How to get a Heart of the Sea- Minecraft

Heart of the Sea is a vanilla item in Minecraft that is an ingredient for crafting Conduits. This mineral can be somewhat difficult to find, but the desire to craft the Conduit is so great that most players are willing to do whatever it takes to get this valuable material. Although there are some ways listed below of how you can acquire Heart of the Seas, there are one or two methods that will be more effective than others. For example, if your playstyle matches up with one method then consider yourself lucky!

Where to find a Heart of the Sea

The first step on how to get a Heart of the Sea is very simple – wait! It will eventually turn up on its own as long as you are playing on Normal difficulty or higher. On these settings, about every 2-4 minutes your world will spawn a single Heart of the Sea. Now, if you have access to water already or are planning on building an ocean monument, then wait until it spawns in either one of these areas so you can collect it faster.

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The next step is to find a Conduit. Other than waiting for one of them to magically appear in your world, there are only two main ways that this can happen. The first way is by trading with villagers – another player already found it and traded it with them! There is no guarantee that they will be willing to hand over their valuable Conduit, though. The best way to obtain a Conduit is through adventuring or exploring on your own. you are lucky enough to find one then you should take it and use all of your Heart of the Sea on that Conduit.

The final step in how to get a Heart of the Sea is easy (and fun!) – crafting! After you have acquired both ingredients, simply put one Deep Ocean Block above Deep Ocean Water and place a Conduit in between them. If everything works out correctly, brightly lit ripples will start emanating from the Conduit and its effectiveness will be doubled for as long as it stands strong. (a good ten minutes or so). After this time period has passed, go ahead and collect another Heart of the Sea from your world or trade with a villager if you found one. Then just repeat the process again until your Conduits are really effective.

The whole point of this guide was not to show one simple way of getting a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft, but instead, it is to give you an idea of where to start looking, what items are needed, and how they work together so that you can hopefully find your very own Heart of the Sea. If you have any other useful tips or tricks on finding Heart of Seas in Minecraft, then let us know about them below! Also, consider buying yourself a Minecraft server for a better experience. Click here if interested. Want more content? Click here for more guides. Thank you for being with us! Hope you have a great day

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