Guild Wars 2 repromotes living world season 2 starting today – for free

Guild Wars 2 repromotes living world season 2 starting today – for free

The Living World: Season 2 starts today and for the next four months, players can join the fight for Tyria and the future of the world through the Living World episodes starting April 7, 2014.

The Living World season 2 is the latest installment in the Guild Wars 2’s Living World saga, which is the final story arc of the game’s story. The season will be followed by another season, which will be based on another part of the game’s story.

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Guild Wars 2 has just announced today that they’re starting to promote the Living World season 2 through various means, including free content and live streams.

As promised in the summer roadmap, Guild Wars 2 is preparing a series of events leading up to the big reveal of The End of Dragons in July. Two new episodes of the Living World Season 2 story arc, Gates of Maguuma and Entanglement, have been released this week – or rather, today. If you haven’t unlocked it yet and missed it, you should at least log in next week to get it for free. These two episodes tease you to the max, especially Dry Top. Enjoy the Dragon Cycle storyline and get ready for Guild Wars 2: The end of the dragons.

Log in between the 25th and 31st. of May in Guild Wars 2 to unlock these episodes for free! Check your in-game mailbox for a story unlockable token. You can find the unlocked episodes in Living World season 2 under the Story Log tab in the hero bar. If you’ve already unlocked episodes, you don’t need tokens – you’re all set! New achievements for episodes are available in the Bonus Events category on the Achievements tab.

You can complete them at any time to advance in the Seasons of the Dragon meta-successes and work towards legendary rewards. It looks like episode two and three will be released next week, episode four and five on June 8, and the final two episodes on June 15. June, so make sure you’re logged in to get them. View

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