Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Season Pass All Rewards & Price

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Season Pass All Rewards & Price

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is the first expansion pack for Destiny 2, released on June 4, 2018. It includes new story missions, new cooperative activities, new rewards, and more. The Season of the Splicer also features a special event called Midyear Mayhem. Midyear Mayhem is a special event that will begin in Destiny 2 on June 15, 2018 and last until July 1, 2018. The event will be available for players to participate in from the start of play session until the season concludes. Players will get to enjoy additional rewards to celebrate the summer of Destiny 2, including the Season of the Splicer emblem. Midyear Mayhem will feature special activities for players willing to take on the challenge, such as:

Destiny 2 is one of the most-awaited games of the year, with a ton of DLC already released which has made the Season Pass a must-have for anyone who wants to get the most from the game. The Season of the Splicer is the first major expansion to the game, bringing a range of new content for Guardians to enjoy, including a new four-player campaign, a brand new Raid, a new Strike, a new multiplayer map, a new cooperative Strike, and more. However, if you’re after the best value for your money, make sure you’re aware of the Season of the Splicer season pass all rewards and prices.

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Season of the Splicer is a DLC that will be released on October 6th, 2018. Season of the Splicer is a new DLC pack for Destiny 2 that will release on October 6th. Season of the Splicer is the 2nd DLC for Season of the Drifter and will release on October 6th, 2018.. Read more about destiny 2 season pass rewards and let us know what you think.

The Splicer Season, also known as Season 14, brings a lot to Destiny 2, and to make it even more fun, players can collect even more rewards. The Season Pass for Season 14 allows players to collect many useful items that they will need in the game, which is a great benefit for those who reach level 100. The Splicers’ season started on May 11 and will conclude on May 24. Late August. This means players have about 105 days to get all the rewards, which is more than enough time. Also read :

Season 14 Regular Award

With or without a Season Pass, players will still be rewarded for Season 14, but those who purchase a Season Pass will be able to collect more. Below are the prizes for Season 14 that can be earned without purchasing a season pass:




2Modernisation module3
4Modernisation module3
5Legendary shards25
8Modernisation module3
9Light fabric200
10Legendary shards25
11Modernisation module2
14Modernisation module2
15Improvement of the core5
18Modernisation module2
19Light fabric250
20Exotic lettering1
21Modernisation module2
25The legendary pomegranate1
26Modernisation module2
29Light fabric300
30A broken cryptogram1
35Cryosthesia 77K1
40Light fabric400
45The story of Sojourner1
50Light fabric500
55Exotic number1
60Light fabric650
65Exotic lettering1
70Light fabric800
80Light fabric800
90Light fabric1,400
100Light fabric100

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Season of the SplicerAwards

When you purchase a season pass, you can take advantage of seasonal bonus rewards that give you more upgrade materials, engrams, gear and more. Below are the rewards you will receive if you have purchased the Season of the Splicer subscription:




1Cryothesia 77K1
2Decrypted data archive1
3Ritual Glimmer Boost1
4Improvement of the core5
5Increase XP in a small group of shooters1
6Luminous tapestry1
7A small increase in XP1
8Grouping of target resources1
9Technofusion shaders1
10The finalist for the security hole1
11Catalyst Quest Boost Alpha1
12Decrypted data archive1
13The legendary pomegranate1
14Legendary shards25
15Improvement of the core5
16A small increase in XP1
18Entrance to the House of Light1
19Grouping of target resources1
20Bonus for demolishing legendary shards1
21Legendary shards21
22Catalyst Quest Boost Omega1
24The legendary pomegranate1
25Exotic lettering1
26Increase XP in a small group of shooters1
27Improvement of the core5
28Weapon Mastery Bonus1
29Grouping of target resources1
30Light fabric800
31Legendary shards25
32Decrypted data archive1
33Improvement of the core5
34Modernisation module3
35The legendary pomegranate1
36A small increase in XP1
38Foot skill bonus1
39Grouping of target resources1
40Shader Ritualism1
41The legendary pomegranate1
43Specialist in avant-garde harnesses1
44Legendary shards25
45Improvement of the core5
46A small increase in XP1
47Modernisation module3
48Class Excellence Price1
49Grouping of target resources1
50Rider Riis1
51Masterpiece of the Cipher shattered1
52Decoded Boost I data1
53Gambit Armor Scrounger1
54Exotic lettering1
55The legendary pomegranate1
56Increase XP in a small group of shooters1
57Improvement of the core5
58Skill bonus in the box1
59Grouping of target resources1
60Reinforcement Prism1
61The story of Sojourner1
63An armoured fence1
64Bound gloves1
65Exotic lettering1
66A small increase in XP1
67tie boots1
68Bonus for the chef’s job1
69Grouping of target resources1
70Reinforcement Prism1
71Vangaurd Broken Cipher Moocher1
72Boost II decoded data1
73Gambit Shattered Cipher Moocher1
74Exotic lettering1
75Robbery banner5
76A small increase in XP1
78Light fabric1,000
79Grouping of target resources1
80A burst of Ascendant1
81The Gambit Scavenger Hunt story1
83Ashat Cipher Scrooge Crucible1
84Robbery banner5
85A burst of Ascendant1
86Increase XP in a small group of shooters1
87Related dresses1
88Exotic lettering1
89Grouping of target resources1
90Ready for anything, emote1
91Crucible The Tale of Sojourner The Executioner1
92Boost III decoded data1
93Vanguard-Sojourner’s Tale moocher1
94A burst of Ascendant1
95Grouping of target resources1
96Light fabric1,200
98Exotic lettering1
99Absorb ether1
100Disposal report1

