All Dead By Daylight killers, ranked

In our previous article we shared our experience with when, where, and how to play each of the Dead By Daylight killers, and in this article we will explain how to deal with each of them in a safe and efficient manner.

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The heart-pounding action in Dead by Daylight is usually intense, but it reaches a fever pitch when you’re playing against particular murderers. Sure, there are plenty of different murderers to keep all of us horror lovers happy, but there are a few obvious options that are just better than others right now.

The problem is, a lot of what it takes to be a murderer depends on who is portraying them. When the proper player is paired with a serial murderer, the result may be nothing short of a nightmare, sometimes literally (looking at you, Freddy Krueger). In order to evaluate the murderers, we chose to divide them into tiers rather than ranking them individually. The following is a breakdown of how the levels will function:

  • Tier 1 – These are the serial murderers who will always be the most dangerous. They may cause havoc regardless of who is playing them.
  • Tier 2 — These killers are very effective, but they need a bit more expertise to use. When you play them correctly, they can get the job done.
  • Tier 3 – These murderers are simply ordinary; they won’t pose much of a threat to survivors, and creating them will need a highly competent gamer. Nonetheless, there are certain murderers that are entertaining just for the sake of novelty.
  • Tier 4 – These are the murderers that survivors would willingly face down. You may score a kill or two with these killers, but your chances of winning are slim.

Let’s go to the rankings now that the levels have been broken down.

Tier 1

The Executioner (Pyramid Head)


Pyramid Head’s capacity to dig trenches and inflict the “Torment” status condition, despite his sluggish movement, is excellent in slowing down survivors. He can also see and attack through most things, as well as any survivor that walks through their trenches.

Thanks to his cages, he can also hook survivors without lifting them up. However, his sluggish mobility may be a great annoyance, making navigating difficult. However, since he is such a new character, his talents are now over-powered, making him a formidable murderer.

The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger)


Wikimedia Commons/Dead by Daylight

The dream-killer himself is a nightmare for survivors to deal with. Along with his capacity to teleport to any unfinished generators, his power to put survivors into a “sleep” condition makes it simple for him to follow them. Not to mention his Dream Snares, which will make a survivor scream and slow them down for many minutes when walked on.

The Hag


Wikimedia Commons/Dead by Daylight

The Hag has an infinite number of traps that, when snared, enable them to teleport to the survivor. Her little size may also let her sneak up on survivors. The Hag’s main flaw is that her trap is readily deactivated using flashlights. The Hag, on the other hand, may be deadly if you know how and where to put them.

The Nurse


Wikimedia Commons/Dead by Daylight

The Nurse is one of the most difficult killers to master, but once you do, she quickly rises to the top. She, like Freddy, can teleport across the map, with the exception that if you utilize the teleport’s full range, you’ll have to wait several seconds before using it again. However, there is a little drawback to contend with.

The Spirit


Wikimedia Commons/Dead by Daylight

For a brief amount of time, this murderer may vanish and travel across the map. Her fear radius becomes a “whooshing” sound while she is in this condition, but other than that, it’s difficult to predict where she will end up. Her agility makes her deadly and terrifying to any survivor.

The Twins


The Twins were released just a few weeks ago, and like with any new killer, they will go through a phase of over-powering and balancing. The Twins may be in two places at once, making it very difficult for survivors to overcome. When the twins are split up, keep one posted up next to a hooked survivor, effectively camping them and ensuring that rescuing them would be difficult.

The Nemesis


The Nemesis is a formidable foe, befitting a creature built from the ground up to hunt its prey. Ranged assaults will become more effective as the monster mutates, and the Nemesis will be able to produce zombies, allowing players to learn a powerful control game against survivors that shatters their loops. In the hands of a competent player, Nemesis may be deadly.

Tier 2

The Cannibal (Leatherface)


Bubba got a boost that elevates him to one of the greatest killers, due to the addition of three charges to his chainsaw. You can swing it three times before it has to be recharged. When he uses his chainsaw, he also travels quicker, which may be dangerous to survivors if they aren’t cautious.

The main issue is that if you are unable to strike someone or hit anything that prevents you, you will have a tantrum, allowing survivors to flee easily.

The Deathslinger


Wikimedia Commons/Dead by Daylight

The Deathslinger, like The Hunter’s Wife, depends on ranged assaults to prevent survivors from looping and vaulting. Despite his size, he has a lower fear radius, which allows him to quickly sneak up on survivors.

However, his range isn’t as far as The Huntress’, making it harder to line up a shot.

The Ghostface


The true strength of Ghostface lies in the fact that if he is crouching and following survivors, his fear radius may be entirely removed. And the more he stalks, the more powerful he becomes. He isn’t the quickest assassin on the list, and he depends too much on perks that slow down or shut off generators.

