The Best Side Quests in FFXII: The Zodiac Age (Ranked)

The Zodiac Age (Ranked) –

What makes a good gaming hobby? A game that is fun to play, but also one that is challenging and keeps you coming back. The Zodiac Age, a Korean RPG released by KOG Games and Nexon, is a game that combines both of these.

There are a few popular pieces of astrology in the gaming community, one of which is the Zodiac Age, which is based on the Zodiac sign of the year in which the game is released. The intention is to determine the best time to release a game so that the player base is in a state of balance – where there are people from your sign playing your game, and the same for the other sign. In the Zodiac Age, the best year to release a game is when the sign of the year is an Aries, since the player base will be most prosperous, and the next best is Pisces, which is the best for people who like fantasy. This article will rank the Zodiac ages of all the games

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The Zodiac Age (Ranked) is a new feature introduced in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It’s a fun feature that allows you to play with the age of your characters, and it doesn’t take away from the game at all. This ranking system is based on each character’s age at the time of the game’s start. You could have your player character be around 20, 30 years old in the game, or any age in between.. Read more about ff12 zodiac age: best weapons for each character and let us know what you think.

You and your band of rebels battle your way through Ivalis, fighting the Empire at every turn. And at some point, you get tired of being a hero. What do you do when you need a break from saving the world? Bye-bye! Take a break from important things and focus on tasks that exist only for material reward. And in FF12, these are the best quests to do in your spare time.

10. Fishing


Once you complete the desert patient (which we’ll talk about below), you can get a fishing rod and catch some fish. Talk to Raskel in the village on the south coast, then make a few trips to Balfonheim Harbour and get a fishing rod. Fishing in FF12 is what you would expect: Complete the mini-game and get the fish. If you can achieve different goals, such as. B. Collect five perfect catches or catch a rare fish, discover new places to fish. As you progress up the fish ladder, you’ll receive a Lu Shang badge, which allows you to craft the legendary Wirmhero blade.

9. The Desert Patient


After defeating Blossom Cactoid and Nidhogg, you can go to the Estersand Dalmask Outpost and talk to a man named Dantro to begin this quest. Then go to South Bank Village to talk to his wife and help the mysterious traveler. What follows is a series of quests that will have you searching for vials, hunting for Tau plants and even fighting monsters. Eventually the traveler recovers. And Vaan’s team is rewarded with the Wyrmfire Shot, Gil, and the key to Barheim, a real reward that will allow them to return to the Barheim Passage to retrieve all their riches.

8. The Cockatrice Hunt


This quest, which requires you to find half a dozen escaped cockatoos and talk to them, can get you equally good (if not rare) weapons. Start by defeating the hunter Clacatris, and then find the Pack Feather item on the plains of Giza during the rain. Once you can talk to the proud feathered orbs, go to the nomad village in the barren plains of Giza and talk to Denmark. She’ll mourn for her runaway birds, then it’s your turn! By following their instructions, you can look for animals. And each of them will reward you with a different weapon. In total, you get Yoichi’s bow, the deadly hack, the platinum dagger, Koga’s blade, the mound, and the defender. Quite a burden for such a simple (and fun) task! We also now know never to touch cockroaches.

7. Ann and her Sisters


Once you reach the port of Balfonheim, you can go to any airport to start this side quest. Take a hot air balloon to any location and explore with a pleasure craft. Ann is the chief stewardess of the airship. She is talking to a man named Rande, and by listening to the conversation, you can intervene and solve her marriage problem. She will ask Vaan if he will be so kind as to deliver letters to her sisters. And since you are such a nice person, you would agree with me. Isn’t that so? Fortunately, all of Ann’s sisters are also senior stewards – on different ships, of course.

So you have to take different routes from town to town to find the seven. After delivering the letters, Ann will reward you with an upgrade ring. It’s an item that’s otherwise pretty hard to find, and it gives regeneration to the person wearing it. So it’s the perfect reward for diligence.

