The best Minecraft Bedrock servers

The best Minecraft Bedrock servers

Minecraft Bedrock is the world’s most popular unofficial server software for Minecraft, but it’s not easy to find good Minecraft Bedrock servers to play on. Well, we have the perfect place for you. We will keep updating this list of Minecraft Bedrock servers and best Minecraft Bedrock servers that we have tested and reviewed over the past year. The best Minecraft Bedrock servers that we have selected for you are listed below.

My name is Cowded, I play Minecraft on my own server, but I decided to write a blog about Minecraft Bedrock because I know that there are many servers that are good but don’t get enough attention, and I want to give them the attention they deserve. I would like to write about the servers that I think are the best and help to promote them. This will also help me to get a community.

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition – the version of the game designed for consoles and mobile devices (but can also be played on PCs) – has its own set of exclusive servers, just like the Java Edition for PC. Bedrock Edition has many great servers with very active player communities that are always looking for new people to join them. Here are some of the best servers you can find in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

Broken lens

Imagevia word-image-6580 As one of the most popular servers on this list, Broken Lens has hundreds of players at any given time. The server offers many popular game modes, including SkyWars, Survival, Spleef, HideAndSeek and more. If you want to play a unique game that you don’t normally find in Minecraft, Broken Lens probably offers you the best options. IP :


Imagevia YouTube word-image-6581 This is one of the oldest faction based servers that has been around for many years. Classic Factions, OP Factions and SkyBlock are the game modes included in ECPE. Highlights include a shop, a claims system and a highly competitive player base with thousands of active players. IP :


Imagevia word-image-6582 If you like survival servers, then this game is for you. Euphoria Prison, for example, is full of new and constantly updated features that keep players coming back, but Skyblock’s games are what this server is most known and famous for. IP :


image from word-image-6583 FallenTech has great minigames and game modes, and the server is often at full capacity. Check out their opinions on SkyBlock, factions and PvP. This server is particularly hospitable to Pocket Edition players. IP :


image from the Planet Minecraft website word-image-6584 This server is inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series. It’s based on PvP, where you can choose to be a good guy or a bad guy, like a cop or a bandit. The player who kills the most becomes the most wanted player, which means his picture is hung everywhere and he is heavily rewarded. IP :


Minecraft Hub Image word-image-6585 He is considered one of the best servers in the Bedrock edition. Hyperlands is the king of mini-games and includes game modes like SkyWars, Bedwars, TheBridge, Duels and PotPvP. Hyperland is incredibly popular considering the number of players who meet there on a regular basis. IP :


image from the Planet Minecraft website word-image-6586 Legends is a SkyBlock based server. Here you can choose and create your own island, upgrade it, customize enchantments and mine minerals. In addition, the server is heavily modded, resulting in a unique Minecraft experience. In Legends, PvP is rewarded, not punished. Besides the main server, there is a faction server, creative games and survival games, and of course Skyblock. IP :


Imagevia Xbox word-image-6587 Mineplex is an official Minecraft partner and receives tens of thousands of players every day. There’s everything from classic minigames to original games, including Skywars, Speed Builders and Block Hunt. The server was originally created based on Java. So be sure to visit the official website for updates on the Bedrock version.


Minecraftforum image word-image-6588 It is a user-friendly, community-based server that offers games such as Bedwars, Creative Plots, Duels, Factions and Murder Mystery. Nearly 20,000 players play NetherGames every day, demonstrating the popularity of this community. IP:

Versai PvP

Image via MCPE DL word-image-6589 Versai is based on (you guessed it) PvP mode and maintains a very active and competitive community with a large number of players. Versai also has a free-for-all mode where you can play in incredibly cool arenas. There are also bots added to the game to practice your combat skills. Skywars mini-games, mazes and parkour are also available. IP :

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Hypixel server for Minecraft bedrock?

Hypixel is a place where you can find the best Minecraft Bedrock servers. Hypixel, a popular Minecraft server hosting service, is known to have a large community that is full of helpful players, and it’s not uncommon for people to ask about the server’s availability. However, it’s rather difficult to determine whether or not a particular Hypixel server is running, since not all servers have a specific status page. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of all the servers on the Hypixel network, and provide a brief description for each one, and post it on our blog.

What is the #1 Minecraft server?

Although plenty of Minecraft servers have been established since the game’s launch, the servers we here at Cowded rank as the best. We have put in the time, effort, and money to find the top servers for Minecraft Bedrock. Minecraft Bedrock servers are where the real community of players live. There is a daily upkeep of servers, which means that the servers that we have listed here are well taken care of. You can be sure that your experience on the server will be dependable and rewarding. With millions of people playing the classic version of Minecraft every day, there are an increasing number of servers that provide an ideal home for Minecraft players. However, finding the best Minecraft servers is not as straightforward as it seems. On one hand, many players would like to find a mature server that does not have any sort of censorship or language filtering. On the other hand, many players would like the server to have a good community, and provide a fun and interesting gameplay experience for the player.

What is the most popular Minecraft Server 2020?

The popularity of Minecraft servers seems to be on the rise. Every time a new update comes out or a new Minecraft video game is released, servers have to keep up with the demand. According to a 2016 survey by the Minecraft community website,, over 60% of all servers are created by players. So, where do these servers come from? What is the most popular Minecraft server in 2020? There are a ton of viable online gaming options. From the latest AAA titles to the latest indie titles. There are also a ton of ways to play them. From dedicated servers to modded servers. You can even play them completely for free on your mobile devices. But, there is one thing in common. They all have one thing in common. They are all very popular. It is no wonder why. Thousands of people play them week in, week out, and it’s only getting bigger.

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