Guide to Resident Evil 4 VR and How it Changed the Horror Genre

Resident Evil 4 is a classic game that has been remade into Resident Evil 4 VR. The experience of the game in this new medium offers thrills and chills, but does it offer anything more than what we already have? Resident Evil 4 Switch is a Resident Evil 4 game that was ported to the Nintendo Switch. The port is good, but it doesn’t compare to the original PC version. Read more in detail here: resident evil 4 switch.

I gave up. I swallowed my pride and snatched up one of the high-end Oculus Quest 2 headgear. I gave Facebook a couple hundred dollars. I still feel that VR gaming is the most inventive niche in the business today, but there wasn’t a system out there that was inexpensive, practical, and powerful prior to the introduction of the Quest 2. This nice little contraption, on the other hand, is light, inexpensive, cordless, and, most importantly, can run some pretty amazing games like Demeo, Moss, Zombieland: Headshot Fever, and many more. The system was in desperate need of that one game-changing software that would persuade the masses to give it a try. Who’d have guessed Resident Evil 4 VR would turn out to be such a hit?

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What Makes this Game So Scary?

Resident Evil 4 has been re-released in yet another version. Is this the fifteenth, sixteenth, or seventeenth version of the game since 2005? How can a game that’s been around for a long time be deemed the killer app for a completely new gaming technology? I get what you’re saying. The main issue with VR is that it’s difficult to fathom how fantastic a game may be in such a format via the eyes and minds of a beginner while seeing a 2D teaser on YouTube. If you’re not new to virtual reality, you may use your imagination to fill in the gaps; however, this is not the case with newcomers.

Resident Evil 4 VR resembles a Doom-style shooter more than a survival horror game. That’s a great complemen

Resident Evil 4 VR is, at its heart, just Resident Evil 4. It keeps the level concept and aesthetics from the Gamecube version, albeit they’ve been upscaled and re-polished to appear better at higher resolutions. Ganados will attempt to sneak up behind you and shout “detrás de ti, imbecil,” the puzzles remain essentially the same, the lab portions are tedious, and Ashley is still a problem.

“You have total control over Leon’s motions thanks to the Oculus Quest 2 controllers’ free-form mobility. You may swiftly go from one location on the map to another, moving the camera about with dexterity and shooting while doing so.”

You won’t have any problems with this port if you’ve ever played RE4. With that stated, while being essentially the same game, Resident Evil 4 VR alters things in such a manner that it becomes a near-completely different experience, generally for the better.

You’ll become accustomed to Leon’s airy hands

The new viewpoint has a significant impact on how the game is and should be played. Resident Evil 4 was a slow-paced game when it first came out. It gave the world a brand-new targeting mechanism while keeping the tank-like controls from the previous games in the series. In this aspect, Resident Evil 4 VR is even less of a horror game. You have total control over Leon’s motions thanks to the Oculus Quest 2 controllers’ free-form mobility. You may swiftly go from one location on the map to another, moving the camera about with dexterity and shooting while doing so. When you think about it, it’s even more of a VR Doom experience than Doom VFR and Doom 3.

Against a boss, dual-wielding a pistol and a boomstick to channel my inner Ash Williams.

As a result, the ganados are much more nimble and aggressive than their non-VR counterparts. While they approach close to you, they don’t slow down since you don’t need the additional time to enter aiming mode when you’re standing in front of them. You can move about while dual wielding a pistol and a knife, a machine gun and a pistol if you choose, putting them in a more competitive situation against you. At no point did I feel Resident Evil 4 VR was more difficult or unjust than its non-VR counterparts. In reality, just the opposite is true. Because I’m accustomed to free-form VR movement owing to titles like Sniper Elite VR and Farpoint, it seemed natural to play this once-survival horror like a crazed FPS.

What Do You Get When You Play It In VR?

Resident Evil 4 VR is one of those games with “floaty hands,” and although this may seem unsettling in pictures, you don’t notice them as much during gameplay. Because the weapon placement and gameplay are so superb, you’ll be able to focus on what’s in front of you while letting your hands operate freely without having to worry about where your weapons and ammunition are.

