Best Knight Weapons in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

The knight is definitely one of the strongest classes in the Zodiac era. This is possible thanks to powerful weapons, heavy armor, shields, white magic and tools. If there was one job I’d rather have than another, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose Knight. They can still do insane damage or fill in the weaknesses of other classes. The only hurdle is finding the best way to equip your knight, which means finding the weapons worth spending time on – and that’s where this review comes in.

10. Save the Queen


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Save the Queen is almost identical to my #9, Defender, as both are about the same strength. Save the Queen prefers a slightly more offensive set of stats – but the reason I chose it over Defender is that Defender’s evasion gives you more power in combat than Save the Queen, which is slightly less consistent. Anyway, it’s a good choice. How to get it: Buy it in the port of Balfonheim or find it in the treasure chest of the Ridoran Cataract, the Coliseum.

9. Defender


With a dodge value of 37, the Defender lives up to its name. The protective effect is so strong that you don’t even notice that there is no shield with the sword. Best of all, you sacrifice virtually no power, because like other swords in this class, this sword hits like a truck. How to get it: Get it from the vaults of Serobi Steppe – Elanis Old Road or get it from the guaranteed vault of Faywood – Edge of Mind. You can also get them as part of the Great Cockatrice Escape side quest, which leads to all sorts of good weapons.

8. Blood Sword


Although statistically much weaker than the others on this list, the Blood Sword is fairly easy to obtain. It gives good stats seen when it appears, not to mention that it gives a useful sap debuff – which permanently reduces the maximum health of the enemy. Even if you move on to bigger and better swords, this sword is worth buying and keeping, if only for the debuff. Especially if your team has no other way to use juice on opponents. How to get it: Get it from the chest in the crypt of Raithwall – Monastery of the Flame or from the bat researchers in the same area. They are easy to string together, so neither option will take long.

7. Ultima Blade


Despite its name, this impressive-looking sword is not actually an absolute weapon. It’s still a capable weapon, superior in damage to any one-handed weapon. He also has a bit of evasion ability, which will help you survive. How to get it: Get it from a chest in the Serobi Steppe – Crossfield. It can be obtained even more easily by attacking rare hunting trophies in the hunting club side quest. You need 25 trophies to get this big boy into the store.

6. Ragnarok


Ragnarok was released 1 license later than Ultima Blade, and for good reason. His stats are better in all areas and he can use the Immobilize state on all enemies he encounters. While it’s not the most useful effect, it at least distracts enemies from magic users who are otherwise often the focus of your enemies’ attention. How to get it: Ragnarok can only be obtained by hunting Ixion, Fish Dreams, which can be taken after Pharos at the end of the game. Ixion can be an uphill battle if you don’t prepare – but getting Ragnarok is well worth it.

5. Simha


Simha looks like Durandal. But he is much better in all areas. His combo rate is high for a one-handed weapon – 10%, and he even has 15 dodges – which, combined with a shield, makes him a very defensive character. Unless your sword and plank knight has access to other desirable one-handed weapons of secondary classes, the simcha will be the most consistently useful weapon. How to get it: You will have to get the materials from the bazaar, unless you are willing to go into challenge mode for a chance to steal them from Rikken level 86. Otherwise, you have to kill the Necrophile for 3 Lifewicks, the Shield Wyrm for 4 Ringwyrm Scales, and the Lechac Eniths for 1 Leschac Halcyon to get a Forged Blade in the Bazaar.

4. Killjoy


Deathbringer is the only item on this list that can be purchased. It’s crazy considering how strong he is. This is the second most effective item in the entire game, killing enemies 12% of the time. It’s not the most powerful weapon (although it has a decent 83 attack), but I’d say it’s worth using if you want to take out enemies vulnerable to insta-kill. This speeds up the monotony considerably. How to get it: Buy it in Balfonheim Harbour, find it in a chest in Faywood – Edge of Mind or get it in the Great Escape from Cacatrice side quest.

