30+ Hilarious Minecraft Pick Up Lines

Minecraft Pick Up Lines

Now, we all know Minecraft is far from what most people would call a romantic game. I mean, sure there’s the typical creeper that spawns in any place and you just know he’s gonna kill you, but outside of that? A lotta nothing. It definitely doesn’t have the same kind of romance as games like BioShock Infinite, even though they’re both made by the same developer! But, what if I were to tell you there is in fact a way to make this game more romantic?

Well, it all starts when you say “hi” (see what I did there?) to these 100+ hilarious Minecraft pick-up lines that will surely improve your love life.

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  1. “I’m not married to my job. I’m happily engaged.” (46 Up)
  2. “Baby, you make me feel like an ex-parrot!” (Pirates of the Caribbean 2)
  3. “Let’s play a game! It’ll be fun. Trust me on this one.” (50 First Dates)
  4. “I’m building a bridge, and I need your stone” (Collateral)
  5. “You must be made of bricks. Because you’re the only one for me.” (Brick)
  6. “I said ‘ Can we go behind that rock over there?’ and she said…(puts down pickaxe) nevermind.” (Saving Private Ryan)
  7. “Hey girl, I don’t know if you’re my sword or shield, but baby you can be my fortress!” (Frozen- Elsa was looking pretty good in her ice dress.)
  8. “We both know I’m not that great with a pickaxe, but baby you can be my diamond.” (The Breakup- Okay maybe this one doesn’t apply but it’s still pretty good)
  9. “You must be made of redstone. Because the way you light up my world is more than just an enchantment.” (Overwatch- McCree would so pull this line.)
  10. “Is your dad Mr. Skittles? ‘Cause damn girl, I wanna taste the rainbow!” (Wreck It Ralph)
  11. “Hey girl, if you were Minecraft blocks, you’d be what they call “Rare”. And even though I don’t have any stone..I got plenty of wood to spare..for yooouuuu!” (The Notebook- I feel like even non Minecraft fans could appreciate this one)
  12. “You must be made of champagne. Because you’re bubbly, and you make me happy!..and you’re fun to have around.” (The Hangover- The whole series was pretty romantic if you think about it.)
  13. “Hey girl, are you a creeper? ‘Cause damn baby, you blow me away.” (Jurassic World)
  14. “Do you want to go behind that not-so-diamond-like rock over there?” (The Hobbit)
  15. “Hey girl, your skin looks great. You mustn’t have spent too much time in the nether…’cause I’m so hot you would have died.” (Minecraft Story Mode Season 2- Okay this one doesn’t count!)
  16. “Do you wanna play another game? My name’s Jesse, by the way.” (Minecraft Story Mode)
  17. “Can I pick your flower? Minecraft is life!” (Life Is Strange)
  18. “You’re good with a sword. Maybe we can skip the minecart ride and head back to my place instead..” (Zelda Ocarina of Time.)
  19. “Girl, you must be made of lapis. Because my eyes are bluer than the ocean when I look at you.” (Hercules)
  20. “I don’t know if you’re an enchanting pickaxe or a strong sword, but girl…you can chop off my diamond supply any time.” (Frozen- Anna’s in that sapphire dress in the picture.)
  21. “Yeah, it’s definitely not the real thing. But baby in this game, I’m just playing for keeps!” (The Breakup- Okay maybe this one doesn’t apply but it does sound pretty cute!)
  22. “Hey girl! Wanna get behind that big tree over there?” (How To Train Dragon 2)
  23. “Did you just eat some porkchops? Cause I want you to come home with me!” (How To Train Your Dragon)
  24. “You must be made of iron. Because baby, my pick is rock solid.” (Hotel Translvania 2- Okay this one doesn’t count!)
  25. “Are you a skeleton? ‘Cause you got that bone structure!” (Miracle at 34th Street)
  26. “Hey girl, are your parents up for adoption? Cuz let’s face it…you’re the apple of my eye.” (The Blind Side)
  27. “Is there anything behind that door over there?” (Romeo & Juliet)
  28. “So what do you say we go somewhere more private like behind that big creeper over there?” (Zelda Ocarina Of Time)
  29. “I don’t know what I’m feeling. But it’s bringing me closer to you.” (A Walk To Remember- And who says Minecraft is just for boys?!)
  30. “If you were any sweeter, we’d need cactus and bone meal to survive!” (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  31. “Are your parents Mr. & Mrs. Enderman? ‘Cause that’s how I feel right now..” (Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 – Again, not a real minecraft thing but still sounds cute for this article.)
  32. “You must be made of milk…because baby, everything about you is sweet!” (Coco)
  33. “Hey girl, do you want to go behind that tree with me?” (The Princess and the Frog- And this one doesn’t count either but it’s still cute!)
  34. “If I got down on my knees, would you say yes?” (Frozen)

What’s your favorite Minecraft pickup line? Let us know in the comments section! Some lines were paraphrased slightly for entertainment purposes only. Hope all of you enjoyed our collection of Minecraft pick-up lines! If not, tell us which ones we should add below.

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