“Resident Evil 4 VR does a better job than anticipated of capturing the cinematic mood of the original RE4. Sure, cutscenes are presented in a theater-like manner, which takes you out of the experience.”

I’d grab a pistol with my right hand, ammunition from a belt pocket with my left hand, reload it like a boss, grab a knife with my left hand, and go full Rambo on a swarm of peasants without breaking a sweat. It’s an excellent control method that takes just a few minutes to master.

When saving the game, you must now manually enter in your name. It’s a ridiculous touch, but it’s a lot of fun.

There’s just one problem with Resident Evil 4 VR’s control method, and it has to do with the Quest 2 controllers: carrying a bigger weapon with two hands feels odd. Going back to make-believe shotgun handling seems clumsy after playing so many games with the PSVR AIM controller, when holding such sort of weapon is second nature. It’s nothing to get worked up over, but it does make you wonder whether Oculus will ever create a rifle-shaped controller. It’s something I’d purchase in a heartbeat.


Resident Evil 4 VR does a better job than anticipated of capturing the cinematic mood of the original RE4. Sure, cutscenes are presented in a theater-like manner, which takes you out of the experience, but I don’t believe there was any other way to address this. There have been a few lines of speech and sequences removed, but nothing major. For the most part, the corny speech is still there. The music is still fantastic, and the ganados will continue to scream swear words in Spanish whenever they get the opportunity. QTEs have also been reworked. Surprisingly, things have changed for the better. They are mostly motion-based and need even fewer responses than before. They’re also now completely optional. On the main menu, you can turn them off completely.

Definitely scarier than the 2D versions.

Resident Evil 4 VR does not include a Mercenaries mode or Ada’s campaign as of this writing. At the moment, you can only play the main campaign, which takes you through towns, castles, laboratories, and everything in between. The latter, on the other hand, has already been confirmed and will be available in a free update later this year. Given how action-packed this version of RE4 is, I can only image how addicting the Mercenaries mode will be in VR, particularly given how portable and “pick-up-and-play-friendly” the Oculus Quest 2 is overall.

Did you think I’d publish a Resident Evil 4 review without including a picture of everyone’s favorite NPC?

Resident Evil 4 VR is more than simply a wonderful killer game for the Oculus Quest 2; it’s a killer app for virtual reality in general. Unlike Half-Life Alyx, this is a fantastic shooter that can be played on the cheapest, most accessible, and most pleasant VR device available. It has everything you’ve always liked about Resident Evil 4, but from a totally new viewpoint, making what was already entertaining and engrossing even more dramatic and unforgettable. Even if the shadiness behind the scenes makes you hesitant to buy a Quest 2, Resident Evil 4 VR is well worth the price of admission.

Even though the assets are directly from the Gamecube version and the degree of gore has been toned down, it’s still a very immersive experience. It looks beautiful and works well on the Quest’s superb displays. This is truly virtual reality gaming. Free-form movement that isn’t as nauseating as one would expect, hyper-realistic aiming and shooting, and an overall control scheme that is simple to pick up and master. Having saying that, using two hands to hold a heavy rifle never seems natural.
Although the use of surround sound isn’t as amazing as I’d expect from a VR game, it does the job. With the exception of a few missing voice clips, the remainder of the sound design is the same music and voice acting we’ve enjoyed since 2005. This is the most fun I’ve ever had with any Resident Evil 4 version. That must explain something.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Resident Evil 4 VR?

A: Resident Evil 4 VR is one of the best horror games on PSN, and it can be scary if played in a dark room.

Is Resident Evil 4 VR the Full Game?

A: No, Resident Evil 4 VR is not the full game. The original game has been re-released with a remastered version and includes all DLC content as well.

Does Resident Evil 4 VR?

A: Resident Evil 4 VR is currently available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but not on the PlayStation. It would be very difficult to play the game without a controller as it requires you to aim with your head in order to shoot zombies with a pistol or wieldan axe while dodging their attacks.

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