge.

Sometimes you can even merge the champions you need to merge the final chosen champion. If you z. B. Rhazin Scarhide, a legendary champion, you need Lich, Erinyes, Bloodfeather and Torturehelm, all of whom are epic champions. This matchup also allows you to combine any of these four epic champions with four rare champions. Lich can be combined with Magus, Marked, Rocktooth and Penitent for example. However, you don’t have to merge each of the four champions to merge the last one if you can get them another way. But it’s often easier to put the four together for the final version. Similarly, if you find a champion you want to use, but who is not the final champion, for example. B. Leach, just use the merge function to get him out of the four rare champions.


There is a third way to obtain champions in the game, the fragment summoning tab in the city portal. In the Fragments Recall tab, you can swap the fragments of a champion for the champion the fragments refer to. There are still many different champions that can be summoned with frags. Some are timed though, meaning you only have a certain amount of time to collect and use fragments for certain champions. Other champions, such as. B. fusion, staying until you call on them once, or even staying so you can call on them again and again.

Champion fragments can be obtained through various actions, including the Doom Tower and events. To find out how to retrieve clippings for a particular champion, click on the information icon next to his name when he is selected in the Clipping Retrieval tab. It is not always possible to obtain fragments of a champion. Champions who can only summon fragments for a short time are usually part of an event, meaning you can get their fragments by completing many different quests. So stay tuned for current events and details, because you could be in the hands of some mighty champions.

land drops

You can get champions in a RAID array: Legends of Shadows is possible by completing the levels of the campaign. In each chapter of the campaign, you’ll see different items that have a small chance of being dropped when you pass a section in that chapter. Each chapter has a different set of champions that you can get at the drop of a hat. They are all unusual, common or rare champions. You can’t take epic or legendary champions out of the campaign repository. In our test, we got six new champions by completing three chapters and a few steps in the fourth chapter. In our experience, you can get about two new champions per chapter just by dropping objects.

While you probably won’t use the champions you get as stage rewards, they are still valuable because you can use them as fodder to upgrade other champions. Additionally, you can get some of the champions needed to merge champions during the campaign stages, making it an easy way to get them. The champions you can achieve in the stages of this chapter do not change according to the difficulty level you choose: normal, hard or brutal.


The market offers a wide range of items that you can buy in exchange for money. Once you’ve unlocked all of the buying slots in the market, you can buy a total of 12 items at each reset. The market automatically resets one hour after the check, but you can also reset it yourself with gems. Champions are one of the many items you can buy at the market. There are usually several champions for sale, most of which are common and some of which are rare. Ordinary champions cost about 10,000 silver and unusual champions about 50,000 silver.

These champions will probably not be used in battle, but they are an excellent source of food. If you haven’t unlocked all the slots for purchases in the Marketplace yet, we recommend doing so after unlocking and upgrading the gem mine if you plan on playing for a long time. For more information, see our guide on how to best spend your gems in RAID: Legends of the shadows.

Events and tournaments

RAID: Shadow Legends always has at least one event or tournament going on. In games or tournaments you often have to score points by completing various tasks. At the time of writing, for example, we have Summoning Rush and Artifact Enhancement tournaments, as well as Classic Arena Takedown, Spider and Champion Training tournaments. In all these cases, you earn points by completing tasks related to the event or tournament. In the Artifact Upgrade event you earn points by upgrading artifacts, and in the Spider Tournament you earn points by acquiring spider accessories.

The rewards for these events and tournaments include many useful items such as energy and gems, but also often champions. And even if an event or tournament doesn’t offer champions as rewards, you can usually get shards that you can use to summon champions. We cannot guarantee that the event will go ahead at the time you read this or get champions. We encourage you to check the Events and Tournaments tabs on the right side of the city screen to see what is currently available.


Missions help you through the game without running out of important materials and upgrades, and reward you with useful items. When you complete a mission in the game, you will receive a so-called Mission Milestone. At the bottom of the mission window you can see how many stage points you still need to collect to unlock the reward for the next stage of the mission. Rewards for completing missions are valuable items such as gems, holy shards and legendary champions. The only champions you can get directly as a reward for completing all missions are the legendary champions, and these are quite difficult to get as they require a lot of points to complete all missions.

