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5 Survival Horror Games Like Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is an incredibly popular survival horror game that has drawn in millions of players since its release. Its popularity has spawned a plethora of copycat games, but Dead by Daylight stands out as one of the original and best. It includes procedurally generated levels, weapons and items to help keep gameplay fresh for years to come.

The “games like dead by daylight pc” is a game that has been released recently. The game is very similar to Dead by Daylight, but it has some differences.

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One of the most popular multiplayer horror games is Dead by Daylight. The notion of four survivors banding together and attempting to flee as a terrible murderer hunts them down is a fantastic one that never fails to frighten even the most determined gamers. Players of Dead by Daylight are eager for additional cooperative horror games to play with their pals as the game grows. Thankfully, there are a slew of excellent co-op horror games available for lovers of Dead by Daylight.

1. Identity V

Best-games-like-Dead-by-DaylightImage courtesy of NetEase

Identity V is a mobile game that follows Orpheus, a detective, as he attempts to discover the mystery behind a mansion killing game. You and three other players must finish five Deciper Machines in order to open the Exit Gates in the multiplayer mode, which comprises of Quick and Ranked Matches, while a single murderer pursues them and attempts to murder them. The gameplay in Identity V is quite similar to Dead by Daylight, with the exception that each character has their own set of talents, and the player may only provide one additional, bespoke skill of their choice. Crossover events occur often in the game, with players receiving clothes from characters from multiple series such as Case Closed, The Promised Neverland, and Persona. Identity V is a fantastic game that each Dead by Daylight lover should play.

2. Deceit

1640228000_208_Best-games-like-Dead-by-DaylightImage courtesy of World Makers

Deceit is a free-to-play game in which players must discover a way out of an abandoned building. Players may scavenge the surroundings for valuable objects like weapons to protect themselves against a coming threat: the infected, unlike in Dead by Daylight. The catch is that one of the five players is sick, and it is their responsibility to keep the others from fleeing. Because the other players have no idea who the infected is, they’ll have to keep a close eye on everyone’s activities to figure out who’s the nasty person. It’s an unusual combination of first-person shooter, horror, and social deduction. Deceit provides players the same horrible sensation as Dead by Daylight, where they must always be on their toes, by making them continuously watch their backs, uncertain whether their buddy is a friend or foe.


1640228000_185_Best-games-like-Dead-by-DaylightStraight Back Games provided this image.

You and up to three other players assume control of four cultists in Devour, and you must work together to remove Azazel’s grasp on the possessed cultists before they bring you to hell. You must locate vital artifacts to assist you with the ritual, but as you go through the game, the cultists get more strong, increasing the game’s difficulty. Voice chat is used in the game to enable players connect with one another. Furthermore, each playing is produced at random, so goods will appear in various locations and the ritual components you’ll need will be different. DEVOUR is a terrific game to play with friends at night if you’re seeking for a challenge and something different with each session.

4. White Noise 2

1640228001_887_Best-games-like-Dead-by-DaylightMilkstone Studios provided this image.

Four players take charge of an investigative team in this 4v1 horror game, which must search the environment for eight clues. Another player controls a monster whose mission is to eliminate all of the investigators. There are two characteristics of White Noise 2 that set it apart from other games. To begin, each character, including the many monsters, has unique characteristics, talents, and stats. They excel in one area while falling short in another, resulting in a well-balanced game. Second, a player’s death does not indicate that the game is finished for them. In order to help the surviving detectives, dead players might return as ghosts and continue the inquiry with improved skills. White Noise 2 is an entertaining survival game that highlights investigator collaboration and the monster’s cautious planning.

5. In Silence

1640228001_260_Best-games-like-Dead-by-DaylightRavenhood Games provided this image.

Up to 7 people may play In Silence, with a maximum of six survivors and one murderer. The survivors have two options: flee by fixing a vehicle or track down the murderer. It’s a nice change from Dead by Daylight, when the survivors are always on the defense and have nothing to do offensively. The murderer, a creature known as a Rake, is controlled by one player. Although the Rake is blind, it is a lightning-fast creature that depends on sound to direct it. So, if you’re the Rake, you’ll need to keep an eye on the players and eliminate anybody who deviates from the group. In Silence is a unique spin on the genre, forcing both sides to play their cards cautiously rather than risk all.

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Dead by Daylight is a horror game that has been released in early 2017. The game takes place in a haunted house, where players must escape the area and survive. There are many games like Dead by Daylight to choose from, but this one is a great option for those who want to experience suspenseful gameplay. Reference: games like dead by daylight 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other games like Dead by daylight?

A: There are several games that share the same genre of a simulation horror game. Among them, H1Z1 can be considered to have similarities with Dead by Daylight because they both take place in an open-world setting and involve multiple players who must coordinate their efforts against zombies or other survivors in order for one team to win.

What type of game is DBD?

A: DBD is a puzzle game where you must place blocks on the board to find your way back home. It was developed by David Laskey and released in 2013.

Is among us like dead by daylight?

A: Among us is a zombie survival game. Its not like Dead by Daylight but it is similar in many ways to Dead by Daylight because of the focus on building bases, fortifying them and defending against waves of zombies.

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