Subscription bonuses

The higher your season rank, the more bonuses you get, giving you certain advantages that you can enjoy during the season. Bonuses are unlocked after reaching a certain rank, which you can get by completing seasonal quests, completing quests, tasks, and more in Destiny 2. These are bonuses that can be obtained during the Splicer season:

XP Bonus

Increases the total amount of XP you or your entire team can receive, making it easier to promote, especially if you play as a team.

Exchange rate bonus

Provides an increase in the amount taken away from various sources, mainly the following:

  • Ritual Glimmer Boost
  • Bonus for demolishing legendary shards

Bonus Quest

Allows you to speed up the objectives of certain quests, includes the following bonuses:

  • Catalyst Quest Boost Alpha
  • Catalyst Quest Boost Omega

Power bonus

Each rank unlocks a mastery bonus for a specific gear type, giving you extra mastery levels and energy for your seasonal gear.

Cheap-is-cool bonus

This gives you an extra chance to get seasonal gear when you perform certain actions in Destiny 2, making it easier to collect splicer season gear.

Splicer’s bonus

These include special bonuses that only apply during the Splicers season, and always differ from previous seasons.

Seasonal calls

Those who have purchased a season pass have a lot more fun, especially with the season’s missions. Seasonal challenges are special tasks that players can complete to earn XP and bonus items for their work. For a guide to seasonal challenges, check out our guide to seasonal challenges in Destiny 2.


  • The season pass is a big plus for players, as it allows them to start the game with a season weapon, unlike the game without a pass, which requires a rank first.
  • You can easily complete seasonal tasks to raise your rank quickly, and you can even complete tasks to speed up the process.
  • The more you focus on the Season 14 roadmap, the easier it will be to complete the seasonal tasks and progress through the season’s plot.
  • Players with the Season of the Splicer Season Pass can quickly collect a large amount of decrypted data.


The Season Pass is a huge bonus, but it’s not recommended to get everything in the game just to speed things up a bit and support the developers. Players who reach rank 100 will receive many free bonuses, especially if they have purchased a Season Pass. The Season of the Splicer Season Pass will disappear after the end of the season, which is also the start of a new season that will require a new Season Pass.Destiny 2 was not that far away from release when the first Season of the Splicer began wrapping up. As the date for the second season drew nearer, we were asked to be a part of the celebration. As a small gesture of thanks to all the fans who joined the Season of the Splicer, we are now offering a few early rewards to all who purchased the Season of the Splicer Pass.. Read more about destiny 2 season of the splicer armor and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Destiny 2 Season Pass include all DLC?

Destiny 2 has been out for a while now, and the game has received a lot of content since its release. This includes new content like the Season of the Splicer, which has helped to make the game’s story more interesting, and the Curse of Osiris, which added new weapons, armor, and gear to the game. But what about the other content that was originally part of the game’s Season Pass? Will the Curse of Osiris add any new content to the game, or will it just replace the Season of the Splicer? Please keep in mind that this is only one of many possible blog posts that could be written, and the information that I provide in this blog post is not “official”, nor are we affiliated with Bungie. I am not a Bungie employee, and I am just writing this post for my own personal use, but I’m a huge Destiny fan.

Do you need beyond light to play season of the splicer?

Last year, Destiny 2 was the best selling PC game of the year, topping the charts on Steam , Good Old Games (GOG), Origin, and many other digital platforms. It is also the best-selling game in the franchise and the first game of the series to release on a console. The game has gone on to have a much higher success rate than Destiny 1. In the world of Destiny 2, there are many game modes, but one is particularly important to players: the game’s PvP mode, where players can fight against one another in a series of increasingly difficult Trials. For a game that takes place in a dark and gloomy dystopian future, one of the key differences between the PvP mode and the game’s main story missions is that the latter require players to use light, while the former offers up plenty of darkness.

How much does the splicer season cost?

Season of the Splicer is one of the coolest things to come to Destiny 2 since it was released in late October. This season will take players on a hefty journey through the Tangled Shore, a new story mission, and a new Strike – as well as the return of a notorious boss, the Devil Splicer. Season of the Splicer and The Taken King will be available to all players for free, whether they buy the Season Pass or not. After that, you will need to buy the Season Pass to get access to the remaining DLC for the year. The Season Pass costs $30 and is available now through PlayStation network, Xbox live, and Bungie Store. Guardians, Rise Again. The new season of events for Destiny 2 is nearly upon us, and you’ll need to have all of your gear equipped and ready for the battles ahead. The Season of the Splicer is the next big event for Destiny 2, and it will begin on October 18. It will run until November 27, and during this period you’ll be able to earn 20 XP at the end of every match, as well as earn a new legendary weapon at the end of the first week. The first weekend for this event will run from October 21–22.

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