Patrol Officers – Off to a Promising Start

Patrol Officers – Off to a Promising Start

I’ve been working on the upcoming update to the Patrol Officers mod for Arma 3 lately, and I just wanted to share with all of you what’s coming up in the next update to the mod. I’m just 18 months into modding Arma, and I’ve been working on Patrol Officers since early 2014. I’m a police officer, and have been a part of the U.S. military since 2005, so I’ve spent a lot of time close to what I’ve modded in Arma 3 – patrolling..


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Developed by Aesir Interactive and published by astragon Entertainment, a police simulator : Patrol Officers is a new simulator for police officers. We’ve had a lot of police simulations lately, but none of them were really good, and some were downright ridiculous. Aesir Interactive wants to change this trend and has launched an early accessible police simulation game: Patrol officers, it’s safe to say that the developer is moving in the right direction. Here’s our review of Police Simulator in early access: Patrolmen where we hand out tickets and fix some accidents.

At the beginning of the game you choose a policeman or a policeman’s wife and you immediately start the game by choosing the normal or simulation difficulty. Casual is more of a relaxing experience, and Simulator is the intended difficulty of the game. Your first few days will begin with patrolling your neighborhood on foot and watching for parking violations. I spent my first two shifts tracking down illegally parked cars with expired parking meters or license plates. At first it seemed a bit dull and slow, but I quickly got into the swing of things and started scoring and writing a penalty here and there. There is, however, a but: The signage isn’t very clear and for some reason some violations aren’t picked up by the game, leading to me getting unfair penalties.


Thanks to the speeding tickets, I eventually purchased my own radar gun, and soon I was handing out speeding tickets all over the neighborhood. Each time I progressed in the game, I gained access to new tools and a new area in the same field, increasing my sphere of influence. However, during a guard you can only access one of the areas where you start your guard and cannot go to the other areas. The game makes it clear where my boundaries end, and even when I cross them, it forces me back into my zone, making it impossible to get lost in the game.

The speeding fines in the game are very realistic, as your radar-gun will tell you the speed of each approaching car and allow you to take a picture and notify the authorities of any violation. I was surprised to see so many people racing in the game. Of course it is impossible to keep track of all the cars, but there are some small elements that give clues to look at certain cars, for example. B. those who overtake others, and some cars even drive erratically with a slight zigzag movement from left to right in their lane, which is an indication to check them for speeding.


Eventually I began to punish those who crossed the street as well, and I had complete control over how I approached them. One of the pedestrians had red eyes, so I did several craft tests with him and even smelled him. The game gives little instructions here and there to help you, and after that you’re on your own, but if you pay attention, the characters in the game reveal a lot with their facial expressions, which impressed me a lot. Facial expressions are a great way to gauge people in the game and see how they react when you question them. If you find them guilty, you can fine them, otherwise just say goodbye after questioning them and examining their documents.

As I progressed, I was able to mitigate random minor accidents, and from there I was able to start helping people involved in minor traffic accidents. These are minor incidents, and the game presents them in a very natural way. I checked my speed near the highway and soon heard a loud creak, turned around and saw that the driver had hit another car that was at a red light. I had to answer the call and go there to fill out a report. I got involved and took some pictures of the cars involved in the accident.


I questioned both drivers, checked their licenses and insurance papers. When I found out, I checked to see if they had both been drinking and driving. It turned out that the driver who hit the other from behind was in fact drunk, as he tested positive for alcohol. I completed my report, gave a copy to both drivers, and the road was soon clear. In serious accidents where the vehicle cannot move, tow trucks may be called to the scene to remove the vehicle. If someone is hurt, you can also call an ambulance. Eventually I was able to unlock my own police car, and soon I was driving through the streets in my own patrol car. One of the best things about the police simulator: Patrolmen are also responsible for their own actions. There is no violence involved, and everything must be done in an orderly fashion.

Issue a false fine? Your reputation is going down the drain. An arrest or an unwarranted search? Your reputation is going down the drain. Keep it up, and soon you’ll have to turn in your ID and go home. You must perform your duties in a civilized and orderly manner. Everything has been arranged for you and you must follow protocol in everything. You will find that if you treat people well, they will treat you well in the game and praise your actions. If you irritate and piss people off, hand in your badge and go home fired. It’s not just another pointless detective game where you can do whatever you want. It is a real police simulator and the game requires you to follow the rules.


One important thing I miss in the game is the manual for the various road signs. The game is set in the fictional city of Brighton and follows the rules of real European countries, but the rules and characters differ slightly from country to country, and a glossary of these characters in the game would certainly be of use to players who are not from the area. In the game, for example, I’ve issued several tickets for cars that were clearly parked in taxi or towing zones, but for some reason were right when they weren’t taxis and weren’t allowed to park in towing zones.

At this point, a little description of what to expect from these signs and what to look for would really help players everywhere to easily understand these signs and what to look for. Police Simulator : Patrol Officers promises plenty of content for the full release, and judging by the gameplay of the Early Access game, I can easily say that this could be the police simulator that fans have been waiting for. With extra areas, extra challenges, extra items, extra gameplay features and extra areas, the full version will undoubtedly be one of the biggest releases yet. I just hope the game has a free-roam mode that doesn’t affect the main course, and that you can just pick a random agent and jump across the game map with no restrictions or time limits to play as an agent for as long as you want. This will add a lot of value to the game, as there is no way to go back to the main campaign when the day is over, so it will be a great addition to the game.


Police Simulator Gameplay : The patrolman is also not perfect at this point, and there are many changes I would like to see in the final version. Everything from moving the character on foot to driving the patrol car needs to be reworked. So the early access phase could really benefit the game if the developers use this time well and listen to fan feedback. The soundtrack could have been more varied, especially regarding the vehicles, and the world could have used more pedestrians and vehicles to make it more vibrant. We are very curious to see what the game will look like when it is finally released. Final Judgment : Police Simulator : Patrol Offices may seem a little slow and boring at first, but once you get past the first level, the game quickly picks up speed as you access new areas and items available, which really opens up the world.

The game is still in Early Access though, so it still has a long way to go with lots of updates and content, so it could be a great game at launch. For an early access game, it’s still in a pretty solid position, and I had a good time as a civilian police officer. If you like simulators, especially police simulators, then I am sure you will enjoy Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, and you should definitely check out Early Access, as the game has a lot to offer, even at this stage. It’s great fun and will keep you busy for hours cleaning up your neighborhood.

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