Back in the days when games were few and there wasn’t much to do on a rainy afternoon, a very bright developer figured that if people wanted something to do, why not let them build a city? This is a theory that has proved successful as many who have played all of the variations of Sim City can testify. Of course, with success, comes a need to copy, and many new developers have grasped hold of the premise of Sim City and developed it into their own version of the game.

These days, no matter what type of game you enjoy, you won’t have a problem finding thousands of variations of it. After all, where there is success in one arena, everyone wants a piece. The list that follows is a brief summary of some of the games that really stand out in this category, and that those who loved Sim City will enjoy too.

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Cities XL

Ever wanted to build a city? Cities XL lets you do it in style. With this game, set on your very own planet, you will be able to create hundreds and thousands of buildings. As the mayor of your planet, you’ll do all of the dirty work including sanitation and economic development, but you will have the joy of collecting taxes too, and anyone who has played Sim City knows that this can accumulate to a bundle of cash. With detailed maps and a wide variety of paths upon which your citizens can travel, you’ll be regaled as the best leader of all time, or if you’re not careful, the worst.

Anno 2070

The world of Anno 2070 is not like any you may have seen before. With a world that has gone a little bit pear-shaped thanks to climate change, you will have the responsibility of restoring balance to an imperfect world. Whether you choose to make diamond mines and fund your own pocket or robot factories to increase the workforce, the future is yours to shape as you see fit. If you choose to leave your citizens in the dark or replant a forest that wouldn’t have otherwise existed, it is all up to you, and the rewards, either way, could be very good.

Tropico 4:

This is one game that offers players a slightly different take on the well-known city building games. Set in a time where certain powers have taken over the world, the game allows you to build a city and take a political stance. And if that wasn’t enough to deal with, how about adding a few typhoons and hurricanes? This is the type of game that will really test your skills as a leader, and if you want to show off, you can even share the action using your social media platforms. with loads of buildings and at least 10 maps and missions.

Children of the Nile

Egypt may have been able to develop on its own, but now is your chance to show how you would have done it. As the Pharoah of this ancient civilization, you’ll have the chance to rebuild Egypt from the ground up. Don’t want a Sphinx? No problem, just don’t make one. Want more pyramids? Your choice. With loads of building types and many different types of jobs for your citizens, from scribe to priest, you’ll have a great time making history. You can even try to conquer the world by waging war or inflict a natural disaster on your unwitting citizens. This games takes simulation to a whole new level.

Dwarf Fortress

This is a game that will certainly give you pause. Played with a group of (you guessed it) dwarves, you have the chance to build a fortress for the mythical creatures to live in. Though many factors threaten your little people, you will need to be the one who protects them, and with a randomly generated game every time you play, you are assured of a unique experience every time. You can even go into adventure mode and go out looking for treasure and defeating enemies, rather than building your fortress. Excellent mechanics and impressive design ensure that this is a game you will keep coming back to.

Tycoon City: New York

As a tycoon playing this game, you’ll have the chance to build New York from the ground up. With hundreds of business opportunities and ways to let your citizens develop, you will have the chance make New York your own. If you’d like to, you can rebuild the Empire State Building, or not. You can still hold the Thanksgiving Day parade, or drop the ball on New Year’s Eve. Or not. One of the greatest aspects of this game is that it features all of the neighborhoods that have made New York famous, except you are the mayor and you get to decide how the city gets built.

Grand Ages: Rome

Like its Egyptian counterpart, this game gives you the chance to be the next Roman Emperor and rebuild Rome from the ground up. With episodes like the eruption of Pompeii and the rise to power of Caesar, you’re really going to have your work cut off for you. Those who enjoy military tactics will love this game and there are 18 different types of a military unit for you to plan your battles with. You’ll even be given elephants and a navy to command. Those without an internet connection won’t want to play this one though since it is an online multiplayer game, but it is certainly worth getting an ADSL line for.


This is a game that is not set on Earth. In fact, this game is set in Heaven and Hell. Should you choose to take part in this game, you will have the chance to build your ideal of Heaven, and include what you fear most in Hell. You’ll be given two advisors to help you, a demon and an angel, and with their help will be able to build your own Heaven and Hell cities. And if you’re looking for a game that is modern, this will certainly measure up to your expectations. Though released in 1996, the game is very enjoyable if you can look past its rather outdated graphics.

CivCity: Rome

As if there aren’t enough games set in the Roman Empire, one more has been added to the list. What’s the difference then? Well, for one, this is not just a building game. It also involves a certain amount of strategy. While you will be called upon to construct your city, to build buildings and to nurture citizens, you will also be able to play mission-based strategic campaigns in which as a famous character from history, you will have a mission to complete. With loads of maps, missions and many different buildings to construct you’ll have the chance to recreate Rome the way you wish it was.

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