Destiny 2 – Best Way to Get Season 13 Umbral Engrams

Not every player in Destiny 2 is excited for Season 13. The reason? The Eververse is the only way to get the new armor and weapons introduced in the latest Destiny 2 expansion. While it’s nowhere near the worst way to go about getting new gear in-game, it does mean Bungie is once again going to rely on the microtransaction store to make its money.

If you are wondering how to get nova tokens in Destiny 2, you’re not the only one. Season 13 of Destiny 2 is upon us, which means the end of the game’s current Iron Banner event, and the beginning of a new Age of Triumph record book. The most exciting part of the Age of Triumph was the return of the Iron Banner last year, which brought about a new game mode and the introduction of the Nova Token.

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It’s the end of the first month of season 13 in Destiny 2, and it’s time to get those Season 13 Umbral Engrams. The easiest way to get those is by playing the weekly flashpoint mission, which grants you an engram for completing it on any difficulty, but we recommend doing it on the heroic difficulty for the best rewards.


Season of the Chosen Umbral Engrams first appeared in Season 13 of the Season of the Chosen and are created in H.E.L.M. to provide players with Season of the Chosen gear. Even though the season of the Chosen is over, players can still use their proof hammer to collect charges to turn shadow engrams into the targeted shadow engrams of season 13. In a season of Chosen, engrams can include certain weapon types, equipment groups, and focuses that give higher values for certain stats. Also read all of our Destiny 2 guides here:

How do I get the umbral engrams for the Season of the Chosen?


Season of the Chosen’s Umbral Engrams can be obtained from the Prismatic Revenant, which requires spending both Umbral Engrams and Legendary Shards and/or Hammer Charges. The hammer loads are obtained using the proof hammer and are consumed according to the amount required for prismatic remelting. For a more detailed guide on obtaining hammer charges, check out our Destiny 2 guide on using the Proof Hammer.

Concentration levels

Creating a concentrated umbral engram allows the player to choose one of the following options from three different levels.

Level I

  • Weapons of the World (legendary weapons from different activities and directions)
  • World Armor (legendary armor from different activities and objectives)
  • Tools of the Chosen (armor or weapons of the season of the Chosen)
  • Selected weapon Season
  • The insignia of the chosen one. (Season of the Chosen One’s armor)

Level II

  • Range and kill (season of the chosen bow or sniper rifle).
  • Close and deadly (selected submachine gun or submachine gun season)
  • Explosion and detonation (selected season for the rocket launcher or linear thermonuclear gun)
  • Season Selected Slam
  • Selected glove (selected glove season)
  • The chosen breastplate (season of the chosen breastplate)
  • Selected Foot Armor Season
  • Class Armor of the Chosen (contains one season of Chosen class armor for your class)

Level III

  • Far Flung Fatality (bow or sniper rifle from the chosen season with a bonus of your choice)
  • Near-Death Experience (Learning Season Selected with the Pistol or Sider Perk)
  • Selected destruction (rocket launcher or linear thermonuclear rifle with per from season 13).
  • Selected mobility (Selected armament season with high mobility role)
  • Persistence of a Chosen (season of armor of a Chosen with high persistence)
  • Chosen’s Discipline (season of the Chosen armor, which has a high Discipline role)
  • Chosen Intelligence. (High Intelligence Armor of the Chosen Season)
  • Selected Power (Season 13 High Power)
  • Recovery selected (Armor season selected with high recovery function)


Players who want to assemble Season of the Chosen gear can easily do so with the Prismatic Reworker. Some people find it easier to collect hammer charges, and they can use this to their advantage to create powerful gear with increased stats from Season of the Fallen. Upgrading your evidence hammer can make it easier to collect charges, and also to get the shadow shards from season 13.The best way to collect Season 13 Umbral Engrams is to play the new Gambit mode. Unlike the Leviathan Raid or Nightfall Strikes, this activity is a cooperative battle against a computer-controlled boss, and you can take three other members of your Fireteam along for the ride. (That’s right; you can now have four players in a Fireteam, so long as they’re all in the same space.). Read more about how to open umbral engrams destiny 2 season 13 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get umbral engrams season 13?

With the launch of the latest Destiny 2 DLC, there are plenty of new ways to earn Bright Engrams, including the new strike and raid. But, even if you’re devoted to the game and can afford the new premium subscriptions, you might be finding it difficult to get enough engrams to level up your current characters.  To help, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective ways for you to earn the new season 13 umbral engrams. Are you a big Destiny 2 player on your way to get your Season 13 Umbral Engrams? Sure, the fastest way to get them is to redeem your Bright Engrams, but if you don’t want to spend real money, you’ll probably be looking for another, more affordable option. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways to get your hands on these valuable items, and we’re here to give you the low-down on each of them.

How do you get umbral engrams fast in Destiny 2?

The Destiny 2 PC Beta is now live, and we’ve been playing it. It’s a big departure from the original Destiny, which was an MMO/shooter hybrid that released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Gone are the servers dedicated to each console, and the need to choose between cross-platform play or keeping the community separated for the sake of fairness. It’s a great system and one I expect to carry into the final game. Since the start of Destiny 2’s third season, it’s become increasingly difficult to earn the game’s most coveted loot. With the addition of Masterworks weapons and armor, the introduction of an incredibly rare new engram type, and the number of ways to earn engrams increasing with the game’s recent expansion, Curse of Osiris, it’s harder than ever to get your hands on the best guns and armor in the game. It’s even possible to get some of the most sought-after gear, including Seasonal rewards and exotic items, by opening a bunch of engrams — but it takes a lot of time, which lots of players don’t want to spend.

How do you farm umbral engrams season of the chosen?

How do you farm Season of the Chosen Umbral Engrams? (Destiny 2) If you play a lot of Destiny 2, then you probably know that there are some activities that you have to grind to get the best weapons/armor in the game. The easiest way to get the best gear is to farm engrams that have the highest chance of dropping that gear. To get the best gear, you need to get your hands on the best engrams in the game, and that means farming the engrams from the Season of the Chosen event.

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