3. Karkata


Under normal circumstances, Karkata would not have been so high on the list. But since the test mode exists, I have to mention it. If you reach level 3 of challenge mode, you can get this sword. And no, it’s not a typo. This sword, with an attack power of 92, can be obtained very early if you are willing to put in the time. The downside is that the license is at the end of the card. But if you’re willing to collect some license points, Karkata can make most games seem trivial. Not to mention his ability to confuse any opponent he encounters. Which in itself is a great state effect. How to get it: Steal the flowering cactoid at level 3 of the challenge mode. The chance is 3%, but the opponents are so weak that this is not a problem.

2. Sunflower


The Sunflower is a grey sword that is a truly monstrous weapon in Final Fantasy XII. Like all high-level weapons, this weapon has the highest attack power in its class. He also increases his dodge and combo speed. The only thing stopping him from becoming a leader is the ridiculous difficulty of acquiring it. How to get it: You must scour the land for 3 Serpentaria, an Empyrean soul, and precious steel (three of the hardest ingredients to find in the game) to get sunflowers from the bazaar.

1. Excalibur


The sword from the Arthurian legend also appears in FFXII. And it’s just as epic here as anywhere else. Not to be confused with Excalibur (yes, it exists in the game), Excalibur is only slightly weaker than Sunflower in its properties. It is highlighted by the ease with which it can be obtained and its ability to do holy damage, allowing it to be paired with classes that can use white capes. And by dealing holy damage with the Excalibur suit, you can increase your damage to incredible heights. How to get it: You must prepare for a fight with Esper Ultima and go to the Great Crystal – Crystal Peak. After the fight you can take it out of the chest in the middle of the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Final Fantasy 12 zodiac age a remake?

Final Fantasy 12 is a series that many people hold dear to their hearts. Some feel that the series takes too long to get to the real “good” part, while others feel the story is cheesy. Either way, there are definite differences between various games in the series. While each game starts off from the same setting, each one takes a different route to try to get the story to where it needs to go. Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age is the latest installment of the Final Fantasy 12 franchise and is being billed as a HD remake of Final Fantasy 12. The most notable change of this game is its new battle system, the ‘ATB-Active Time Battle’ (ATB). This new battle system is a pseudo-real-time battle system which features different ‘modes’ such as ‘action’ and ‘active time battle’ which is the most popularly used mode. The ATB also features a new mini-map which allows players to view the current battle area before initiating the battle.

Is Zodiac age turn based?

We live in an age where anyone can create their own content through a computer and upload it to the internet. These days it is easy to find a lot of things you can do to waste your time. But what if you want to waste your time in a different way, a fun and interesting way? What if you want to spend your time playing games? Well, the Zodiac Age is the game that will allow you to do just that. Now, this is probably the most controversial issue in the Zodiac Age. I recently came across a post on the Square Enix forums that asked the same question: “is the Zodiac Age turn-based?” This is one of the most popular questions I have seen on forums and is also one of the most discussed topics ever since the release of the game!

How long is Ffxii?

The Zodiac Age, or FFXII-2 as it is known in Japan, is the upcoming full-featured remaster of the 2006 RPG FFXII for the PS4. It comes almost three years after the release of the FFXII: International Zodiac Job System HD remaster, an enhanced port of the original game that originally released in 2006 for the PS2. In FFXII-2, players will experience the adventures of Tidus and Yuna as they journey through the sky and across the sea in search of their kidnapped guardians. This includes the original game, the Zodiac Job System, and the continuation of the story by means of an epilogue that was added to the HD port. Welcome to the Shadowbringers. We are proud to present to you the newest chapter in the FFXII saga! It is said that this story takes place in the future, in a distant land where the moon rules and the sun cannot shine. It’s a place called Lorica, a place where great heroes and villains alike struggle and triumph against the ever-changing tide of fate. The story of FFXII takes place in the world of Gran Pulse, a world that has been ravaged by one war after another. This time, though, things will be different. Our hero, Tidus, was born under the auspices of the sign of the Zodiac, and he is filled with an incredible amount of potential. You see, this

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