10 Free Vampire Pose Packs For The Sims 4

This is a complete list of vampire pose packs for Sims 4 that are free to use. The “sims 4 vampire pose” is a term that refers to the poses you can use in The Sims 4. You can find many free packs of these poses on this website.

“Vampires have also been present in The Sims 2 since its release. The fact that EA keeps adding them to the game through expansion packs demonstrates how popular they are among the general public.”

Thanks to current media, you may either love them or despise them. Vampires have always been (and most likely will continue to be) a popular issue. Thousands of amusing taboo-love tales, hundreds of spooky Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Esque TV programs, and dozens of movie office Dracula retellings pretty much establish it.

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Vampires have also been present in The Sims 2 since its release. The fact that EA keeps adding them to the game through expansion packs demonstrates how popular they are among the general public. I’m going to presume that the vast majority of them reading this have a Vamp! Sims nestled up in their gallery (or two). So here’s a bunch of fantastic bespoke vampire poses for your blood-sucking demons.

1. Vampire Collaboration Poses by Akuiyumi

The pair positions in this collection do not need Scumbumbo’s teleport statues to operate, save from the notably unusual (and disturbing) solo stances. In fact, you won’t be able to accomplish the drinking and assaulting stances shown in the previews if you attempt to place the vamp!Sim and victim using overlapping teleporters, as most custom pair or group poses do.

Vampire Collaboration Poses by Akuiyumi / Sims 4

The “couch trick,” as explained by the developer, is a means to get your vampires to effectively feed on their respective victims. Basically, both Sims are seated on a couch. The loveseat is then removed. This should leave them standing next to each other at the precise distance and position required for the intended couple pose. Don’t worry; the solo postures (of which there are ten) are much simpler to master.

For them, just walk your Sim to the location you want them to go, then posture them using Andrew’s Pose Player. Make sure to read the creator’s original description for more details on the positions and posing directions before downloading! Take a Look At This Pose Pack.

2. Undead Posepack by Sakuraleon

Want to get some sensual, sensuous creature-of-the-night shots? Sakuraleon’s Undead posture pack includes four seductive couple poses that mimic the covers of most young adult books with a spooky theme. Hey, I understand it: vamp love can be a lot of fun. The stances are also really well-made.

Undead Posepack by Sakuraleon / TS4

The couples’ faces are a combination of lighthearted and arrogant, which I adore. They act as though they’ve snatched the largest and bestest or something. These aren’t supposed to be unisex, since the artist specifies men on the right and ladies on the left. But, to be honest, I think you should have some fun with it. Because I believe that alternative approaches might still work in this situation. Take a Look At This Pose Pack.

3. Vampire’s Poses by DinoDell

This collection of 11 solitary vampire postures is rather intriguing. And I say this because there aren’t many Sims 4 custom pose sets that depict Vamp Sims as stealthy, aggressive, and somewhat insane supernatural hunters that take their talents a bit too seriously. So this posture pack is made up of 40% growling, 50% posturing, and 10% teeth.

Vampire’s Poses by DinoDell for The Sims 4

Some of the positions seem a bit odd at first, but that’s primarily because they’re supposed to be action pictures, and capturing a vampire in the act is a little strange. However, it’s still a decent bundle that offers for some creative photographic ideas. By the way, the ceiling poses will only function on the lowest ceiling height. So be sure to plan ahead! Take a Look At This Pose Pack.

4. We Drink Your Blood (Poses) by Wistful Castle

Bloodsuckers with a lust for blood or territorial super-powered hunters? Both variants are available in Wistful Castle’s We Drink Your Blood pack!  There are four couple postures here, three of which depict vampires feeding on their victims and one of which depicts a vampire leaping on its victim. I think the leaping position is my favorite since it is so dynamic.

We Drink Your Blood (Vampire Poses) / The Sims 4

There’s one solo position that also has a posturing, menacing vibe about it. In terms of themes or narratives, it’s quite simple, but it’s also extremely helpful. This pack has a lot of diversity, which I appreciate. The stances aren’t merely variants of the same pose or topic; they’re discreetly tied to an ongoing story. Take a Look At This Pose Pack.

5. Take Me Vampire Posepack by Natalia-Auditore

Sakuraleon’s Undead posture set has the same “forbidden love” vibe as this one. But what is the most significant distinction? These stances are more akin to a sensuous supernatural fantasy realm than a general/young adult romance story. If you’re not okay with that notion, you should probably avoid this one.

'Take Me' Vampire Posepack by Natalia-Auditore / TS4 CC

It depicts a rather thorough scene of a vampire feeding on their (kind of) willing victim. That’s fantastic if it fits your story-telling requirements. This is also one of the less brutal vamp packs on my list. If it’s becoming a little too much for you, try Wistful Castle’s We Drink Your Blood or memeuru’s Vampires Suck Poses (which will be up next!). This may be a better option for your calm, serene blood sipping scenarios.

