The game of Fallout launched a whole new sub-genre for those who love their first-person shooter games and contains some elements that seem even stranger than fiction. Following in the wake of its success were a variety of other games, though it seems that none were as successful. Many of them certainly tried hard enough but there are many gamers who will argue through the night that there is nothing that can take the place of Fallout.

That being the case, many developers have found that if they just use the winning formula that Fallout got so right, they would be able to make a game that while not quite measuring up, would certainly come close. Here, we have detailed some of those that have succeeded in their missions, though the list is quite subjective. Each player will have his or her own favorites and it is this that will determine what is on their specific lists.

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Mass Effect

This series of games takes on a distinct science fiction feel and is played from the point of view of the third person. The main character, Commander Shepard has a mission to complete. In his attempt to save the entire universe from a race of super mechanical bad guys called the Reapers, he will have to control members of his squad, complete some cool mini-games and also go through a whole long story to get to the end. While some gamers have given this game flack for being too much like Fallout, others have claimed it is a successful take on an old favorite.

Metro 2033

If horror is your thing, you are going to want to try this game. A first-person shooter, the game is based on a rather popular novel that details the adventures of a character making their way through the Moscow metro. While you may be sent above ground now and again, be prepared to face danger wherever you go. There will be mutants trying to stop you as well as some pretty tough human characters that will try to take you out. You know the saying: it’s kill or be killed. In this apocalyptic wasteland, you will find plenty of things to do while blasting your way from one end to the other.


Another horror game, or series of horror games, the series can be played on multiple platforms and it seems that it is doing well. In fact, the series has sold over ten million copies which certainly means that these developers are doing something right. There are certain areas in the game that need to be cleared by force and others that will require some stealth before players can move forward. However, players will be pleased to know that weapons are regularly upgraded and they will be able to gain super-human abilities that allow them to control electricity and fire as they go.


This survival first-person shooter is a series of games that allow non-linear action. This means the chance to complete side missions, to be a party to completely random occurrences, and even to choose your own alliance. Whichever path you choose will severely impact the way the game ends, so be sure to choose carefully. One of the more unique parts of this game is the chance to collect artifacts, which players will be able to do as they explore The Zone. But it won’t be easy getting these artifacts and players will need to fight tooth and nail to get through this rather creepy world.


This first-person shooter sets players up in a world that may seem familiar because it is post-apocalyptic. Like many good sci-fi and horror based games, the main character has to adventure through this Earth that has been all but destroyed by an asteroid and completes a quest as well as some small missions on the side to win money and stay alive. This game received a lot of positive reviews from critics who felt that because of its customizable weapons and the looting system, there was a lot of promise in it. While most will agree that the Xbox360 still holds the best version of the game, others may find that like Fallout, it is perfect for PC.


This series of games is very closely related to Rage and Fallout and is set in (you guessed it) a post-apocalyptic world. Released across multiple platforms, the game follows the main character who has the task of going on quests to find money and gain experience. As the game advances, the character can level up and make their way through a skill tree, all in the hopes of earning even more. The game’s single unique feature is its randomly generated weapon feature which allows every gun to vary in its effects, firepower, and accuracy. With the option to go multiplayer, this is certainly one of the better games on offer.

The Last of Us

If the title of this game doesn’t give away what it is all about, perhaps the introduction will. Set in a world where an apocalypse has pretty much destroyed everything recognizable, the game follows a war veteran and a young girl through this ruined world where they must try to survive. The gameplay is a little different to what you would expect with Fallout but the feel of the game is great, giving the impression that you are fighting for your life in an unpredictable world. Information is being released about the game regularly, so ensure that you keep an eye out for it.

Assassin’s Creed 2

Published by popular developer Ubisoft, the game takes you through the adventures of a character trying to make his way through Italy in the 15th Century. In this free-running world, you will have the chance to make your way through amazing environments and defeat obstacles all in the hopes of completing your mission. The game is certainly different to some of the others that have been released, mainly because it is one of the few that does not take place in a post-apocalyptic world and provides some much-needed perspective on games of this genre. Those who loved Fallout will certainly love this one.


This game is part of the same series as the Elder Scrolls and those who have come to know the whole series will know exactly what to expect from this one. The story of the game centers around a player trying to defeat a Dragon god. Nothing new there. What is a little different here is that the player is Dragonborn too, so they will be able to absorb Dragons’ souls in an effort to up their power and get closer to defeating the big bad guy. The game allows players to explore a huge world and take their time leveling up their skills and taking new paths, all set to land up in the same place.

 Dragon Age 2

This game is similar to Fallout in its gameplay, but certainly not in its story. The game follows the adventures of the main character, Hawke, who after his town was all but destroyed managed to flee. His new mission as the Champion of Kirkwell is to kick butt and take names. But games such as this are rarely that simple. He will have to make some tough moral choices along the way, which means that players will have to think long and hard about exactly what kind of character they want to develop and where they want to lead him.

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