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Dragonvale and games like it have soared to popularity recently after more and people discovered the excitement of raising their own community of little beings. Similar to The Sims and the old game Black and White, the game encourages players to build a community of dragons, collect money at specific times and use it to improve and increase the area of that community.

There are many games that can be said to work on this formula, both for consoles, PC and Mac, and even for tablets and smartphones. These days, if you don’t have your own community of beings, be it dragons or pirates that you are nourishing and growing, you don’t quite fit in. because Dragonvale has managed to get the winning formula in this regard, many game developers have copied it, all with the end goal of making money for in-game or in-app purchases and creating interest for their brands. 

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Tiny Monsters

If you have ever wondered what it might be like to live in a fantasy world where you could have a little monster of your very own to love and cuddle and raise, then you should get Tiny Monsters. Available for a range of platforms and for smartphone and tablet devices, you get to cultivate very rare monsters that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. After you’ve built a village full of your own creations, you might even get lucky and be awarded a few rare and special ones too. One thing that is for sure, once you start playing, you are going to struggle to stop.

Dream Zoo

This game is one that follows Dragonvale in many things. For one, it is a completely social game that encourages you to breed animals, in this case, those in a zoo. Beginning your journey to zookeeper greatness with a giraffe and adding more animals as you go, this game will keep you excited and interested from beginning to end. Of course, no two animals are alike, so each group of animals has its own personality and there is a whole world for intrepid explorers to discover. This game may be almost exactly like Dragonvale, but it has enough differences to make it cool.

Pocket Creatures

When we say pocket, we really mean it as this game is only available for iPhone and iPad. Your pocket creature is your virtual pet, kind of like the Tamagotchis were in the 90s, and as he or she grows up, they will develop their own unique little personality. Of course, when you give a pet personality, some really strange moods come with that and that means you might have to deal with excess energy and some very extreme mood swings. While it is a fun game that players should definitely try, it is sadly not free and you will have to pay almost $5 in the US iTunes store for the pleasure of downloading it.

Dragon Island

Another game for iPhone and iPad owners, Dragon Island has surprise surprise, dragons for you to look after. You might think that this makes it exactly like Dragonvale but while it has a few similarities, it is actually quite different. Your goal as the master of your own land of dragons will be to breed the little firecrackers, helping them grow and develop to become stronger, smarter, and tougher. There is a little bit of a role-playing element in this game, despite the social aspect mixed in there, but users have complained about the game being a little chaotic and not making much sense.

Pocket Frogs

It will come as no surprise to players that in this game, they will have the task of breeding frogs. Frogs it seems, do not breed like rabbits and need a little encouragement to get it going. But we’re not just talking about the green frogs. As a breeder, you will have to get your frogs exploring and looking for new types of frogs to breed with. With every frog race you create, you will be able to get coins and gifts, play mini-games and even interact with other frog breeders, if you want to, you can sell your frogs to make more money and you’ll get more experience the more you play.

Trade Nations

A game that is not about dragons? Imagine that. Well though it doesn’t have much in common with Dragonvale, it does take some of the best aspects of the game and make it completely its own. Trading is a huge part of this game and as the mayor, you will need to sell and receive merchandise, all to help your little community grow. Though you will be charged with taking hold of trade in the game, your end goal is to build more shops, more homes, and more opportunities for your citizens and this is part of what makes the game so exciting.

Dragon Eggs

It’s back to dragons we go with this dragon game that, like Dragonvale, encourages you to hatch little baby creatures and help them grow, but this is where the similarities end. When you tap certain areas of the screen, you will be able to get your dragon flying around the screen in a timed mini game and will have to work harder and harder with each flap to beat your previous time. Along the way, gems will be available for you to collect and while it may only take you a few hours to complete the entire game, it is certainly worth trying.

Dragon Story


Yes ladies and gents, it’s yet another dragon game, but when playing Dragon Story, you probably won’t notice that you’ve played many games like it before. Between building houses and decorating them, expanding your land, and increasing the number of dragons in your personal lair, this is a game that has the potential to keep you busy for hours on end. The game is very much like Dragonvale and if you loved any of the other dragon games mentioned here, you can add this to your to-do list. It’s not necessarily a must-have game, but it is free, so why not?

Dragon Chaser

Before you turn away thinking, not another dragon game, listen up. This game is similar in part to Dragonvale, but different enough to keep it really interesting. The game has three modes for players to choose from, an action game, a flight and shoot game, and the defense of your community. You’re not looking for cutesy and cuddly dragons in this game. For you to win at Dragon Chaser you’re going to meet big, bad beasts that are strong and ruthless, and as a Viking, you are going to have to drive them back to wherever the heck they come from.

Monster Pet Shop


Itty bitty adorable monsters? Yup, that’s what you’ll find in this game. Not only do you get to breed your little creatures, but you’ll have the chance to sell them too, muck out their cages and even compare them with your friends. A game only for iDevices, Monster Pet Shop has its similarities to Dragonvale, but the characters are different enough that you will experience it all from a unique point of view. This is a unique game that you will either love with a passion or give up on within 5 minutes. There is no middle ground for this game.

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