Best attackers in Pokémon Unite

To start this is my first post on this blog and for the start it is going to be about the best attackers in Pokémon Unite. So I hope you’re all ready to go. I have decided to make this post because I’m getting bored of talking about Wormadam and I want to write about something new.

It is exciting to see the Pokémon Go community growing. And it is genuinely awesome how many people are walking around searching for Pokémon. I’m hoping to make it easier to find the best Pokémon attackers in Pokémon Unite by creating this list based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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If there’s one major problem with the new Pokémon Unite smartphone game, it’s that it doesn’t come with a heavy artillery cannon like previous instalments. Sure, you can use the usual attacks and moves, but the new game doesn’t feature any overly powerful Pokémon, like Mewtwo or the legendary birds. Well, there’s one we’re going to talk about today that’s powerful enough to blast through all the weak Pokémon you might come across.

In every MOBA, you should think about the function of your playable character before making your selection. If you choose a defensive-minded character yet are an aggressive, attacking person, you will most certainly struggle when it comes to going on the offensive. On the selection screen for Pokémon Unite, the responsibilities of the playable Pokémon are clearly stated.

In Pokémon Unite, there are a total of six attacker Pokémon accessible at launch. During the selection process, they are identified by the red backdrop on their card. They are a kind of Pokémon that are more vulnerable to attacks from other Pokémon, but may compensate with strong range damage. Here are the greatest attackers in Pokémon Unite if you want to inflict as much damage as possible.

1. Pikachu


Is it really that unexpected that the Pokémon franchise’s mascot is also one of the game’s most powerful playable characters? Pikachu possesses excellent special strikes that deal area damage and may paralyze opponents for a brief period of time, making fleeing targets much simpler to finish off or shift the tides of a fight in your favor, even without its two evolutionary forms accessible. Pikachu also has a number of additional effects: when it takes damage, it will stun any surrounding Pokémon, and every third basic attack will inflict extra damage and stun.

2. Cinderace


Along with Pikachu, the fire starter from the Pokémon Sword and Shield games is one of the most promoted characters in Pokémon Unite. Cinderace begins the game as Scorbunny, then evolves into Raboot, and then into its ultimate form.

Cinderace possesses a number of strikes that inflict fire damage to opponents over time while also increasing their own speed. They also use their Blaze passive ability to boost critical hit rate and damage on every third basic strike. Their Unite Move is a wide area of impact that may inflict a lot of damage and increase your speed if it strikes.

3. Alolan Ninetales


Alolan Nintetales has the highest Support rating in the offensive group, with attacks that can stop opponents from attacking, create ice barriers to keep them from fleeing, slow enemies, and decrease damage to you and your friends. It isn’t the most powerful attacker, but if utilized properly, it will give your opponents a lot of trouble.

Alolan Ninetales has a propensity to freeze its opponents for a brief amount of time, during which time they will inflict additional damage. It will, at the at least, slow opponents down, making it much simpler for you and a teammate to team up on them.

4. Venusaur


You’ll find lots of poison and slowing moves among Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur’s attacks, as well as damage while healing yourself and increasing your speed. They also have a number of actions that inflict area of effect damage, and their Unite Move is great for slowing down and killing opponents.

Venusaur’s third strike will lure opponents closer to it, and as it runs out of life, its damage will be boosted, making it one of the best options for long fights.

5. Greninja


The most popular starters from the Pokémon X and Y games are Froakie, Frogadier, and Greninja. It includes a few strikes that will restore some health to you and others that are aimed at fooling your opponent with illusory pictures or a smokescreen. Its ultimate slows and knocks opponents back, allowing you to leap on top of them and finish them out.

When Greninja’s health is less than half, it gains enhanced attack and movement speed, as well as dealing more damage to opponents with lesser health. They’re one of the more difficult characters to get a lot of use out of, but once you figure out how to utilize them, they’re a deadly way to finish off opponents.

6. Cramorant


Cramorant, like Pokémon Sword and Shield, has a number of attacks that finish with them capturing a fish and shooting it at opponents for significantly greater damage. To be honest, Cramorant isn’t much more than a predator that relies on collecting food and utilizing it to defend itself. There are a few strikes that offer crowd control effects, but the primary emphasis here is basic, and there isn’t much to do with it.

Though it was initially announced as a mobile game, Pokémon: Unite is a role-playing game that also introduces Pokémon battling to the mainstream. While the gameplay is the same as in the mobile counterpart, the features of the full 3DS game are not on the market yet, such as a Pokédex to track Pokémon, the ability to catch Pokémon, and more.. Read more about pokemon unite moves and let us know what you think.

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