Sims 4 Biker CC: Jackets, Tattoos & More

A look at the top games in Steam’s Early Access program. This is a list of games with early access and upcoming releases that you might be interested in checking out or waiting for to come on sale. The “tattoo denim jacket” is a jacket that has a tattoo design on the back. The design is created from denim, which makes it durable and comfortable. Motorcycle riding is one of those activities that may turn into a lifetime obsession. It’s simple to understand how someone may get engrossed in something like that. Imagine being out on the wide road, free as a bird, with the wind in your hair. Some individuals, on the other hand, do not need to fantasize. And it’s because of individuals like them that the subculture has become so well-known today. Your Sims, on the other hand, are a different story.

“The “tattoo denim jacket” is a jacket that has a tattoo design on the back. The design is created from denim, which makes it durable and comfortable. Motorcycle riding is one of those activities that may turn into a lifetime obsession.”

To really give them the biker image, you’ll need some fantastic personalized material. And, thankfully, there’s enough of stuff out there. You’ll never yearn for a biker Sim again, starting with CAS and on forward. Let’s make it happen, thanks to the content producers’ efforts.

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1. Mr.Mayhem’s Tattoos + Scars Pack

If you’re a lover of both Sons of Anarchy and Simmer, this bundle will be very valuable to you. Everything is taken straight from the mouths of the characters, and in incredible detail. However, even if you’ve never seen the program, these tattoos and scars will look great on your biker Sim. These tattoos are more customizable than the ones included in the original game.

Several of them include skulls, money, and tribal motifs that cover the majority of your Sim’s body. Males and ladies alike may be tatted up on their arms and backs with any of them. Not all bikers, though, have scars. It is, however, an excellent method to give a Sim’s look a bit more edge. The facial scars are beautiful and realistic, while remaining true to the Maxis Match aesthetic. Take a Look At This CC.

2. Girl Gang Jackets

The rough-and-tumble, leather-clad biker lifestyle is no longer exclusive to men. This is the garment you need if you have a female Sim that would feel right at home on the back of her own hog. It’s not only a fantastic, zipped-up style, but the details are also fantastic.

There will be two swatches available, both with “Girl Gang” on the front. Your Sim may flaunt her feminine power everywhere she goes, and she can do it in style. On one side, there’s a motorbike, while on the other, there’s a wonderful skull and crossbones patch. A leather jacket may be worn in a variety of ways. So, with this in mind, you should have no trouble providing your Sim a fantastic clothing. Take a Look At This CC.

3. Sittable Motorcycle

We could debate preconceptions and whether all bikers wear leather jackets and have tattoos all day. I’m sure there’s someone out there who like to ride in a dress and high heels. And I say to them, “More power!” But there’s one thing that can’t be avoided: a cyclist needs a bike. The only issue is that transportation in The Sims 4 is a relatively new idea. Most gamers assumed we’d be without it indefinitely until Discover University appeared out of nowhere with bicycles.

So, we’re heading in the correct direction. However, previous games added additional means of transportation, such as the Ambitions motorcycles, which are precisely what you see here. Esmeralda not only expertly transformed this bike from The Sims 3, but they also made it useable! No, your Sims won’t be able to use it just yet. They may, however, utilize it as a seat. At the very least, you may appreciate the insinuation that they ride (and perhaps take some staged shots…). It comes with a variety of gruesome swatches, including flames of various colors, skulls, and more. Take a Look At This CC.

4. Attention III Pose Pack

Poses are fantastic. They enable you to show a variety of circumstances that you would not otherwise be able to see your Sims in. Riding a motorbike, for example! Until EA’s engineers make it feasible in the game, this is the closest you’ll be able to get to the real thing. You may have your Sims riding a bike while wearing a helmet, relaxing on the seat, performing a wheelie, and much more with these positions.

Several of them include the “Sittable Motorcycle” mentioned above, which is a variant designed expressly for use with postures. There are a few more mentioned in the Description tab that aren’t quite as typical of bikers as Esmeralda’s conversion, but for The Sims 4, you won’t find a finer selection. If you arrange the bikes and stances in the appropriate places, you’ll be able to get some very amazing images! At sunset, on streets, beaches, and front yards are all terrific options. Take a Look At This CC.