Missions are getting harder to complete, so it will be difficult to get the required number of points to complete missions if you are still early in the game. You can obtain the legendary champion Arbiter by completing a total of 296 missions, and the second legendary champion Ramantha Drakesblood by completing a total of 479 missions. If you’re specifically looking for legendary champions, check out our guide on how to get legendary champions. Even if you feel like you’re still a long way from the two legendary champions in terms of the number of missions completed, we encourage you to keep doing them because they will help you progress faster and eventually lead you to them.

Star Award

Each time you complete a level in a campaign or in Faction War for the first time, you’ll receive a rating of one to three stars. This number of stars is added to your total number of stars, and by collecting a certain number of stars, you unlock various rewards. The final reward you can get in Faction Wars after collecting 819 stars is the legendary champion, Lydia the Death Killer. However, you’ll have to play the game for a very long time before you get the chance to collect that many stars in Faction Wars. New players should focus on collecting stars in the campaign and faction warfare to earn shard rewards, which are awarded much earlier. Don’t forget to read our guide to getting stars, because you need as many as you can get.

Daily admission charge

Every day, you connect to the RAID: Shadow Legends allows you to claim a reward for playing the game. You don’t have to log in every day to keep receiving rewards. Each new day you log in, you can get a reward for the day you achieved. If you z. For example, if you logged in and got a reward for four consecutive days, and then didn’t log in for two weeks, you might get a reward for the fifth day next time. The more days you collect, the more rewards you get. Every 30 days there is a champion who rewards participation. From day 271, the rewards for the 30-day cycle remain the same, and the reward for the 30th day will be a sacred shard. Be sure to collect the daily rewards, as all of these champions have an epic or legendary rarity. If you’re really committed to the game, we recommend you open the game and get the daily rewards even if you don’t plan to play that day.

Rewards for new players

The new player reward system gives new players 14 days of extra rewards. These rewards are artifacts and two epic champions on days 7 and 14. As with the daily participation bonuses, it is not necessary to claim the bonuses every day to continue receiving new players. You can claim on the day you replay the game. The first epic champion you get as a reward for new players is the shaman on day 7. The second epic champion was Jizoh on day 14. Once you open the game, a pop-up window will appear where you can get rewards for new players, but you can also access it from the menu button on the left side of the screen. Here you will learn how to become a RAID master: Legends of the shadows! Do you know another way to get champions into the game? Let us know in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get more champions in raid shadow legends?

While the game itself is quite fun, raiders will always find a way to get more champions. There are many ways to do this, and it all depends on your play style. If you’re a solo player, then you will need to help others get more champions by trading/sharing champions. If you’re a duo, then you can help your team get more champions by completing quests or the map’s main story. If you’re part of a guild, then you may want to go for group events. And if you’re part of a team, then you will want to work with others to get more champions. So you’ve been playing Shadow Legends, a game where you pick a champion from a bunch of characters and battle against other players? It’s fun and all, but it doesn’t have the same depth as the League of Legends, does it? Not to worry, cowded is here to help. With a little effort and some time spent on the game, you can get the champions you want in the game’s raid mode.

How many champions can you have in raid shadow legends?

Raid: Shadow Legends is a new game in the Raid series by Eidos Montreal, who make the Deus Ex series of games. It’s an MMO game that has you playing as a hero who is trying to save the world from an evil force. This article will show you how to get a champion in the game and what it takes to get them. If you want to learn more about how to get started or the game itself, check out the link below. Raid: Shadow legends is a new action role playing game that was released on the Xbox One on March 13, 2017. The game was developed by vg-studios, the same people who previously worked on the highly acclaimed game Diablo 3. The game is considered to be part of the loot grind game genre, since you will need to go through a specific amount of loot before you are able to get the champions you want.

How do you get 6 star heroes in raid shadow legends?

As the story goes, the game has been out for a while, but it’s only recently that players seem to be getting good at it. And something about it just seems to trigger those all-important “6-star” heroes. Raiding is a growing trend now, but if you’re new to the genre, it can be overwhelming to say the least. For some people, the game of “raid shadow legends” is about the rush of getting 6 Star Champions in one go, and for others, it’s about beating the game to get all the Champions. This is normally easy to do as you can get from 3 to 4 Star Champions in each raid, but if you want to get all 6 Star Champions, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and energy to play the game. I want to give you 4 tips on how to do this.

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