Temple Run is one of those games that doesn’t quite compare to others. Whether because of its fast-paced action or because it provides a fun environment in which users can leap into the air, collect prizes and complete adventures really depends on the user. One thing that does resonate with every player is that the success of this game has led to others just like it being developed.

While some may argue that there is no game that could possibly come close to Temple Run, this list provides some that come pretty close. And though you will never find a game that is an exact copy in graphics, the movements and characters of some of the games listed below may seem eerily familiar when you do eventually play them. Of course, whether you like them or not is really up to you, but there is no doubt that these games are popular and that they have made a lot of money in a very short time.

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Aby Escape

This free game is an almost exact copy of Temple Run, which for many players is not a bad thing. It is a fast-paced game and the main character takes you through the story one Converse sneaker at a time. As a raccoon on its hinds legs, you will need to escape the evil people hunting you as you dash from one level to the next, getting out of the way of obstacles and picking up prizes. The game is not an endless runner, as Temple Run is, but it does have many of the same features and properties and this makes it stand out.

Tiny Wings

This game is just adorable. As a teeny tiny little bird, you will have to run and fly away from the oncoming dusk up and down hills and over dales. It’s a casual game. It’s an addictive game. And sadly, it is not free. However, it only costs $2.99 which really isn’t too much to pay. The game has an HD version too, and though you can only play it on iPhone and iPad, it has many redeeming features. The game is not the easiest to explain, but it is very easy to play and like so many games of this genre, it will engross you and keep you playing for hours.

Nosferatu: Run from the Sun

A scary, ugly and bloodsucking vampire may not be something people are scared of these days, thanks to the like of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, but as a vampire, in this game, you will have to run from the sun to avoid dying while turning the people around you into vampires. Presented with multiple opportunities to power up and get all kinds of boosts, this game certainly makes use of an interesting premise, a new take on the traditional free-run game. But leveling up takes coins, so players will need to keep going for as long as they can.

One Epic Knight

Hooray for free games with tiny heroes you get to control. This is one of the others in which players have to run and jump, crashing into obstacles and collecting gems to power up. It’s a fun game that will give you hours of entertainment and lots of levels to pass through. Many players concur that this game is a totally addictive one and one of the best currently available and it doesn’t hurt that it won’t cost you anything. So why not go download it now? While you have nothing to lose, you have loads of fun to gain.

Jetpack Joyride

Running and flying is the name of the game in this side-scroller where the characters must keep going, going, going. Happily, you will have a jetpack to help you once you get a power-up, or you can even turn your jetpack into a motorbike, a bird, or a dragon. This game comes with frequent updates to keep it fresh and keep it interesting and from robotic dogs to money-collecting fowls, you’ll have plenty to do and explore with this game. If you played and loved Temple Run, you are definitely going to want to try this one and who knows, you might stick with it.

Canabalt: Run for your Life

Here’s a really cool one. As a 2D runner, you will have to escape the scary alien invasion and go from building to building, avoiding the likes of crates and crumbling buildings. While you won’t be able to control the running, you will be able to control where and how far you jump. This will certainly make it easier to complete your missions and collect cool prizes. This game offers players everything they might expect from a game of its type and while it is nice to look at and nice to play, it won’t blow your mind or make you tell all of your friends about it.

Mega Jump

Another free game! Yay. But this game is a little different from the others listed here in that it is not the standard-issue endless runner type, but instead, and endless jumper type. To advance up the ranks, you will have to collect coins, but these will give you power-ups and help you find new prizes. Spend your coins on shields and umbrella, even a balloon to help you keep going up and upgrade often. Because the game is free, you may expect it to be a little flat, but this game surprises with its great graphics and interesting levels.

Falling Fred

While the last game was all about jumping up, this game, as the name implies, is all about falling down. You won’t need to collect any goodies on your way. Simply stay out of the way of the many obstacles and you’re good to go. That being said, Falling Fred is not your typical running game as it is quite violent. Along his journey, Fred loses various limbs and even has his head chopped off. Luckily, there are other versions to choose from, you can get a falling crash test dummy or a falling zombie instead of poor old Fred.

Monster Dash

At the low, low price of just a dollar, you can be the proud owner of Barry, the lovable little dude from Jetpack Joyride. In this game, he will have to run to save his own life dodging obstacles and some creepy monsters. If you don’t manage to avoid them, you’ll be messing with the whole universe… of the game, so get Monster Dash and keep going, going, going until you get to the end. While you may have to play for a few hours to get through it, the game is entertaining enough to make you not notice or care.

The End

Set in the world after an apocalypse, this game uses all of the best features of Temple Run to create something a little more somber, but just as interesting. You’ll have to collect duct tape if you want to buy some of the goodies on offer, but due to the gorgeous visuals, you probably won’t even notice that the game is pretty unpredictable. You never know what will happen next, so be careful how you use those swipe controls. A very fun game with loads to offer, The End is one that not only makes you want to play it more but is also free.

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