6. Rare Game and the Hunt Club


A hunting camp on the coast of Fon is home to a group of Bangaa who hunt a rare game. After you finish Draklor’s lab, you can visit these hunters and hunt for 80 different types of rare game they want. Rare Game differs from Hunt Marks in that you don’t get as many guides for these side missions. The hunting party will give you various clues, but it’s up to you to find these beasts (which range from red chocobos to giant crocodiles). 49 of them can be repeatedly hunted for prey, poached and stolen. The other 31 rare monsters are a one-time hunt called Trophy Rare Game.

If you collect one, you will receive a hunting trophy, which you can then give as a reward to one of the three Bangaa in the hunting club. Each Bangaa has unique items for you if you give them enough trophies, so choose wisely. All of their items, such as the ribbon, the mage’s staff, and the legendary Zodiac spear, are worth a look. Add to that the Hunt Club store (and items that fall into rare games), and you have a long side quest worth spending time on.

5. Hunts


Hunters are notorious monsters that people throughout Ivalis put a price on in hopes of destroying them. And who’s going to do the repairs? You. In every big city you can find a hunting club. And on these boards are pinned various monsters that must be defeated. Play as the leader, hunt the beast and get your reward. It’s that simple. However, those looking for very spicy, high-end brands can go to Clan Centurio in Rabanastra. Remember, hunting board is not a one-time task like any other on this list. No, you work the whole game on the hunt. The rewards for individual hunts are great, but the real prize are the big bosses that can be unlocked by climbing the hunting ladder.

4. The Necrohol of Nabudis


After defeating the bomb king in Salicavood, the group can do one of two things: Either go east to the Fon coast and Arhades, or go west to Necrochol Naboudis. The Necrohol is a dark and haunted place that harbors not only unspeakable evil, but also fantastic treasures. While you can try to do this immediately after you defeat the bomb king, it’s recommended to wait until you reach several dozen levels (or do it, I’m not your mother). If you survive all the traps and monsters, you can get a lot of good stuff, like the Protectga white spell and the Penetrator crossbow, which are impressively good. And depending on the date of your arrival, you may even be asked to hunt (and spot rare game). To make matters worse, you find a Chaos Esper in the depths of this place. All in all, a visit to Necrochol is well worth the time invested. It looks like a living, breathing treasure chest in here!

3. The Subterra


After you take out Pharos in Ridoran, you can return to the old lighthouse to challenge the lower half. Take the elevator down next to the door crystal, and good luck with that. Cleaning Subterra takes a lot of preparation. Don’t even try it if your level is below 50. Samples are not to be taken lightly. But if you have the necessary skills, you can find many good treasures here – as well as two rare game monsters and as many elite badges. You can even fight the Phoenix! Subterra is a descent not to be missed. Just make sure you’re prepared before you leave.

2. The Great Crystal


You will encounter the Great Crystal on your journey through Giruvegan, but you will not be able to reach the true crystal until you obtain the Contract Sword. The real problem is most of the game’s optional content – you can spend hours delving into these depths. The Great Crystal has no real map. Just a vague idea of where you are. It’s presented piece by piece, which doesn’t make it easy to navigate.

Filled with monsters, hunting and rare game, you will face challenges like never before. So be prepared! Like, over-prepared. In addition to all the cool treasures you can get (including a golden hairpin and a Shellg spell), you can also collect Esper Ultima and fight against the super boss Omega Mark XII. And from this final boss (which is by far one of the hardest in FF12), you get one of the items you need to make the Wyrmhero blade.

1. Trial Mode


It turns out that the best side quest in Zodiac Age isn’t even part of the main game! However, don’t let this discourage you. The challenge mode, accessible from the main menu, consists of a series of 100 battles (events). Each challenge has a different set of monsters, which increase in rarity and power as you climb the levels. The real magic of test mode is that you can do it for as long as you want. Build a strong group in the main game, then continue in the side game challenge mode to breed rare beasts, collect treasure chests, or even just fight common beasts to earn experience and license points.

The rewards in challenge mode are just endless, and it’s easily the best secondary content in the entire game. And if you make it to all 100 floors, you’ll feel great (and you will).The Zodiac Age has been a topic of heavy debate since the release of Fate/Grand Order’s 7th servant, “Taisho”, which brought the modern astrological age of 12 to the game. This new interpretation of the ages brought fresh ideas and new problems to the global magical community, and now people are looking towards the future.. Read more about ffxii zodiac age optimal party and let us know what you think.

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