Games like Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a great game for kids and adults alike who enjoy controlling teeny tiny little characters on their computers and mobile devices. This massively multiplayer game has been created to look like a world of penguins and each of the players has a penguin as their avatar.

This game became so popular in the last few years, that the site claims it had over 30 million registered users, a very impressive figure and the company was so successful in fact that it was bought by the Disney corporation in 2007 for over 300 million dollars. This game was developed for kids aged six to 14, but in truth, it is an easy enough game for anyone to play. It has engaging characters, loads of prizes to win and bonuses to get, and is totally safe.

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The success of this game and others like it is attributed to the fact that not only are the games easy to play, but they encourage a new level of engagement in players. They have also been classified as safe, which is something not commonly found online. For parents and children, this game and others like it provide a safe haven that encourages fun and community spirit.

Roly Poly Land

In this game, also targeted at kids, players must try to create a character called a roly to live in their virtual world. They are able to customize these creatures from the tops of their heads to the tip of their toes and use them to meet other rolies. They can buy clothing for their rolies, engage in games with others and also go to the many locations spread out throughout the game. Players will earn special online money for taking part in certain activities and this can be spent on buying even more accessories for the adorable rolies to wear.

Moshi Monsters

There is no doubt that this is one of those games that has really made a name for itself in online gaming. Targeting kids of between seven and 12, the game allows players to adopt and love a little monster of their very own. Also in this game, players can earn Rox, or virtual money, which allows them to buy items for their monsters as well as for the monsters home. With over 55 million users in 2012, the game is certainly one of the best like Club Penguin and provides experience kids, and their parents, won’t soon forget.

Little Space Heroes

This little universe is the perfect place for kids to learn the skills of cooperation and to have great fun doing it. With every unique and special space hero, kids will be able to explore the universe while customizing as they go. The game is totally free and allows players to really expand their imaginations while they play. This is the perfect game for kids with big dreams and big wishes who want to be astronauts or even see the world with a friend. For those who loved Club Penguin, this game provides much of the same exciting action and great fun.

Free Realms

This 3D game made the list for a variety of reasons and is playable both on PS3 or on your web browser. For those who are looking for a new virtual world, this is a great one to try and discover since you will be able to decorate your house, buy yourself a pet that you can raise and even battle your friends and enemies. This is a virtual world that allows players to live an alternate life and became so popular amongst its audience that developers even released Free Realms trading cards. Of course, if you haven’t played it yet, you’ll be missing out on much of the fun.


This virtual world was designed not so much for kids, but actually for teenagers and is a safe place that teens can visit to explore a virtual world and meet others of the same age. This game is split into islands and each of the islands has been given a theme. Teens can decide which island to live on and which to visit and can go from a Wild West atmosphere to a supervillain island in the blink of an eye. After they have set up an account, teens will be able to solve puzzles and look for secrets as they go and parents will be able to keep a watchful eye on their teens with parental controls.

Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall

This game may have the longest name on this list, but this does not make it any less cool than some of the others. This game’s focus is mostly online and if completely free, though it wasn’t always. The players have to make their own little avatars and get missions from some of their favorite characters from Cartoon Network. Using this platform as a base, the developers have seen a lot of potential in the game and allow players to unlock secrets and bonuses, arm their little avatars to the teeth, and even interact with new and exciting people in a safe environment.

ToonTown Online

This adorable massively multiplayer online game is set in a virtual world known only as ToonTown (no big surprise there). The real fun comes in once kids and teens have set up their accounts and they can take a voyage through the town meeting some of their favorite Disney characters as they go. They will also have to fight to keep ToonTown safe from the evil Cogs who play really mean pranks on its citizens and can customize their world, their houses, and even their toons. This is a great escape from the world to a place of safety and fun.

Habbo Hotel

This game is often mentioned on lists such as this one for many reasons. Firstly, it is the perfect game for teens to play and provides them with a safe, social meeting place where they can interact with others their own age. It also has over 200 million users, meaning that it must be doing something right. And as for gameplay, this is one of the most interesting MMO games you will ever come across, with players having access to a hotel where they can interact and take part in activities with the new friends they make on the go.

Wizard 101

Published by KingsIsle, this game went from pretty much unknown to super popular really quickly and it provides kids with a way to get their Harry Potter dreams brought to life, well, kind of. As a magician’s apprentice, players will have to gain levels and learn spells, gathering magical equipment as they go, and winning all kinds of contests. Using a turn-based system, the game is totally fair for kids of all ages and ensures that no matter how you play or who you play with, you will have your turn to get better at the spells and become a wizard.


If you haven’t heard of this game, what rock have you been hiding under? A similar game to many others in this genre, Neopets allows kids to create their own virtual menagerie of birds, cats, dogs, and even monkeys. When you adopt a virtual pet on Neopets, you are not going to be stuck cleaning up dog poop, but you will have a pet of your very own to love, to feed, and to teach tricks to. And if you collect enough NeoCash, you’ll be able to buy your pet armor and weapons and watch it take down other pets as it goes.

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