5. Rambler Leather Jacket

For a long time, The Sims 4 lacked excellent leather threads. The Vampires game set included a terrific one, but it’ll always be associated with the dusty-looking clothing underneath. City Living also sent us one, but it was coupled with a hoodie. None of them manage to capture the same basic yet tough feel as Peacemaker’s Rambler Jacket. This was simply detached from the basic game costume, which retained it linked to leather chaps, and given a texture makeover.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. That’s all it took for your studly Sims to have the perfect macho jacket. These ten swatches will also provide some good variety. You may choose between hues of white, gray, and beige in addition to the traditional black and brown. Take a Look At This CC.

6. WyattSims’ Leather Jacket

With a loose fit and an old-school design, this is a more casual type jacket. It’s worth mentioning that the developer cleverly designed it to be suitable for both hot and cold conditions. Finally, you don’t have to compromise your Sim’s fashion because of the weather. That’s always the worst case scenario.

This one’s greatness comes from its simplicity. It’s a basic leather jacket with no frills or additions… That is why I adore it! Sims of all ages may wear it at any time of day or night. What’s more, you know what’s always in style? Of course, it’s leather. It isn’t going away unless something as cool appears. Take a Look At This CC.

7. Mathcope Biker Vest

What do you think The Sims 4 is missing? (apart from working cars) Vests. They’re excellent in every aspect. Teenagers used to wear puffy vests as part of their regular attire. Furry animal print variants became a staple of every girlie girl’s wardrobe not long after. Okay, so these may not be the most “in” item right now… They do, however, provide a particular aesthetic that can’t be duplicated with anything else.

When a man wears a vest with no shirt, he seems to be more wild and savage. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s something our Sims have earned. With exquisite stitching and a natural subtly-worn aspect to the leather, this CC really is a beautiful design. By layering it over accessory shirts or letting it stand alone, you may completely incorporate this into your Sim’s wardrobe. Take a Look At This CC.

8. Wolfgang Sleeve

The majority of the time, real-life biker tattoos have significance. However, in The Sims 4, it’s always about making your Sims look good. Custom tattoos have a lot to recommend them. Creators do an excellent job of creating something that is really worthy of remaining on your Sim’s body for the rest of their lives… Although in this game, tattoo removal is a lot easier than in real life.

With only a few clicks, you may decide whether your Sim has no tattoos or is tattooed from head to toe. Sleeves have always been my favorite tattoos because they allow me to get a lot done in a short amount of time. These ones are for both men and women, and include grim artwork like as skulls, eyes, snakes, and booze. You know, typical biker stuff.

You may combine them to give your Sim two complete sleeves by mixing and matching them. Imagine that in combination with Mathcope’s Biker Vest… whoo! They’ll be the center of attention. Take a Look At This CC.

9. Mortimer Biker Pants

You may believe that motorcyclists just wear leather as a fashion statement. But, as I just discovered, it all began as a means of protecting their skin from road rash in the case of an accident. I simply assumed that was part of the look all along. But, as useful as leather is, it also looks great.

“The Sim who wears them will never be without pockets again… even in a hypothetical sense. They’re edgy, bold, and exclusively for the ladies. These pants, which are rather distinctive, can definitely be used to create some rockin’ ensembles.”

Not only do these very slim trousers have a wonderful, smooth leather feel, but they also feature multiple trendy zippers. The Sim who wears them will never be without pockets again… even in a hypothetical sense. They’re edgy, bold, and exclusively for the ladies. These pants, which are rather distinctive, can definitely be used to create some rockin’ ensembles. Take a Look At This CC.

10. Cropped Biker Jacket

A complete black leather suit is certainly an important aspect of the biker style. A few bursts of color, on the other hand, could be the way to go for a more contemporary approach. Here’s one more CC choice for the ladies, and this cropped sleeveless jacket is another example of how designers can come up with incredibly unique clothing.

Some jackets just need the sleeves to be taken off and the hem to be pushed up a few inches. Is that enough to call it a vest? Perhaps. But it’s a voyage worth taking. To be honest, the Sims have more than enough coats. And there aren’t enough sleeveless options. This may be worn by your Sims on its alone, or you can combine it with other accessory tops for even more levels of personalized fashion. Take a Look At This CC.

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