Biomutant Vehicles Guide – Vehicle Types, How to Get All Vehicles

Biomutant Vehicles Guide – Vehicle Types, How to Get All Vehicles

In Biomutant, you can travel around the in-game map using the vehicles you acquire. The different types of vehicles have different effects and suits different playing styles.

The Biomutant vehicles guide is probably the most comprehensive guide on the internet about all the vehicles in the game. It also covers every vehicle type, where to find them, how to get them and how to upgrade them. Furthermore, you will also find the vehicle types, their pros and cons and how to use them.

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This guide is a quick rundown on the Biomutant vehicles. The vehicles in Biomutant are a big part of the game. From the moment you gain control of your character, you can call the vehicles to your location and it will either land close by or drop you off on one of the vehicle’s platforms. In this Guide, we’ll be going through the many different vehicles of Biomutant.

This guide to biomutant vehicles will show you all the types of vehicles in the game, how to use them and most importantly, how to get them. There are several vehicles in the game, some of which are so important that you can use them to get to inaccessible places and some of which are necessary to defeat certain bosses that the game throws at you. Once you have unlocked a vehicle, you can access it at any time and use it for any type of transportation. This can be done via the transport wheel menu by calling up all available vehicles.


Biomutant vehicle manual

Below we have listed all the vehicles in the game and how you can unlock them.


  • How to unlock: Mecton can be unlocked by talking to Gizmo and completing Gizmo’s main quest in the story.

The Mekton is a mechanical vehicle that allows you to safely travel through dangerous areas, such as the dead zone biome. It is also necessary to defeat one of the end bosses of the game, Jumbo Puff. But if you want to use a mekton, you can only make it appear in the dead zone biome. Mekton is equipped with ranged weapons that do a lot of damage to targets and also give you the ability to remove barriers and obstacles in your path. He also has a melee Kannon, which allows him to attack enemies in close combat. As far as upgrades go, Mecton’s appearance is the only thing that can be changed or improved.


  • How to unlock: Complete Goop’s main quest in the story.

Googlide is a boat that allows you to move around on the water, especially in the Surfipel area. In this area, you need the Guglade ship to get the Pri-Murgel sword, which is the best weapon in the game. Googlide is equipped with additional mechanics, starting with a turbo that increases your speed and a grappling hook that allows you to remove objects that may block your path. The Googlide can be equipped with an engine that increases its speed and allows it to sail in deeper water.


  • How to unlock: Complete Weez’s main quest in the story.

This is an interesting vehicle that not only allows you to move around on the ground, but is also equipped with two attacks that allow you to fight enemies. Moreover, you can call up this vehicle at any time during the game. Mekanofingro has Finger Strike, which allows you to use the vehicle’s fingers to attack your enemies at close range in combat, and Finger Gun for a distance attack with your fingers. The Mecanofingro cannot be upgraded.

Pee-wee Gargantua

  • How to unlock: Talk to Gill to complete the quest Gill’s side of the story.

This is another specialized vehicle that can travel over most types of polluted water. Sometimes you can get stuck in a place where your googlide can’t guide you. This is where Pee Wee Gargantua comes in handy. This vehicle does not have an upgrade option, which means you cannot upgrade the Pee-Wee Gargantua.


  • How to unlock:  Talk to Pebble and complete Pebble’s side mission.

With this glider you can cover long distances, especially if you want to visit the biomes Knopstoni and Fnaquilifs. This glider is interesting because you can use distance attacks while flying, so you can hit enemies below you. Batnam-Nam does not allow you to fly from the ground, it can only be activated by jumping off the ground and using it to glide, slowing down your landing. This glider cannot be upgraded, as the game does not offer an upgrade option.


  • How to unlock: Complete the Lobo side quest after a conversation with Lobo.

You can fly this vehicle, especially if you are in the Kluppi Dunes, where you can summon this vehicle. When using this vehicle, you can press the escape button to release the controls and enter the ship. This vehicle cannot be upgraded.


  • How to unlock: Complete the Weese main quest.

Octopod is an underwater vehicle that allows you to dive and navigate underwater. This vehicle can only be used in battle with Murk Pif. Thanks to the torpedo launcher installed in it, it can be used in combat. He also shows skill with his throwing mechanism, which allows him to dodge enemy attacks. This is another vehicle that cannot be upgraded in game. Read other guides to biomutants: So much for our guide to biomutant vehicles. Post your comments below.The cars or bikes you can use for transportation are a great boon in the world of Biomutant. One of the ways you can make your character stronger is to find the vehicle that is best for you. There are several types of vehicles you can get, and each of them can be upgraded to make them stronger. The vehicles in Biomutant are also there for you to look good. There are several skins you can get for them as you go through the game, and it is well worth it to get them because they are not that hard to get to and they can help you get around the world of Biomutant much faster than on foot.. Read more about cyberpunk car list and let us know what you think.

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