Where to find Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds?

Dandelion Seeds are crafting/Ascension materials that are required by Genshin Impact. They can be gathered out in nature, in the wild from Dandelion Plants that grow around the Mondstadt region of Genshin Impact’s open world map, especially close to Mondstadt Gates. Mondstadt Gates. There are a variety of craft uses.

“A small seed which flies through the air. Even without its wings made of feathers It still holds the possibility of hope from far away.”

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To locate and collect Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact Use this guide!

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed locations and uses


Dandelion Seeds are available all over the Mondstadt region because they are considered to be a Mondstadt local delicacy. They require harvesting using Dandelion Plants, which grow all over Mondstadt. To pinpoint the exact location, refer to the map above, and also take a look at this handy resource tracker tool!

Dandelion Seeds are also available in Mondstadt Gates. Mondstadt Gates, where more Dandelion Plants tend to grow.

To collect the seeds, you must strike with the Dandelion Plants with an Anemo attack. The attack will remove them from the plant and permit you to gather the seeds. It is advised that you have at minimum one character on your roster that is able to use Anemo attacks

Recommended Location:  Mondstad gates

How To Get
Found in the wild
Recommendation: Found at Mondstad gates

Dandelion seeds and flowers are scattered throughout Mondstadt. They are often found on high peaks or near the cliffs. Locate their exact locations using our Interactive Genshin Impact map!

There are a number of Dandelion Seeds that can be found close to the gates of Mondstadt. Make it a habit to pick them up each when they appear again, whenever you pass through the city’s Gates.

Found Across Mondstadt

Concentrated At Mondstadt Gates

What is the Crafting tool used for?

Gushing Essential Oil

Grants an increased affinity with Anemo and helps boost Anemo DMG. It’s a pleasant smell. It is said that traveling with it will make you feel as if riding the breeze. Crafting type-Alchemy, the amount required is 1

Use: Increases all Anemo damage to the party members by 25% during a period of 300 seconds.

The Windbarrier potion

A strange potion that increases Anemo RES as well as makes it stronger against powerful winds. It is a great aid for those who are out on the adventure world, and even claims to keep cold at bay.” Crafting type-Alchemy, the amount required is 1

Use: Increases all members of the party’s Anemo RES to 25% over a period of 300 seconds.

What is the Character Ascension uses?

  • Jean: 5 star rarity

What are the Weapon Ascension uses?

Dandelions aren’t suitable as Weapon Ascensions at the moment.


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