The Hillbilly


Despite the character’s nerf, The Hillbilly is a master at traversing the map fast. This is a significant advantage on larger maps. With the proper perks, he can view all of the survivors at once. His chainsaw charge may knock someone out in one hit, but overheating the chainsaw is a serious threat. Survivors may easily juke this assault, so you must aim well.

The Huntress


Wikimedia Commons/Dead by Daylight

The Huntress depends on her hatchets, which she can hurl at survivors, effectively destroying any window, pallet, or vault. She comes with five and has the option to add more at any time. Her sluggish speed and inability to deny generators, on the other hand, may make her a difficult killer to employ if not handled correctly. Her humming is also very audible as she approaches.

The Oni


Wikimedia Commons/Dead by Daylight

It’s all about striking survivors to gather their blood, which allows you to sprint around the area fast as The Oni. Because of his speed, he can quickly catch up to survivors and take them out. However, his strength is reliant on his ability to build it up, thus The Oni’s early phases aren’t particularly strong. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being a viable alternative.

Tier 3

The Blight


Wikimedia Commons/Dead by Daylight

The Blight is, without a doubt, the quickest of them all. He can fly about the map, bouncing off of things and sprinting in a haphazard manner. This makes him simple to juke, but if you don’t, he may be dangerous. However, attaining such pace is tough and will need a lot of work. Survivors had a relatively simple time getting out of the path even then.

The Demogorgon


If survivors approach too close to The Demogorgon’s portals, the monster may teleport to them and kill them or prevent them from closing the portal. However, it is this closing off that is the killer’s problem, since it is very simple to accomplish. While using the portals to the Upside-Down sounds wonderful in principle, the ease with which they may be shut down is a significant problem.

The Doctor


If you know where the survivors are, you can use The Doctor’s shock ability to confine them long enough for you to catch up to them. And once he has inflicted the Madness effect, his powers snowball, transforming him into a formidable opponent. His disadvantage is that he isn’t as good at killing opponents as the other top killers on this list. He isn’t very cunning, and it may take him some time to master his skills.

The Plague


Wikimedia Commons/Dead by Daylight

The Plague’s preparation and on-the-fly gaming is a strange kind of pleasure, with her vomit slowing survivors and preventing them from healing. She gets even stronger as a result of her add-ons, and she can sense the aura of any survivor she has vomited on. However, this makes her very dependent on add-ons rather than making her a viable option straight away.

The Shape (Michael Myers)


We all want to play as one of the most famous serial murderers, but Michael Myers, like The Oni, need time to fuel up his abilities. If you don’t know how to quickly follow survivors, this may take a long time, but once you do, he’s a monster of a murderer. However, it is the preparation that may be a genuine issue.

The Wraith


The Wraith’s ability to transform into invisibility seems to be a wonderful method to sneak up on survivors, and it is, but his wailing bell gives him away rather quickly. It may make it easier for surviving to flee from him. The Wraith, like Ghostface and Michael Myers, is an add-on dependent murderer that lacks the ability to kill survivors in one hit.

Tier 4

The Clown


To be honest, The Clown is one of the game’s worst murderers. Gas grenades are used to slow down survivors and, with the proper perk, to take them out in one hit. But it’s because of his dependence on privileges that he’s ranked so low on our list.

He just doesn’t have anything that can assist him in preventing survivors from fleeing and repairing generators.

The Legion


Many survivors find the Legion irritating because of their ability to run quicker and notice other survivors when they strike one. When competing against The Legion, survivors will have to spend a lot of time repairing themselves. Their power, however, removes scratch traces, forcing them to depend on sight to locate survivors. Their fatigue phase also causes the screen to darken, which makes them less enjoyable to use.

The Pig


This assassin can set up reverse beartraps on survivors, forcing them to locate a Jigsaw Box in a certain period of time to free themselves. It may drag the game down, but it is too reliant on chance and the survivor not being able to locate a box in time. Her stealth is excellent, but it isn’t enough to compensate for her dependence on luck.

The Trapper


The Trapper can be successfully utilized in a limited number of ways. He relies heavily on capturing opponents in his bear traps, so you’ll be spending half of your time putting them up rather than pursuing survivors. There are certain maps that suit his skills nicely, but he’s a bottom-tier killer to pick.

The Trickster


The Trickster has a basic design fault in that he mimics other Killers in the game without being as excellent at what he does as they are. There’s no incentive to choose the Trickster since she’s comparable to Huntress and Plague, yet she’s surpassed by both. Because of his lack of movement speed and strength, this killer’s gear offers no meaningful recompense.

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