Although the real thumbnails of each posture alternate with black squares, the in-game pose list for this set is a bit unclear. So just remember that the victim is represented by the photo thumbnails, while the vampire is represented by the dark squares. Take a Look At This Pose Pack.

6. Vampires Suck Poses by mememuru

In terms of emotion and uniqueness, this is without a doubt one of my favorite packs. It basically fits with the entire legend of vampires lulling their victims into a false feeling of security so they may feed freely. This bundle includes both romantic and group poses, with the group poses being particularly unique.

Vampires Suck Poses by mememuru for The Sims 4

Take a look at the sneak peek images. There aren’t many bespoke positions like that, I’m sure. Male vampire, female vampire, and so forth are all identified on the postures. But I attempted to shake things up a bit. To be honest, I believe they’re quite unisex. Just keep an eye out for well-endowed Female Sim models. Particularly in the initial trio stance, their chest might create some clipping difficulties. Take a Look At This Pose Pack.

7. Vampire Attack (Couple Pose) By Pandora

This pack is arguably the most brutal of all the packs on this list that depict a vampire assault. Sure, the majority of the packs portray vampires devouring people. But, owing to magical vampire thralls (see mememuru’s Vampires Suck), the act is either idealized (Natalia-Take Auditore’s Me Vampire Pose Pack) or toned down and mellowed down (see mememuru’s Vampires Suck).

Vampire Attack (Couples Pose) By Pandora / The Sims 4

Vampires are shown in this film as merciless night-walking predators who are feared—and rightly so. Take a look at the group pose for two vampires and one victim. It’s definitely a scene from a vintage monster picture. Let’s not even talk about the vampire kid posture. It’s beautifully spooky if you’re into it. However, I would confess that the absence of thumbnails in the pose list, as well as the diversity of poses itself (i.e., solo pictures combined with group images), make first setup a bit tricky. However, if you utilize the sample photographs as a reference, you’ll be able to figure everything out in no time. Take a Look At This Pose Pack.

8. Deadly Love Pose Pack by Sunnie Simmer

Isn’t it true that you’re a vampire? You’ll need a supply of new blood. You’ve found a lovely human specimen who is more than willing to provide you with this delicacy on an exclusive basis.  There will be no more hunting, enticing, or biting down on screaming, reluctant victims. If you ask me, it seems to be something worth displaying. There are just three postures in this set, and they’re all really cool.

“In terms of possibilities and variants, this pack is similar to Sakuraleon’s Undead pack in that it simply depicts a vampire and a human posing together and flaunting their love.”

Deadly Love Pose Pack by Sunnie Simmer / TS4

If your Vampire Sim isn’t dressed appropriately, the first two stances might be mistaken for regular couple poses (albeit a tad bit possessive). But don’t worry: the final series of positions (also known as the floating pose) completely debunks that assumption. In terms of possibilities and variants, this pack is similar to Sakuraleon’s Undead pack in that it simply depicts a vampire and a human posing together and flaunting their love. This one, on the other hand, appeals to me because of its simplicity and closeness. As a result, I’m including it here. Take a Look At This Pose Pack

9. Violent Vampire Poses by Natalia-Auditore

The humanistic guilt-stricken vampire tale is also rather popular (again, thank you modern young adult novels). However, I’ve just learned that there aren’t many packs here that include that story. So that’s one for the record books. I believe the teaser photographs describe the narrative fairly well, but just to be sure, all seven sets in this pack depict a vampire attacking a helpless victim.

Violent Vampire Poses by Natalia-Auditore for The Sims 4

The helpless victim attempts but fails to fight back. They’ve been drained completely dry and have collapsed to the ground, comatose. The film concludes with the vampires scream loudly towards the sky, regretting their life choices. Pose seven sees the vampire looking menacingly at the unconscious (or dead, depending on your preference) corpse in front of them. I strongly advise you to include this in your modifications folder if it fits your story. Take a Look At This Pose Pack.

10. Vampire Slayer Pose Pack by Monster without name

Without a question, this is my favorite bundle. Without a doubt. Excellent concept. Beautiful expressions. Quality? Out of this world. Originality? I couldn’t locate a posture pack that was even close to the story. Not that I’m prejudiced in any way, but…damn. This Vampire Slayer pose set checks all of my boxes: a terrific subject, a gripping tale, few accessories, and a handful of good-looking poses that are simple to put up and cycle through.

Vampire Slayer Pose Pack (Preview) Sims 4 CC

In all, there are ten poses in this pack: four solos and six pairs. And they all seem to belong on the sets of Van Helsing or Constantine. “Disgruntled world-weary person burdened by their self-appointed job as supernatural protector,” for example. It’s possible that it’ll be overdone in the same way that the entire “love-between-humans-and-vampires-is-taboo” narrative is. But at the very least, this story has lots of action! And it’s not only in the amazing battle sequences instances 6-9. To be honest, this unique pose pack provides us a whole movie. And I’m savoring every moment of it. Take a Look At This Pose Pack.

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